ZKTeco ZKBioSecurity 3.0 - Directory Traversal

ID: 98199
CVE: None
Download vulnerable application: None
ZKTeco ZKBioSecurity 3.0 File Path Manipulation Vulnerability
    Vendor: ZKTeco Inc. | Xiamen ZKTeco Biometric Identification Technology Co.,ltd
Product web page: http://www.zkteco.com
Affected version:
  Summary: ZKBioSecurity3.0 is the ultimate "All in One" web based security
platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains four integrated modules: access
control, video linkage, elevator control and visitor management. With an
optimized system architecture designed for high level biometric identification
and a modern-user friendly UI, ZKBioSecurity 3.0 provides the most advanced
solution for a whole new user experience.
  Desc: File path manipulation vulnerabilities arise when user-controllable data
is placed into a file or URL path that is used on the server to access
local resources, which may be within or outside the web root. An attacker can
modify the file path to access different resources, which may contain sensitive
information. Even where an attack is constrained within the web root, it is often
possible to retrieve items that are normally protected from direct access, such
as application configuration files, the source code for server-executable scripts,
or files with extensions that the web server is not configured to serve directly.
      Tested on: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (EN)
           Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 (EN)
           Apache Tomcat/7.0.56
    Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic
    Advisory ID: ZSL-2016-5365
Advisory URL: http://www.zeroscience.mk/en/vulnerabilities/ZSL-2016-5365.php
1-4-2 (www01)