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Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 1 of 12

                     Phrack Inc. Newsletter Issue XX Index

     Welcome to Phrack XX, the end of the old and beginning of the new.  The
original hard luck heroes are back from retirement (or are they?).  Originally,
this was going to be an issue put out by Crimson Death to show what the end of
Metal Shop Private was all about as well as to end the association of Metal
Shop with Phrack Inc., but things just didn't seem to quite happen that way.
As of today, October 12, 1988, Knight Lightning and Taran King are once again
the chief editors of Phrack Inc. with the help of Epsilon and The Prophet.
     This particular issue is dedicated to Metal Shop Private.  Most of the
files, with the exception of this Index, the Phrack Pro-Phile on Taran King,
the Timeline, and Phrack World News XX, all files contain the contents of Metal
Shop Private as of the day it went down with a few exceptions.  Because of the
"Days until deletion" function, many of the messages were lost when we ran the
board again.  Most, if not all, subboards were filled close to the 100 message
mark.  We apologize for not being clever enough to predict the results of
running the program after such a long time, but you should get a good idea of
what went on within the domain of Metal Shop Private.  We hope you enjoy it,
and be watching soon for Phrack XXI.  Good to be back!

                                      Taran King and Knight Lightning


This issue contains the following files;

1.  Phrack XX Index by Taran King and Knight Lightning
2.  Phrack Pro-Phile XX on Taran King
3.  Timeline Featuring Taran King, Knight Lightning, and Cheap Shades
4.  Welcome To Metal Shop Private by TK, KL, and CS
5.  Metal/General Discussion
6.  Phrack Inc./Gossip
7.  Phreak/Hack Sub
8.  Social Engineering
9.  New Users
10. The Royal Court
11. Acronyms
12. Phrack World News XX Featuring SummerCon '88



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 2 of 12

                           ==Phrack Pro-Phile XX==

                       Written and Created by Taran King


         Welcome to the Phrack Pro-Phile XX.  Phrack Pro-Phile was created
to bring info to you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial
people.  This month, I bring to you someone who you all have seen and heard

                                  Taran King

         Taran King (I) was the sysop of Metal Shop Private, a private
exchange for telecommunications enthusiasts (phone phreaks and hackers) as
well as being the home-base of Phrack Inc. which I ran.  I also had a hand in
the organization of SummerCon '87 and PartyCon '87.
             Handle: Taran King
           Call him: Randy, Randster, Randall, whatever (real name is Rand)
       Past handles: None
      Handle origin: The main character in The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd
      Date of Birth: 7/11/69
Age at current date: 19 years old
             Height: 5'10" or so (give or take an inch)
             Weight: 135-140 lbs. (I hate fat people)
          Eye color: Brown
         Hair Color: Brown
          Computers: IBM PC, later with a hard drive added.
  Sysop/Co-Sysop of: Metal Shop Private, The Brewery, Quick Shop/Metal Shop
                     AE, Whackoland, The Dark Tower, Digital ITS (proud of
                     that one) and probably a few more I've forgotten about.
         I started out in the BBS world in September of 1983 when a friend
gave me numbers to different modems which included things to hack on as well
as bulletin boards.  I actually got my computer in late June of that year, but
didn't understand the concept of the modem until that point. I got involved
with David Lightman (314)'s board before it went up by beta-testing it for him
at times and when he put it up, I ended up being user 2 and then soon after,
co-sysop of The Dark Tower.  It was there that my local notariety became
strong and a few people from the nation started calling in.  His board was
very good with what he had and the little advertising that it got, but it
eventually went down.  It was at that point when I started getting around
nationally and was able to make connections of my own.  I put up Metal Shop:
The Dark Tower Phase II a bit after because St. Louis totally lacked bulletin
boards that dealt with hacking or phreaking.  I advertised around the country
and drew in quite a crowd.  The board excelled with time to the point of
having around 500 users when it got to be a security risk in my eyes and we
put in the general password system (made by Cheap Shades, of course).
Eventually, that crowd got weeded down to a lot fewer people and some time
after that, I was hospitalized.  After my release from the hospital, Cheap
Shades and I (me on the ideas and Shades on the programming) created a
modified version of WWIV BBS program to suit my wants/needs and it resembled
the old Shop set-up.  As time went on, it became a name of its own through the
crowd that hung out on it as well as having Phrack Inc. as being based there.
For more detailed explainations of how things came about and about a few
things mentioned above, see the big history file in this issue of Phrack Inc.
I've met a few members of the phreak/hack world including the following:
Knight Lightning, Cheap Shades, Forest Ranger, The W(hack)o Cracko Bros., Dr.
Forbin, Data Line, and Reverend Enge (all local to me), as well as Jester
Sluggo, Blue Buccaneer, Phantom Phreaker, Doom Prophet, Bill from RNOC, Tuc,
Dan The Operator, Lex Luthor, The Leftist, Sir Francis Drake, Loki, Disk
Jockey, Control C, Synthetic Slug, Lucifer 666, Mad Hatter, Cutthroat, The Mad
Hacker (219), Sir William, Dr. Cypher, Hatchet Molly, Bad Subscript, The
Mentor, Cisban Evil Priest, Phrozen Ghost, Surfer Bob, Crimson Death (618), The
Dictator, Doc Holiday (901), and The Ur-Vile.  Some of the memorable phreak
boards I was on (besides my own) included The Dark Tower, The Pipeline,
Broadway Show, Zyolog, Stronghold East Elite, Stronghold North, Hell Phrozen
Over, Private Sector, Pirate-80, Stalag 13, Lunatic Labs UnLtd., Quick Shop,
Metal Shop Brewery, NetSys, The Private Connection, ShadowSpawn, RACS III, The
Pearly Gates, Brainstorm Elite, Metalland North, The Alliance, Intergalactic
Dismantling, Inc. (IDI), DUNE, Speed Demon Elite, The Abyss, MetroMedia/Danger
Zone Private, The Matrix, Thieve's World, FreeWorld II, Flying Circus, Twilight
Zone, Septic Tank, The Lost City of Atlantis, Phantasie Realm, CHAMAS, and
probably a few others I forgot that were important. Certain knowledge I've
gained over the years is attributed to various boards forementioned as well as
people like Bill from RNOC, Phantom Phreaker, Doom Prophet, The Videosmith, and
many others not to mention reading (a key part to learning technical things)
and social engineering.

         I utterly hate working with computers for anything other than
communicating with friends and occasionally word processing.  Programming on
them is the most repugnant thought in the world to me (no offense Shades!).

         I've really never been much for hacking at all, although I did gain a
bit of an interest through the legitimate accounts I gained on systems such as
NetSys run by Terminus in Maryland.  Hacking was never really much for me
(besides looking at things on dull systems that were totally useless) when I
first got the modem.  Now that I'm at college and have access to it, I'm
learning VM/CMS a bit so that I can use Bitnet and work through/with it.

         I attended and had a part in organizing both SummerCon '87 and
PartyCon '87 (very much in SummerCon and very little in PartyCon).  I also
attended SummerCon '88 for a little while on each of the days except Sunday. I
was supposed to be on the NEW TAP staff, run by the W(hack)o Cracko Bros. as
well as being on the staff of Telecomputist (which sponsored SummerCon '87) and
doing all but writing articles for Phrack Inc.  Other than that, I'm not
terribly involved with phreaker/hacker media.

         The only group I was ever in was The 2600 Club! which later revised
into The NEW 2600 Club! which was just as ignorant with more interesting names
but about an equal participation in anything.  I learned I was able to advance
through the phreak world without the booster of a club besides using my board
as a reference.  I didn't need to rely on the work of others.


        Interests: Telecommunications (basically phreaking knowledge-wise
                   now), music (heavy metal of all sorts plus so much more
                   and playing electric guitar), fraternity life (party), women
                   (white ones, blond, with blue eyes, and NO FAT CHICKS!
                   Namely, Kimberly), driving (and one day, I'll drive that
                   fucking DeLorean!)

Taran's Favorite Things

        Women: Kimberly (see above...I went all out!)
         Cars: Lamborghini Contachs, DeLoreans, Lotuses, Vectors, etc.
        Foods: NO VEGETABLES!
        Music: Heavy metal, Pink Floyd, classic rock.
      Leisure: Partying, playing guitar, spending time with the woman.
Alcoholic fun: Tequila shots, Rum & Coke, good beer (pretty much anything),
               Long Island Tea, and those funky teas you find at college
               parties in garbage cans lined with garbage bags (hmm!)

Most Memorable Experiences

Forest Ranger's conferences (what would YOU do for a Klondike Bar at 3am?).
Car accident with Jester Sluggo as well as almost a 2nd time afterwards (keep
Bell Shock Force conferences (yes ma'am, I'm sorry but you'll just have to cut
         those wires)
Getting busted in late May '87 (don't try it, it ain't fun).
SummerCon '87 (a better party than PartyCon '87, met a lot of great people).
PartyCon '87 (a lot of fun, but too unorganized although I met a few more
         people that I had wanted to).
SummerCon '88 (wait, did I attend that???).

Some People to Mention

Knight Lightning (my right hand man; although he wasn't terribly
         knowledgeable, he was always there and trying to help out and still
David Lightman 314 (for allowing me to use his program to start what turned
         out to be Metal Shop Private)
Man-Tooth (my original 2nd co-sysop next to KL who drove me down to David
         Lightman's house in South-fucking-County St. Louis for 30 minutes)
Dr. Forbin/Mr. Modem (for re-transferring the original program after something
         got fucked after the ride to South-fucking-County)
Forest Ranger (wild man, can't say much about him without getting hurt|)
Phantom Phreaker (we found ya for 2600 Club and you excelled far beyond any of
         the rest of us in the club did, plus you helped my board immensely)
Barbie Doll (for suggesting the idea of Phrack Inc. in different words even if
         nobody knows what or who you were or where you were from)
The W(hack)o Cracko Bros. (what a couple of idiots)
Oryan Quest (never has there been as bad a pest as this man, but he turned out
         to be human Mexican, but human| after we were both busted,
         interestingly enough)
Lex Luthor (for freaking me out when he first called my board and contributing
         a bit here and there)
Capt. Hook (taught me a bit about social engineering here and there and
         introduced me to a few people as well as helping out a couple of
Cheap Shades (what would Metal Shop have been without the programming mastery
         of this individual; my left hand man and great friend as well)
Tuc (generally a good friend and historical reference as well as creating the
         Pro-Phile that I based the rest of them on)
Bill from RNOC (another one of my best friends who is the smartest person
         potentially, and definitely the smartest when it comes to phreaking
         and hacking put together; a great source of information, and one of
         the most hilarious people I know)
Olorin The White (if this guy puts me in his group one more time, I'm gonna
         kill him!)

Inside Jokes
Mary likes corn.  Are you stupid (corn, cheese, free)?  Supervisors at Pizza
Hut?  Essscuse me Mr. Corley, but I was juss lookin' fo sum bonez...I'm Bosco.
What's the worse that could happen?  Smoke.  Raggy!  Raggy! HeeheeHEEHeeheehee
hee.  KS-KS-KS <Gulp!>.  Do you know any phreaks who carry around their own
trunks.  IIIII Like Chi-Nese!  Listing for Dalkon Shields please.  I know
that's a blue box!  Hello, security?  Do we have a trace?  We do.  Good.
<LAUGHTER!>.  AMD.  We make display.  We're hopping on a plane now and coming
to Maryland to kick your ass!  For $20 I'll sell you 5 lbs. of baking soda.
Doesn't he look like The Fly?  You almost just hit the car again!  Keep
drinking!  It was the other side of the car this time!  Keep drinking!  Do you
know what your aunt would do to you if you got in another accident?  Keep
drinking!  I hate it when your dick hits the water in the bottom of the
urinal, don't you?  But what do you think about it?  But what do you think
about it?  But what do you think about it?  And a complimentary beer comes
with the room.  Domino's dude!  Ya wanna get paid?  Run to me boys.  Guess
where I'm calling from?  NO!  NO!  COCKSUCKER!  I'mLuckyI'mLuckyI'mLucky!  But
first off, do you have Karl Marx's phone number?  Dude.  NAA.  Dude.  NAA.
Dude.  NAA.  The meat was SOOOO tender, it just slid off the bones.  Chicken.
Hey, you know like you have a little piece of wire hanging down from your
nose?  Jolly Green Faggot.  That made me pucker my lips.  Sweet.  Baksketball
Jones.  HAHAHAHAHA<fart>HAHAHAHA.  You Bonehead.  I would have reached my hand
in but I had just finished deficating.  Dan, you're too thin for your voice.
You can almost hear the dogs across the street barking.  I only want to know
two things:  1) How do you blue box off of CCIS and 2) how do you remotely take
total control of LMOS?  NO!  I'M BIOC!  <STAMP>  BIOC  <STAMP>  BIOC  <STAMP>
BIOC.  "BIOC Agent 003 was arrested today for stamping his name on his RA's


         I'm against pretty much all forms of fraud now that I've spent the
night in jail, the summer of '87 in pain and waiting, and will spend the next 3
years of my life on probation.  I'm not informing to anyone about anything if
you have thoughts about that statement, but I have no part in anything
fraudulent. I've always thought that carding was the most stupid crime
connected with computers and that it's too risky to be worth it in the end.  I
hope that the future phreaks and hackers keep around and retain what's been
built up over the many years since long before I'd heard of phreaking or


I hope you enjoyed this file.  Although I had at one time intended on this
being my last Pro-Phile, it's actually the first of many to come...And now
for the regularly taken poll from all interviewees.

Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?  Generally, the cool ones aren't, but
of course, in every large group of people, you'll probably find a few geeks
here and there.  Thanks for your time, Randy.  No problem, Randy.

                                            Taran King


                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 3 of 12

                    Phrack Inc./Metal Shop Private Timeline

Winter 1982 - CS gets computer system (TI-99)

Summer 1983 - TK gets computer system

Fall 1983 - Andy Kutner gave TK phone numbers to local BBSes, mainframes, and
            MCI/Sprint dial-ups; KL gets computer (no modem yet) and gets into

February 1984 - David Lightman 314 puts up The Dark Tower, TK becomes co-sysop

March 1984 - KL gets modem, becomes Dark Tower Co-sysop

March 1985 - CS gets modem, enters phreak/hack scene through Man-Tooth by
             giving Shades first BBS list

June 1985 - 2600 Club formed on Laserbeam, local board with phreak/hack subs

July 1985 - Phone line installed, Metal Shop: The Dark Tower Phase II arises
            with KL and Man-Tooth as co-sysops; Dr. Forbin/Mr. Modem helps out
            through ideas on The Forbin Project plus helping by sending source
            to TK after original screwed

August 1985 - Dark Tower rearises and struggles against MS for a while, but
              failed and downed within 1 month;  CS gets IBM XT set-up

September 1985 - "Dark Tower Phase II" dropped, making the board Metal Shop

November 17, 1985 - Phrack Inc. formed as a newsletter based around 2600 Club

December 1985 - The New 2600 Club formed; 2601 Club, etc; 2600 Club totally
                dissolved; MS AE goes up

January 2, 1986 - Metal Shop becomes MSP

January 1986 - Phrack World News (Phreak World News) starts

February 1986 - Whackoland goes up; Whackoland Gazette idea started, developed
                into New Tap which was going to be sponsored by MSP as well as
                others; Telepub '86.

March 1986 - The Brewery becomes MSB, making the Metal Shop Triad; MSP changes
             gen. pw to up security due to busts on Phoenix Phortress from
             (PW was...) REQUIRED to MADHOUSE (Anthrax song)

March 26, 1986 - Master Lock vs. Phrack Inc. situation arises

April 27, 1986 - MS AE goes 40 megs

May 2, 1986 - CS visited by FBI

May 10, 1986 - Institutionalized therefore MSP downed on May 12

June 8, 1986 - Telecomputist becomes a supported product of MSP

August 1986 - Quick Shop goes up

March 1987 - Quick Shop goes down

May 1987 - CS & TK busted; MSP down forever

June 19-21, 1987 - SummerCon '87

July 21, 1987 - Summer '87 busts

July 24-26, 1987 - PartyCon '87

July 22-24, 1988 - SummerCon '88



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 4 of 12

                         Welcome To Metal Shop Private

    As a final farewell, we've decided to release what remained on Metal Shop
Private at the time it went down.  We regret that due to our misjudgement some
of the messages were deleted because of the expiration date on the messages.
The following is a run through of the whole board program as if you were
logging on remotely.  Various explainations for various parts of the board will
be given in parentheses.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ACCOUNT: MADHOUSE    (MADHOUSE was the general password in case you were not
                      on the system.)

                           Once again...Welcome to:
                               _  _       _______
                              | / |     / _____/
                              |_||_|etal/ /hop
                              _________/ /

                                 P R I V A T E

                                 300/1200 Baud
                         24 hours a day, 7 days a week

                     We know YOU'RE coming to SummerCon...


Enter number or name
PH: #-#-XXXX

(There was no new user password.  Unless you had someone else's password, there
 was no way outside of applying for membership through me to get on the system)

Last few callers:

4869: Sir Francis Drake 56
4870: The Sensei 18
4871: The Sensei 18
4872: Knight Lightning 2
4873: Cheap Shades 3
You are caller 4874

Auto message by: Unknown User

Congratulations to the class of 1987...
now FUCK OFF!!!!! hmmm....

Name: Taran King 1
Time allowed on: 255
Last on        : 07/28/87

T - 4:14:55
Main > M

(At this point, we jumped to the message base and data-captured all the
 messages into separate files.  If you feel like maintaining continuity, read
 those files now.)

(We're back from the message base now.)

T - 3:37:55
Main > ?

                             Main Menu Commands:
                             ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

A:dd to BBS List    B:BS List           C:hat with Taran    D:oors Menu (AE)
E:-Mail Menu        F:iles Section      K:ey Input Toggle   L:og of the Day
M:essage Base       N:eed-Acronyms Base O:utta Here         S:tatus Menu
V:oting Booth       W:rite Auto Msg.    X:-pert ON/OFF      -:Fast Log Off

T - 3:37:45
Main > B
                         Boards List From...
                            _  _       _______
                           | / |     / _____/
                           |_||_|etal/ /hop
                           _________/ /
                            P R I V A T E

314-432-0756  Metal Shop Private (Sysop: Taran King)
314-394-8259  Metal Shop Brewery (Sysop: Beer Wolf)
201-366-4431  The Private Sector (Sysop: Private Sector) (Temporarily Down)
201-837-8504  The Radical Board (Sysop: The Radical)
215-844-8836  Lost City Of Atlantis (New: DIGITAL) (Sysop: The Lineman)
219-322-7266  The Private Connection (PW: PHOENIX) (Sysop: The Mad Hacker)
219-659-1503  ShadowSpawn (Login: JOB*FUCK) (Sysop: The Psychic Warlord)
301-540-3659  NetSys Unix (2400 Baud) (Sysop: Terminus)
301-540-3658  NetSys Unix (1200 Baud) (Sysop: Terminus)
301-540-3657  NetSys Unix (1200 Baud) (Sysop: Terminus)
301-540-3656  NetSys Unix (1200 Baud) (Sysop: Terminus)
304-744-2253  Pirate 80 (Sysop: Scan Man)
305-395-6906  Digital Logic's Data Service (New: DIGIT)(Sysop: Digital Logic)
313-641-9649  Phantasie Realm (Login: NEW  2nd Login: CANON) (Sysop: Ctrl C)
313-851-0912  Scan Line (New: SCANACO) (Sysop: The Scanner)
314-921-7938  Telecomputist Newsletter Newsline (Sysop: Forest Ranger)
415-522-3074  Speed Demon Private (Password: LEGACY) (Sysop: The Rocker)
616-344-2718  Thieve's World (Sysop: Thomas Covenant)
806-799-0016  Phreak Klass Room 2600 (PW: EDUCATE) (Sysop: The Egyptian Lover)
818-993-7422  The Abyss (New User Acct.=CAMA  PW=CAROT) (Sysop: Dark Cavalier)
914-LOG-ONIT  RACS III - TUCBBS (Sysop: Tuc)
213-559-7306  Telecom & Sports Line (Sysop: Computer Wiz Kid)

T - 3:37:32
Main > C

Sysop not available
Use Feedback instead.
E-mail TARAN KING 1? No

T - 3:37:13
Main > C

Reason: just for demonstration purposes
Chat call now on.

T - 3:36:54
Main >

Sysop's here...

(The first is an example of the usual answer to trying to chat with TK... If
 you were lucky you might occasionally actually get to talk with him like
 this, but not often as he usually kept chat call off.)

Chat mode over...

Main > D

(This section of the board was installed to allow easy uploading of files for
 Phrack as well as regular g-philes, etc. via AE).

T - 3:36:45
Doors (,?,Q) > ?
N  Description                       Used
== --------------------------------  ====
1. AE TRANSFER PROGRAM               136

T - 3:36:43
Doors (,?,Q) > Q

T - 3:36:40
Main > E

T - 3:36:36
E-Mail> ?

                                 E-Mail Menu:
                                 ~~~~~~ ~~~~~

F:eedback           K:ill old mail      M:ulti-mail         Q:uit
R:ead mail          S:end mail

T - 3:36:33
E-Mail> Q

T - 3:36:30
Main > F

(All of the files found on the AE section were also available here with
 descriptions for downloading.  The following is a list of the available files
 at the time that the board went down.)

 Main Section

1:  Hacking Philes
2:  Phrack Inc.
3:  Phrack Inc. II
4:  Phreak Philes
5:  Phreak Philes II
6:  Series/Articles

Gfiles: (1-6, ^0),L,Q : 1

 Hacking Philes

1: The Basics of Hacking I-III by TKOS
2: The Basics of Hacking:Intro by Dr.Pepper
3: Technical Hacking:Vol.I by The Warelock
4: Govt.Computer Security Techniques I
5: Govt.Computer Security Techniques II
6: Govt.Computer Security Techniques III
7: The Trojan Horse Method of Hacking
8: The Fine Art of Telesearching by Dragyn
9: Hacking RSTS by Sam Sneed
10: Hacking the RSTS/E System Volume I
11: Basic RSTS
12: RSTS Backdoors Part II by The Marauder
13: Hacking RSTS/E v9.X-XX Vol.I by Marauder
14: Inside RSTS/E Volume I by The Marauder
15: Inside RSTS/E Volume II by The Marauder
16: Inside RSTS/E Volume VI by The Marauder
17: RSTS Chat Program
18: RSTS Terminal to Terminal Comm Program
19: PDP-11 Basic Plus Programming by CEO
20: Introduction to the PDP-10 with TOPS-20
21: Hacking TOPS by Galactus and Blitziod
22: Notes on TOPS-20 System by Blue Archer
23: A Beginner's Guide to Hacking Unix
24: Basic Unix Use by Lord Lawless
25: A Basic Guide to Hacking Unix by TEL
26: Unix - Operating System of the Future
27: Unix Usage Notes by Striker
28: Unix Users' G-Phile by The Line Breaker
29: Output from Unix's Fortune Program
30: Hacking VAX's VMS by Lex Luthor & LOD/H
31: Advanced Hacking VAX's VMS by Lex Luthor
32: Hacking VAX's VMS Part III by Lex Luthor
33: World of VAX
34: Hacking the HP2000 by BIOC Agent 003
35: Hacking the HP2000 Intro
36: Hacking the HP2000 Part I
37: Hacking the HP2000 Part II
38: Hacking the HP2000 Part III
39: Hacking the HP2000 Part IV
40: Hacking the HP2000 Part V
41: Hacking the HP3000 by TFA
42: Hacking the HP3000 by De Bug
43: Hacking the HP3000 by Galactus/Blitziod
44: Fun With Music by Ozzy Osbourne
45: Hacking SUNY's Prime-Net by B. Banzai
46: Hacking Primos Systems - Nanuk of the N.
47: Hacking Primos Vol. 1 by Codes Master
48: Hacking Primos Vol. 2 by Codes Master
49: Hacking Cosmos I-II by Lex Luthor-LOD/H
50: Cosmos Frame Training Manual by Loki
51: 1986 Cosmos Files Pt.I:Intro
52: 1986 Cosmos Files Pt.II:Facility Prefix
53: 1986 Cosmos Files Pt.III:Service Orders
54: Common Bell System Computers by F.Carson
55: Hacking TRW by Mark Hamill
56: TRW Address Formats by The Line Breaker
57: TRW Code Definitions by The Line Breaker
58: TRW Terminology by Master Blaster
59: Hacking Dun & Bradstreet by BIOC and TUC
60: Telenet Dir, Tutorial, & Term. ID's
61: The Telenet Connection: Int'l Accessing
62: Access to Telenet Via Int'l Telex
63: Hacking ARPAnet I by The Source
64: Hacking ARPAnet II by The Source
65: Hacking ARPAnet III by The Source
66: The Hackman's Arpanet Tutorial Part IV
67: Hacking ARPAnet V by The Source
68: Hacking ARPAnet VI by The Source
69: Hacking The Lexington Air Force Computer
70: Defense Data Network Blues by Baud Baron
71: The Ins and Outs of Packet Switching
72: How-To-Series: Hacking Tymnet
73: Tymnet Numbers from PhoneLine Phantoms
74: Hacking the IBM VM/370 By Another Hacker
75: IBM's System/370 by The Motorhead
76: Hacking VM/370 by Galactus and Blitziod
77: VMSSP Systems Part I by The Motorhead
78: VMSSP Systems Part II by The Motorhead
79: RSX11M Version.3x Real Time OpSys
80: RSX11M 4 Version 3.x by Terminus and LD
81: RSX11M 7 Version 3.x by Terminus and LD
82: The RSX-11M File by The Omen
83: Exploring GEISCO by Boethius
84: FACS Facts by Sharp Razor
85: Chilton Corp. Credimatic by Ryche
86: Chilton Corp. Credimatic by Ryche Ver. 2
87: Hacking Bank Of America by Dark Creaper
88: Hacking Bank Of America Part II
89: Mini-Dir to Dow Jones News/Retrieval
90: CompuServe Tips by Eric Diamond
91: Free CompuServe Passwords
92: A Basic Guide To The Source & CompuServe
93: The SCRATCH PAD Electronic Info System
94: The SCRATCH PAD System Part II
95: PACTIME Computers by Phone Bug
96: EasyLink Mail-Grams Directory
97: Hacking WVNET
98: Hacking Alpha Systems by By-Tor
99: Dartmouth Kiewit System by Lone Ranger
100: Hacking McDonalds Computer by Herb
101: Hacking Western Union's EasyLink by BIOC
102: Uninet Logon Procedures and Directory
103: Peacock Timeshare Systems by The Omen
104: Hacking Rampart Systems Pt.1 by TWCB
105: Hacking Rampart Systems Pt.2 by TWCB
106: International Hacking Notes by Reaper
107: Packet Networks by Mad Max of W. Germany
108: The Basics of Radio Hacking Part I
109: The Basics of Radio Hacking Part II
110: Government 800 Numbers
111: E/COM Directory: U.S. Postal Service
112: 314-721-4801 Network Fun by The Trapper
113: Toll Library Numbers by Shadow 2600
114: The 310 Pre-Phix: Hacker's Paradise
115: Dial-It Services by Scan Man

Gfiles: (1-115, ^0),L,Q : Q

Gfiles: (1-6, ^1),L,Q : 2

 Phrack Inc.

1: Phrack I Introduction by Taran King
2: Hacking SAM's Dial-Up Security
3: Boot Tracing Made Easy by Cheap Shades
4: The Phone Phreak's Fry-Um Guide
5: Using MCI Calling Cards by KL
6: How to Pick Master Locks by Ninja and GF
7: Acetylene Balloon Bomb by Clashmaster
8: Schools & University Numbers
9: Phrack II Index by Taran King
10: Prevention of the Billing Office Blues
11: Homemade Guns by Man-Tooth
12: How to Make Blow Darts by The Pyro
13: TAC Dialups by Phantom Phreaker
14: Total Universal Info Services Via ISDN
15: MCI Overview by Knight Lightning
16: The Hackers Guide to RSTS-E 8.0
17: Phreak World News I by Knight Lightning
18: Phrack III Index by Cheap Shades
19: ROLM Profile by Monty Python
20: Shotgun Shell Bombs by Man-Tooth
21: Signalling Systems Around the World
22: Private Audience by The Overlord (313)
23: Fortell Systems by Phantom Phreaker
24: Electronic Eavesdropper by Circle Lord
25: Making a Shock Rod by Circle Lord
26: Introduction to PBX's by KL
27: Phreak World News II by Knight Lightning
28: Phrack Pro-Phile I on Crimson Death
29: Ringback Codes for the 314 NPA
30: False Identification by Forest Ranger
31: Profile of MAX Long Distance Service
32: Breaching and Clearing Obstacles by TK
33: Crashing DEC-10's by The Mentor
34: Centrex Renaissance Pt.II by Sluggo
35: Homemade Speed by The Leftist
36: PWN III Part I by Knight Lightning
37: PWN III Part II by Knight Lightning
38: PWN III Part III by Knight Lightning
39: Intro to Phrack V by Taran King
40: Phrack Pro-Phile II on Broadway Hacker
41: Hacking DEC's Part I by Carrier Culprit
42: Hand-To-Hand Combat by Bad Boy In Black
43: Digital Multiplex System (DMS) 100 by KL
44: Bolt Bombs by The Leftist
45: Wide-Area Networks by Jester Sluggo
46: Short-Wave Radio Hacking by The Seker
47: Mobile Telephone Communications
48: PWN IV Part I by Knight Lightning
49: PWN IV Part II by Knight Lightning
50: PWN IV Part III by Knight Lightning
51: Phrack VI Index by Taran King
52: Pro-Phile on Groups by Knight Lightning
53: The Technical Revolution by Dr. Crash
54: How to Have Fun With a Bic by Leftist
55: Unix Nasties by Shooting Shark
56: Smoke Bomb by Alpine Kracker
57: Cellular Telephones by High Evolutionary
58: Wide-Area Networks II by Jester Sluggo
59: PWN V Part I by Knight Lightning
60: PWN V Part II by Knight Lightning
61: PWN V Part III by Knight Lightning
62: PWN V Part IV by Knight Lightning
63: PWN V Part V by Knight Lightning
64: Phrack VII Index by Taran King
65: Phrack Pro-Phile IV on Scan Man
66: Hacker's Manifesto by The Mentor
67: Hacking the Chilton Corp. Credimatic
68: Programming RSTS/E File1: Programming
69: American Dynamite by The Rocker
70: Unix Trojan Horses by Shooting Shark
71: PWN VI Part I by Knight Lightning
72: PWN VI Part II by Knight Lightning
73: PWN VI Part III by Knight Lightning
74: Phrack VIII Index by Taran King
75: Phrack Pro-Phile V on Tuc by Taran King
76: City-Wide Centrex by The Executioner
77: The Integrated Services Digital Network
78: The Art of Junction Box Modeming
79: Compuserve Info by Morgoth & Lotus
80: Fun with Automatic Tellers by Mentor
81: PWN VII Part I by Knight Lightning
82: PWN VII Part II by Knight Lightning
83: Intro to Phrack IX
84: Phrack Pro-Phile 6
85: Fun With the Centagram VMS Network
86: Programming RSTS/E File2: Editors
87: Inside Dialog by Ctrl C
88: Plant Measurement by The Executioner
89: Multi-User Chat Program for DEC-10's
90: Introduction to Videoconferencing by KL
91: Loop Maintenance Operations System
92: PWN VIII by Knight Lightning
93: Phrack X Index by Taran King
94: Pro-Phile VII on Dave Starr by TK
95: The TMC Primer by Cap'n Crax
96: A Beginner's Guide to IBM VM/370
97: Circuit Switched Digital Capability
98: Hacking Primos Part I by Evil Jay
99: ANI by Doom Prophet and Phantom Phreaker
100: Phrack World News IX Part I by KL
101: Phrack World News IX Part II by KL
102: Phrack XI Index by Taran King
103: Pro-Phile VIII on Wizard of Arpanet
104: Prefix Access Code Translator by Exy
105: Hacking Voice Mail Systems
106: Simple Data Encryption by The Leftist
107: AIS - Automatic Intercept System by TK
108: Hacking Primos I,II,III by Evil Jay
109: Telephone Signalling Methods by DP
110: Cellular Spoofing from Amadeus
111: Busy Line Verification by P.Phreaker
112: Phrack World News X by Knight Lightning
113: Phrack World News XI by Knight Lightning
114: Phrack XII Index by Taran King
115: Pro-Phile IX on Agrajag The Prolonged
116: The Life & Times of The Executioner
117: Understanding DMS Part I by Control C
118: The Total Network Data System by DP
119: CSDC II - Hardware Requirements by Exy
120: Hacking : OSL Systems by Evil Jay
121: Busy Line Verification Part II by PP
122: Scan Man's Rebuttal to PWN
123: Phrack World News XII Part I by KL
124: Phrack World News XII Part II by KL

Gfiles: (1-124, ^0),L,Q : Q

Gfiles: (1-6, ^2),L,Q : 3

 Phrack Inc. II

1: Phrack 13 Index by Taran King
2: Real Phreaker's Guide Vol 2 by TK and KL
3: How to Fuck Up the World by UrLord
4: How to Build a Paisley Box by TC and DH
5: Phreaks In Verse by Sir Francis Drake
6: R.A.G. - Rodents Are Gay by Evil Jay
7: Are You A Phone Geek? by Doom Prophet
8: Computerists Underground News Tabloid
9: RAGS - The Best of Sexy Exy
10: Phrack World News XIII by KL

Gfiles: (1-10, ^0),L,Q : Q

Gfiles: (1-6, ^3),L,Q : 4

 Phreak Philes

1: Better Homes and Blue Boxing Part I
2: Better Homes and Blue Boxing Part II
3: Better Homes and Blue Boxing Part III
4: The Art and Practice of Blue Boxing
5: 2600 Single Tone Generator
6: Portable Blue Box Plans by Ford Prefect
7: Blue Box Plans with XR-2207 Chip
8: How to Build a Black Box + Mainframes
9: Red Boxing with Whistles by Researcher
10: White Box
11: Creation of a Silver Box by The Mace
12: Solid State Silver Boxes by Number Six
13: Clear Box
14: Into a Cheese Box by Sir Knight
15: The Green Box by Blue Buccaneer
16: Chrome Box Diagrams
17: Brown Box Plans by The Doc
18: Gold Box Plans by Sir William
19: How-To-Series Part III: Tron Box
20: How to Construct a Purple Box
21: The Conference Box by Madd Max
22: Bud Box Plans Revision 2.0
23: Introducing: The Beige Box
24: The Aqua Box by The Traveler
25: Bottle-Nosed Dolphin Grey Box
26: The Rainbow Box: It Really Exists!
27: Make Your Dog Into A Cheesebox
28: Urine Box Plans
29: Scarlet Box Plans by The Pimp
30: The Sand Box from High Mountain Hackers
31: How to make a Pearl Box by Dr. D-Code
32: Making The Lunch Box by Dr. D-Code
33: Acrylic Box Plans by The Pimp
34: Crimson Box Plans by Dr. D-Code
35: How to Build a Blotto Box
36: Building Your Own Switchboard
37: The Poor Man's 2600 Hertz by Sir Briggs
38: The Myth of the 2600 Hz Detector
39: Verification by Fred Steinbeck
40: Verification by Forest Ranger
41: Busy Verification Conference Circuit
42: How to 'Blue Box' into 'Russia'
43: Electronic Toll Fraud Devices
44: Boxtones by The Pyro
45: The Joy of "Boxing" by The Dragyn
46: Phree Calls by The Seker
47: Boxing Around the World by **Mob-Rules**
48: Routing and System Codes Part I
49: Blue Boxing Numbers (1-800's)
50: City Conference Computer by Tom Tone
51: Teleconferencing Phone Numbers
52: Essence of Telephone Conferencing
53: The World of Teleconferencing
54: Alliance Teleconferencing
55: The Call Waiting Tap by The Byte
56: Wiretapping by an Unknown Author
57: Tapping Computer Data is Easy
58: Pen-Registering and Tracing
59: Bell Tones by Compy
60: Bell Hell Volume 1 by The Dutchman
61: Bell Hell Volume 2 by The Dutchman
62: Bell Hell Volume 3 by The Dutchman
63: Telephone & Communication Sabotage
64: Thrashing Ma... by Baby Demon
65: GTE Recordings... by Baby Demon
66: Carrier Identification Codes Listing
67: Equal Access Override Codes
68: Equal Access and Modem Autodialers
69: Page-A-Fone Beepers by Lefty Carlson
70: A Guide to A.D.S. Systems Part I
71: Exploring Caves in Travelnet
72: Calling Card Secrets from Pirate 80
73: Japan Embassy of the USSR by Mad Marvin
74: Transmission Test Line and Terminations
75: NWB's Infoline by The Sensei
76: Tones & Announcements "Description"
77: The Origin of Phreaking
78: The Phreaker's Bible by BIOC Agent 003
79: The Phreaker's Handbook by Cat-Trax
80: Phreak Reading List '86 from CEO
81: The Fine Art of Scanning
82: Phun with Fortress Fones by Surf Rat
83: The Phun of International Calling
84: AT&T Newslines
85: CN/A, MCI, & Metrophone Directory
86: Accessing Numbers by The Arabian Knight
87: CN/A List by The Pyrite
88: The Complete -> 800 <- by The Traveler
89: The Truth Behind Those 9999 Numbers
90: How to Fight Sprint by Grandmaster Flash
91: AT&T International Dialing Country Codes
92: The Federal Black Pages by Line Breaker
93: The 976 Exchange
94: 950 Prefix by The Courier
95: The Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines
96: The Book of 'Loops' from TuSwF
97: Loops
98: Understanding PBX Systems by The Sensei
99: Centrex Renaissance "The Technology"
100: Diverters: What They Are and How to Use
101: Intro to AUTOVON Pt. 1 by ShAdOwRuNnEr
102: Intro to AUTOVON Pt. 2 by ShAdOwRuNnEr
103: Intro to AUTOVON Pt. 3 by ShAdOwRuNnEr
104: AUTOVON Prefixes by ShAdOwRuNnEr
105: Your Rights as a Phone Phreak
106: Computer Fraud Laws by CEO
107: 2084: A Phone Odyssey
108: Home Phone Tips
109: General Phone Information by The Ace
110: Bell Special Intelligence Force
111: Basics of Telecommunications by KL
112: The History of Telecommunications by KL
113: The History of British Phreaking
114: USTA '86 by Executive Hacker/Pro.Phreak
115: Switching Equipment by The Diamond
116: ESS: Orwell's Prophecy from BIOC Agent 3
117: Electronic Switching Advances by BIOC
118: The History of ESS by Lex Luthor
119: Interesting Things to do on Step Lines
120: Tellabs' 7002 Dial Long Line Module
121: Tandems by Forest Ranger
122: Article on CLASS/LASS
123: LASS Features from Executioner of PLP
124: How To Use Call-Waiting Cancel Feature
125: The Integrated Services Digital Network

126: ISDN Volume I by Zandar Zan
127: ISDN Volume II by Zandar Zan
128: Incoming Trunk Service Observing by Exy
129: Prefix Access Code Translater by Exy/PLP
130: Equal Access and the American Dream
131: The Relationship Between Carot & ROTL
132: TSPS Coin Control Signals by Scan Man
133: Coin Services by The (414) Wizard
134: ANI & ONI by The *ELITE* Phreakers Club
135: Radio Packet Frequencies
136: Picture Phone
137: AT&T Forgery by The Blue Buccaneer
138: Cellular Phreaking by The Bootlegger
139: Making & Taking Advantage of 3-Way Fones
140: How to Listen in on Cordless Telephones
141: AT&T Remote Terminal Cabinets by Dr.Doom
142: Phucked Agent 04s Terminal Hardware File
143: The Craft Access Terminal from Tuc
144: Dealing with the Rate & Route Operator
145: Shadow 2600/Kid & Co.'s Chat w/a Lineman
146: TAS Lingo Simplified
147: Bell System Common Language by Sensei
148: The Bell Glossary by Mad Marvin
149: Just Some Telco Terms by Zandar Zan
150: A Little Something About Your Phone Co.
151: Something of Interest About the Telco

Gfiles: (1-151, ^0),L,Q : Q

Gfiles: (1-6, ^4),L,Q : 5

 Phreak Philes II

1: Pink Box Plans by Einstein and AE Angel
2: Olive Box Plans by Arnold
3: The Neon Box by Mad Hatter
4: The Blast Box by Shadowhawk I
5: Mirror Box by Fatal Error
6: Frequency Generator by Captain Quieg
7: Handy Telephone Circuits by Eye-No Phonz
8: How to Build a Linesman's Handset
9: Switching Systems by Terminus
10: Electronic Switching in the U.S.
11: Fiber Optics by Celtic Phrost
12: Basic Signaling by Asmodeus Rex
13: Network Transmission Notes by Terminus
14: Tone List by The Bootleg
15: The Equal Access Hacker's Guide
16: The Numbering Plan by Terminus
17: Using Diverters by Galactus and Blitziod
18: Understanding The Computer-Based PBX
19: Understanding PBX Systems by Terminus
20: ROLM/NET by Celtic Phrost
21: Mobile Phone Repeaters by Bellcon
22: Illinois Bell Information Bulletin
23: The Phreak Chronicles: REMOBs
24: Fast Data Encryption by Spartacus
25: Merry Pranksters from BIOC Agent 003
26: International Numbers by The Comedian

Gfiles: (1-26, ^0),L,Q : Q

Gfiles: (1-6, ^5),L,Q : 6


1: BIOC's Basic Telecom-Table of Contents
2: BIOC's Basic Telecom I
3: BIOC's Basic Telecom II
4: BIOC's Basic Telecom III
5: BIOC's Basic Telecom IV
6: BIOC's Basic Telecom V
7: BIOC's Basic Telecom VI
8: BIOC's Basic Telecom VII
9: MCI Glossary Part I by Knight Lightning
10: MCI Glossary Part II by Knight Lightning
11: MCI Glossary Part III by Knight Lightning
12: MCI Glossary Part IV by Knight Lightning
13: MCI Glossary Part V by Knight Lightning
14: Syndicate Report Issue 1 by The Sensei
15: Syndicate Report Issue 2 by The Sensei
16: Syndicate Report Issue 3 by The Sensei
17: Syndicate Report Issue 4 by The Sensei
18: Syndicate Report Issue 5 by The Sensei
19: Syndicate Report Issue 6 by The Sensei
20: Syndicate Report Issue 7 by The Sensei
21: Syndicate Report Issue 8 by The Sensei
22: Syndicate Report Issue 9 by The Sensei
23: Syndicate Report Issue 10 by The Sensei
24: Syndicate Report Issue 11 by The Sensei
25: Telecom World Monthly I File 1
26: TWM I File 2 by The Specialist
27: TWM I File 3 by The Specialist
28: TWM I File 4 by The Specialist
29: TWM I File 5 by The Specialist
30: TWM I File 6 by The Specialist
31: TWM I File 7 by The Specialist
32: TWM I File 8 by The Specialist
33: TWM I File 9 by The Specialist
34: TWM I File 10 by The Specialist
35: TWM I File 11 by The Specialist
36: TWM I File 12 by The Specialist
37: TWM I File 13 by The Specialist
38: TWM I File 14 by The Specialist
39: TWM I File 15 by The Specialist
40: TWM I File 16 by The Specialist
41: TWM I File 17 by The Specialist
42: TWM II File 1 by The Specialist
43: TWM II File 2 by The Specialist
44: TWM II File 3 by The Specialist
45: TWM II File 4 by The Specialist
46: TWM II File 5 by The Specialist
47: TWM II File 6 by The Specialist
48: TWM II File 7 by The Specialist
49: TWM II File 8 by The Specialist
50: TWM II File 9 by The Specialist
51: TWM II File 10 by The Specialist
52: TWM II File 11 by The Specialist
53: TWM II File 12 by The Specialist
54: TWM II File 13 by The Specialist
55: TWM II File 14 by The Specialist
56: TWM II File 15 by The Specialist
57: TWM II File 16 by The Specialist
58: H.A.C.K. Volume I by Grey Wolf
59: H.A.C.K. Volume 2 by Grey Wolf
60: H.A.C.K. Volume 3 by Grey Wolf
61: H.A.C.K. Volume 5 by Grey Wolf
62: H.A.C.K. Volume 6 by Dr. Pepper
63: H.A.C.K. Volume 8 by Grey Wolf
64: H.A.C.K. Volume 9 by Grey Wolf
65: Phortune 500 Newsletter Issue 1
66: Phortune 500 Newsletter Issue 2
67: Telecom & Sports Newsletter 2
68: All Net Newsletter
69: Journal of Telecom: Contents and Info
70: Journal of Telecom: Bell Cabinets & Cans
71: Journal of Telecom: Implementing ISDN
72: Journal of Telecom: Telecom Times
73: Journal of Telecom: The Showroom
74: Journal of Telecom: Int'l Calling Guide
75: MetalliBashers Inc. FanZine 1
76: MetalliBashers Inc. FanZine 2
77: MetalliBashers Inc. FanZine 3
78: MetalliBashers Inc. FanZine 4
79: TAP Interviews by "The Infiltrator"
80: TAP Issue 27
81: Revenge of the Hackers Article
82: The Adventures of Captain Midnight
83: Further Adventures of Captain Midnight

Gfiles: (1-83, ^0),L,Q : Q

Gfiles: (1-6, ^6),L,Q : Q

T - 3:33:50
Main > M

T - 3:33:40
Metal/General Discussion : ?

                              Message Base Menu:
                              ~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~

B:oard scan (new)   C:hange board       K:ill posts         L:ist boards
N:ew scan all subs  P:ost message       S:can board         Q:uit

T - 3:33:37
Metal/General Discussion : Q

T - 3:33:36
Main > N

(This was a section called N:eed acronyms, which was a database of phreak/hack
 related acronyms.  The users could contribute to it or use it as a reference
 (as shown below).  The final list is also included in this final issue of

T - 3:33:32
Acronyms> ?

                              Acronym Commands:
                              ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

A:dd an acronym    L:ist all acronyms   S:earch for acronym          Q:uit

T - 3:33:30
Acronyms> S
Search for what ? BL
BLF  Busy Line Field
BLS  Business Listing Service
BLV  Busy Line Verification

T - 3:33:13
Acronyms> Q

T - 3:33:11
Main > S

T - 3:33:01
Status> ?

                                 Status Menu:
                                 ~~~~~~ ~~~~~

C:hange password    D:efault settings   M:acro change       Q:uit to main
U:serlist           Y:our info

T - 3:32:58
Status> Y
Your name      : Taran King 1
Phone number   : MSP-314-SLAY
Mail waiting   : 0
Sec Lev        : 255
Last on        : 07/28/87
Times on       : 1080
On today       : 1
Messages posted: 272
E-mail sent    : 452
Messages       : Validated
Backspacing    : On

T - 3:32:48
Status> U
LUCIFER 666 43

T - 3:32:33
Status> Q

T - 3:32:25
Main > U

(This is the U:ser Data Base which was used only by an exclusive group of
 sysops and co-sysops of this and other boards.  It included userlists and
 lists of members of various phreak/hack groups.)

T - 3:32:21
D-Base > ?

                             User Data Base Menu:
                             ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~

G:lobal string search   L:ist boards or groups available   P:rint 1 log/group
Q:uit to main menu      S:earch individually               ?:This menu

T - 3:32:16
D-Base > L
Boards on file
1. HPO (92686)
2. Atlantis (92686)
3. Stalag 13 (92686)
4. The Abyss (92686)
5. Gates of Hell(92786)
6. Speed Demon (92986)
7. RACS III (11-2-86)
8. Catch-22 (92386)
9. P-80 (11-2-86)
10. ShadowSpawn(11-2-86)
11. FreeWorld 2(11-3-86)
12. Greek Inn (111686)
13. Priv.Sector(112486)
14. PK2600 (112186)
15. C0SMOS '84
16. Data Center(12-1-86)
17. Ripco (121186)
18. Brewery (121986)
19. Danger Zone (122086)
20. Quick Shop (122086)
21. HackerHaven (121486)
22. Thieve'sWorld (1214)
23. Hacks R Us (122486)
24. PhantasieRealm(41287
25. Stronghold E (32986)
26. Greenhouse (42187)

Groups on file
1. Metal Communications
2. Neon Knights
3. 2300 Club
4. Legion Of Hackers
5. Legion Of Doom
6. Lunatic Labs, UnLtd.
7. PhoneLine Phantoms
8. The Administration
9. Team Hackers
10. Tribunal Of Knowlege
11. The Punk Mafia
12. Red Dawn Text Files
13. Phrk/Hack Destroyers
14. Phrk/Hck Delinquents
15. The Warelords
16. The Apple Mafia
17. MetalliBashers, Inc.
18. The Hitchhikers
19. Knights Of Shadow
20. Fargo 4A
21. The Association
22. Hack-A-Trip
23. The Stowaways
24. Black Bag
25. MAD!
26. PAWW
27. The P.H.I.R.M.
28. 65C02
29. CEO
30. PHido PHreaks
31. The 414s
33. Inner Circle I
34. Inner Circle II
35. Camorra
37. The Federation
38. AmericanToneTravelrs
39. Five O
40. Extasyy EliteNetwork
41. Order Of The Rose
42. Cult of the Dead Cow
43. OSS
44. Phortune 500
45. The DEC Hunters
46. The Marauders
47. 2af
48. Md/Phd
49. ICUB
50. Phrk/Hcks of America
51. C&M Productions
52. Software Pirates,Inc
53. DTE222
54. Legion Of Darkness
55. Coast To Coast
56. Elite Hackers Guild
57. 2600 Club
58. The Rackateers
59. The Nihilist Order
60. The IBM Syndicate

T - 3:31:54
D-Base > G
B)oard or G)roup : B
Search for what string : KNIGHT LIGHTNING
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on HPO (92686)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on Atlantis (92686)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on RACS III (11-2-86)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on Catch-22 (92386)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on P-80 (11-2-86)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on Brewery (121986)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on Quick Shop (122086)
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on PhantasieRealm(41287
KNIGHT LIGHTNING was found on Stronghold E (32986)

T - 3:31:20
D-Base > Q

T - 3:31:16
Main > V
Current Questions:

  1: How shall the board be run?
  2: Are you coming to SummerCon?
  3: Is your sysop a banana?
  4: What was your favorite Phrack 13 file?
  5: What file did you hate most in Phrack 13?

Which question (
,Q,?) : 1
Question 1:
How shall the board be run?
Users voting:  56.7%

0:No Comment
1:More privately!           : 18  47.4%
2:The same way it has been. : 19  50.0%
3:More opened.              :  0   0.0%
4:Closed totally.           :  1   2.6%

Your vote: More privately!
Change it? No

Which question (,Q,?) : 2
Question 2:
Are you coming to SummerCon?
Users voting:  55.2%

0:No Comment
1:Definitely!               : 10  27.0%
2:No, definitely not.       : 11  29.7%
3:Probably.                 :  9  24.3%
4:Possibly with a ride.     :  6  16.2%
5:What's SummerCon (STUPID) :  1   2.7%

Your vote: Definitely!
Change it? No

Which question (,Q,?) : 3
Question 3:
Is your sysop a banana?
Users voting:  32.8%

0:No Comment
1:Yes.                      :  1   4.5%
2:No.                       :  1   4.5%
3:What are you talkin about :  2   9.1%
4:No, other assorted fruit  :  7  31.8%
5:I'm not a vegetarian...   :  4  18.2%
6:KL's a banana, not TK     :  4  18.2%
7:SFD has a banana fetish   :  3  13.6%

Your vote: SFD has a banana fetish
Change it? No

Which question (,Q,?) : 4
Question 4:
What was your favorite Phrack 13 file?
Users voting:  37.3%

0:No Comment
1:Real Phreaker's Guide 2   :  1   4.0%
2:How to Fuck Up the World  :  2   8.0%
3:Making the Paisley Box    :  1   4.0%
4:Phreaks In Verse          :  2   8.0%
5:R.A.G - Rodents Are Gay   :  2   8.0%
6:Are You A Phone Geek?     :  1   4.0%
7:CUNT                      :  1   4.0%
8:RAGS - Best of Sexy Exy   : 11  44.0%
9:PWN XIII                  :  4  16.0%

Your vote: R.A.G - Rodents Are Gay
Change it? No

Which question (,Q,?) : 5
Question 5:
What file did you hate most in Phrack 13?
Users voting:  37.3%

0:No Comment
1:Real Phreaker's Guide 2   :  1   4.0%
2:How to Fuck Up the World  :  4  16.0%
3:Building a Paisley Box    :  2   8.0%
4:Phreaks In Verse          :  1   4.0%
5:R.A.G. - Rodents Are Gay  :  4  16.0%
6:Are You A Phone Geek?     :  1   4.0%
7:CUNT                      :  0   0.0%
8:RAGS - Best of Sexy Exy   : 11  44.0%
9:PWN XIII                  :  1   4.0%

Your vote: Real Phreaker's Guide 2
Change it? No

Which question (,Q,?) : Q

T - 3:30:39
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about something concerning the board which convinced me to keep it down
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Oh, one last note:  For those of you who thought you were hackers and attempted
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                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 5 of 12

               Metal Shop Private's -- Metal/General Discussion

The Metal/General Discussion subboard was exactly what it sounded like.
Messages varied from stuff about music to political events as you will plainly

1/100: rowdy!
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 11:58 am  Mon Apr 27, 1987

 Hey, I got the same two posters with the exception of one thing, They say
Spring Break '87 - Daytona Beach. Anyhow, My Easter Sunday went pretty well, I
awoke at about 10am with the sun streaming through the window and trying to
make its way through the beer tower. I rolled over to the sound of the ocean
waves hitting the coast. I got up opened one of last nights beers and walked
out onto the balcony intern seeing a great view of Daytona Beach.  The rest of
the day went pretty much the same way.

                       _-The Scanner

By the way, if you got a little time on your hands-

pass = OPCODE

2/100: chemicals
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 1:01 pm  Mon Apr 27, 1987

Anyone know where I can get ahold of Lithium Aluminum Hydride? Any help would
be VERY appreciated!


3/100: *** Newsflash ***
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 6:20 pm  Tue Apr 28, 1987

At the request of the Management, we ask that all users change their passwords.
There is no immidiate emergency, but forwarned is forearmed.  Please keep track
of your logons and make your new passwords UN-hackable.


The Management

:Knight Lightning

4/100: Subboards
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 2:39 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

For those of you who are interested, I am offering the opportunity for you to
run your own subboard of some kind.  I've got the space and if you've got a
purposeful subboard idea that you'd like for a specific group or group of
people or project, do leave feedback and we'll see what we can do.  How' s that
for a nice sysop?

5/100: Gee
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:49 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

Hmm, you'd think that 5 subboards would be enough for anyone.  Oh well...

:Knight Lightning

6/100: That sounds good.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 11:46 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

   Sounds good to me. Too bad there are not that many people into Primos
(sigh). I can just see it now: "Unix Hacking - Subop: Solid State."

   Crax and I were talking about scams today and we came across an interesting
topic. It seems that if someone orders something to you in your name (that you
didnt pay for) you can keep it, unless the company decides to pay for its
return or gets it back theirselves. I can understand that most people are not
going to pay to have something shipped back to a company but the idea of
"keeping it" doesnt sound right. Comments?


7/100: neat-0
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:22 am  Thu Apr 30, 1987

  I want to have a party sub, we can call it "the Party Allianzzce!" I can be
sub 9, uh, oops! I mean sub 6...

Steve Driver

8/100: Telephone Quality
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 6:38 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Hmm.. I seem to get fairly bad connections to the BBS.  If any others of you
get good connections to other BBS's, but always get a somewhat shitty
connection here, please leave the Sysop Feedback.    thanks.

 \n / luggo !!

9/100: Connections...
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 6:57 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

I have been getting an occasional bad connection too, and I am local to MSP.
What could be causing this?  I had a hum on my phone line a while back and I
had Bell check it out and run some line check stuff and then it went away,
perhaps Taran should do the same.

:Knight Lightning

10/100: Its a DNR d00d11!!10
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 9:31 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

   Anyway, my connections to MSP are just fine. The only board I have problems
with is Phantasie Realm.

   Have a question for anyone who grows dope. Someone told me that the pigs
have some kind of radar that they use when flying over the woods, fields..etc,
that supposedly pick up plants that are growing less than two feet from each
other. I dont see how this is possibly at all, but its kind of scary. Also, can
anyone give me some good ideas on how to grow it. I already have about 50
planted that are coming up quite well (Im in the money...!) and I use that shit
they put on fields for fertilizer. I also germinate my seeds by putting them in
wet paper towels in a dark place for a few days before planting them (sprouts
up), about 2 inchs deep in garden soil (that shit you buy at k-mart thats
supposed to be good dirt). That was a lame question, but I need to know...

   Speaking of Phantasie Realm, we changed the format for the last time and it
looks good. New advanced subs, killed all the assholes, lowe red the access of
all the non-contributers, got plenty of files/space, and lots of msgs and
discussions. Feel free to call and post the  around:
(313)641-9649   New: CANON


11/100: Dope sniffing
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 8:14 am  Fri May 01, 1987

 The plane radar idea could have some truth to it. I mean it is very possible .
They use planes to control our traffic speed also.

 I'm sure you have all seen those depth finder things on boats and stuff. Those
things can tell you almost exactly whats underneath. Probably the same type of
gadget the plane would use.  Sounds possible to me.

                        _-The Scanner

12/100: Knowing
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:13 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

Knowing the cops, they probably do have things like that, so they can go out
and waste more money in the name of stupid bandwagoning tactics a la Ron and
Nancy Reagan, William Bennett, Rehnquest and O'Connor (the latter two were
appointed Supreme Court justices, screened by Ronald Reagan and Edwin Meese to
make sure they were conservative and conformist enough to the rest of the
senile warmonger's administration). Mor e and more money is being wasted in the
name of their fucking law and order, their fucking 'Christianity', self
righteousness, conservative viewpoints that deny people's civil rights (womens
right to an Abortion, Roe Vs Wade decision, the firing of 1/2 of the Civil
Rights Commission and probably replacing them with Reagan Lovers, and more).
Now the cops will go to exteme lengths (this radar shit and Paraquat poisoning)
to make sure that they can have their fucking recreational drugs which are
perfectly legal while condemning us as criminals for engaging in other
recreational drugs that are less harmful (but ILLEGAL of course, it makes all
the difference. Laws are always right and fair, and manipulative enough by
those in power as a small child would play with Ronald Reagan's shit, smearing
it over the constitution). I can see them also having orgasms and myocardial
infarctions when they find plants they think are cannibussativa, only to find
out they are sewer weeds, things growing from flowing human waste in fields.

13/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 8:02 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

Yes, well, (watch this tie-in), to show your beliefes ccall the Libertarian BBs
in San Jose, CA at:

(408) 243-1933

Its a FIDO system run by the Libertarian Party, for those of you who don't know
the LP is one of the more popular third parties and has a very laissez faire
platform, one main tenet being legalization of victemless crimes.  SO call it.


14/100: radar
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 4:15 am  Sat May 02, 1987

I kind of find the radar idea a bit spaced out... After all, if it picked up
pot plants less than 2 feet apart, it would pick up damned near every thing
else less than 2 feet apart. In decent sized forest, this could amount to
quite a bit of garbage... weeds, small trees, etc. The police DO ariel
searches, but I believe (though I'm not sure) that they do it by sight.

They usually do this, though, over state- and company- owned land, as most
dope-farmers, for some reason, don't own their own forest land. I know for a
fact that in my area, they do occasional air searches over some forest land
owned by a paper company, but they don't search the forest behind my house
owned by my grandfather (otherwise I would be in or under a jail cell now).


15/100: I agree...
Name: Cat Man 12
Date: 3:45 pm  Sat May 02, 1987

The guy (Prophet) is really right on this one...I've never heard of such crazy
shit as police radar picking up plants that are 2 feet apart! And he's going to
grow the stuff thinking shit like this (?).  The one thing to be careful of are
pirhanas (people who at harvest time go looking for huge fields of pot).

cat man

16/100: I dunno.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 1:15 am  Sun May 03, 1987

   I dont really know how it would be possible, but theres still that chance.
Still no answers on my last question??? Whats the best way to grow it? I heard
if you dont use fertalizer (sp), then it comes out pretty bad (and makes you
sick or something - it just isnt any good). Oh well...


17/100: Read.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 2:15 am  Sun May 03, 1987

"High Times" magazine, the best information for any home grower, they have
monthly sections on indoor and outdoor gardens, for anyone from the first time
grower, to the expert, plus the ads can help you find the necessary stuff.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

18/100: do-it-yourself
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 3:03 am  Sun May 03, 1987

You don't have to use fertilizer, but the pot will be weak if it's
undernourished. Another thing to remember is not to({use too much fertilizer.
Actually, marijuana is a pretty tough plant, and doesn't really require a
great deal of care. Just water them daily, and plant them somewhere where they
can get plenty of sunlight.


19/100: Nameo Changeo
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 4:06 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

This is bullshit, what is going on here!?  Next thing you know we will have a
subboard called "Better Drugs And Gardens."

First of all this police drug radar is the most amazing piece of trash gossip I
have ever heard.  Police would have better things to do than go through back
yards with plant radar.  I mean any two objects within 2 feet of each other set
it off... yeah right.  What about patio furniture, what about a backyard grill
and gas tank?  What about shrubs or trees?

Whoever came up with this one must have been ON DRUGS himself at the time.

:Knight Lightning

20/100: I wouldn't put it past them.
Name: Thomas Covenant 84
Date: 8:13 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Although it does sound 99.99% wrong, that's just the sort of thing the cops
would come up with to act as a deterrent against life. EEEGg.

Two notes of addt'l interest:

-:1- In Virgina Beach, home of the 700 club, it is illegal to imbibe alcohol
     outdoors. So, if someone was having a beer in his fenced in yard, someone
     else could call the cops and say "There's a man drinking beer in his
     backyard.  Please hurry!" and the cops could come and cart him away.

-:2- The latest issue of OMNI has a very fascinating article about the US.
     Military and how they are linked with US communications services (or would
     like to be). Needless to say, you should read it.

-:3- OK, so I forgot one (or I can't count. You be the judge). The latest
     issue of RIP  is the Rock Censorship Issue, and has even MORE fascinating
     articles on the PMRC, the Back In Control punk/metal deprogramming center,
     and much much more. Again, you should read it.

Everytime I read something like this, I go out to the fields and have a
dandelion break. I can't believe stuff like this can happen in America.

21/100: excuse me
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 11:42 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

but my mother was having some trouble growing her if I don't
use fertilizer will they die...

I hear that the forest preserve can tell huge fields of geraniums if the plants
are less than 2 feet apart...

usually we plant petunias...but the "sailfish" get them... These are the people
that rip out huge fields of petunias around blooming time.


22/100: Censorship
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 12:58 am  Mon May 04, 1987

  Ok, Thomas Cov, that message you left about Vigriania Beach in Va looked like
it came from thrasher magainze, as skateboard magazine that I read often.  They
had an article abou a ramp in VA beach called Mt. Trashmore. Are there any
skaters on here? I know Quest says he skates...


  Oh yeah I also have that new issue or rip, actually it's DP's but I read it
today about the cencorship. Oh, another thing, I read that MCA of he Beastie
Boyz died from an OD. I don't know if it's true or a rurmor....


(oh god, I just read this post and I have to use the almighty cop-out, ' I am
fucked up' which is true rnight now)

23/100: Dope and The Single Woman...
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 1:27 am  Mon May 04, 1987

Well, I find it very hard to believe that someone could detect such plants
growing so closely together. Secondly, for the outdoor Dope Grower, Simply,
bury some seeds and forget them for a few months. If You plan on indoor
growing, You have to understand that Dope is a Weed, so that they don't really
need sunlight, and would grow in virtually any environment. If you want an
indoor garden, spend a few bucks and get a hydrpod setup(Articles in
High-Times) and buy a "Grow and Show" light. I have heard that if you crush up
Quaaludes and use them as fertalizer, you will come out with some heavy dope.

Just remember that germination is a BIG key in getting something decent. Yes, I
have grown some in my basement, it wasn't THAT good, but the price was

                             The Mad Hacker

24/100: Dope
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 2:34 am  Mon May 04, 1987

Cannabis (sp?) is a weed and can grow anywhere.  However for the best potency,
good sunlight, water, and fertilizer is needed.  Soaking the seeds for a few
days in drenched paper is good before planting, just to get the sprouts going.

I don't know about that plant detection nonsense, but I do know that you can
get capital punishment for selling pot in school. (Thanks Nancy, you

The other day, I read on the back of a coffee can, "Say no to drugs." What
hypocrosy, no? Caffeine is a much more abused drug and more addictive
(according to many sources), than a pure 100% natural bowl of grade-a herb.
Everything is a drug in America:Nicotene, caffeine, money, power, etc.. (uh
oh, getting metaphorical here)

I must stop rambling and get some sleep. it is 3:32am and I have one of the few
last days of fucking around in senior year to wake up for tomorrow.


25/100: Hmmm....
Name: Slave Driver
Date: 9:43 am  Mon May 04, 1987

Considering police radar detects the speed of moving objects, the same
technique is used for alarm systems, it doesnt care about the speed though,
just if something is moving, thats why radar detectors often go off around
stores, I dont know how it would detect plants two feet apart.  What do they
set the PSD plant spacing detector to 2 feet?  Or do the plants run around
when noone is looking?

Does a tree that falls in a forest with noone to hear it or record it mae any

Why can you see?

How does a can opener work?

What good is school?

Does Ron fuck the dragon-lady?

These are all questions of the mind....


twilight zone music^^^

Steve but why? Driver

26/100: Say what?
Name: Cap'N Crax 10
Date: 3:19 am  Tue May 05, 1987

Did someone say capital punishment
for selling pot in school?  Jeezus!
Anyway, police can detect pot, but
not with radar.  They can detect it
(even at night), actually, especially
at night, by it's infrared heat
signature.  They have some sort of
device like that...  I don't quite
remember where this info came from,
but it was in print, and i assume
it to be reliable, as it is quite
possible, and makes more sense than
plant radar.  Haha...

Did you know that if you try to sprout
w/ a wet paper towel that is too
wet you'll drown those 'lil suckers?


27/100: Not into
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:51 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I'm not really into the 'growing' process of drugs.  Sounds interesting though
then again, so does spanish.  But none the less, has the ever been any files on
it? (hehe)  Maybe a Neon Knight file?  Who knows...


28/100: WELL...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:07 am  Wed May 06, 1987



29/100: Erb
Name: Control C 8
Date: 8:38 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

  Someone once told me that there's male and Female plants, and if there's a
male plant arond none of the others will grow. Is this true?


Back home a know a few guys, and there idea of fun is being high on crack and
tilting a machine gun....Time               Time...

Great jam

30/100: morf plants
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 11:08 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

No, the female plants will still grow, even around male plants.


31/100: Term Papers
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 12:26 am  Thu May 07, 1987

Well finally its done.  To be turned in tomorrow.  10 Pages of a "take a stand"
paper on Euthanasia.  10 sources, 35 endnotes. GeeeeeZ.

:Knight Lightning

32/100: above
Name: The Leftist 71
Date: 5:51 am  Thu May 07, 1987

Yeah, I too skate, and have skated Trashmore.. several times.. anyway, about
this dope issue.. first of all, yes, it can be detected by its ir signature,
thats so expensive, and time consuming though. Usually what they did where I
was living was just cruise over the mountians/wooded areas, and If youveever
seen a pot plant, usually the color gives them away.. I have 12 plants in my
closet, each about 1' 1/2" tall, which I have had 1 1/2 months... Use miracle
gro fertilizer. this is best, because it wont burn the plants, as you cannot
use too much.. also, you definetly dont want to get males and females mixed
up. the females will have a short growth at the bottom of the stem as they
mature, which, when broken off will grow right back where it was. I have heard
of people grafting hops onto plants, and this served an excellent disguise,
but where can ya get hops??

p.s. call this new bbs if ya get a chance..hack/phreak/special
interest/g-files, and more..

305-480-9971   initial login pw= CSC


33/100: Quotes....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 6:48 am  Thu May 07, 1987

"Hey, you still look ok!"
 -Bernard Goetz, just before shooting a nigger in the back a second time.

"Your father had AIDS, so I shot him in the back"
 -Mike D, Beastie Boys

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

34/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 5:45 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Well come on KL, dont leave us hanging...what was your "stand" on euthenasia?

(DJ, are you from the South or something?  'Shooting a' WHAT?  I love being


35/100: Religion, Power, Pot
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 7:58 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Prophet raised some good points. Caffeien, Nicotine, and many other drugs are
harmful to people, yet legal and making money for businesses/government.  A
local pastor is going after 'porn' menace in the fashion of Edwin Meese, our
Wedtech, corporate and close minded Attorney General. Why have such small,
harmless things become a scapegoat bby the fucking religious fanatics and
power hungry hipocrites as the problem of society? Why don't they direct their
time and attention to something more worthhile? Why not go after racism,
sexism, and prejudices of all types? Bad  education systems? Murder, violence,
War? NO, we are christians (paycheck code word), and everything we do is Ok
with a creation of our society, but hen it is time to kill for our country,
well, we can become a christian again after we have killed for a deceptionist

Meese is going to be in  St. Louis tomorrow talking on abortion. 20 dollars
for their fucking dinner, maybe they'll be eating government experiments tht
flopped in nuclear and chemical warfare projects. Abortion should be a
choice..I agree that it is bad,  but the alternatives can be worse.  If you
take away the people's choice then what do you have? Guess what I'm a
communist now because I am a member of the Freeze/Sane movement, ha. Oh well
I'm rambling and bitching.

'The drugs we're fed to make us like it are God (TM) and Country  with a bang.
People we know who should know better howl, 'America  Rules, let's go to war!'
Are the soviets are worst enemy? We're destroying ourselves instead. Who cares
about our civil rights as long as I get paid?'

Meese Mania is runnnin wild!


36/100: New Law
Name: Computer Wiz Kid 54
Date: 10:19 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Check this OUt....I am not sure if this is federal law coming through, or if
it is just a local thing.

The new law states that haveing Beer or More than 1 Join (like it), and if you
are under twenty one, you could loose your licence for a year.  Mind you this
is for people who are Under 21....Nice eh?   THINK thatis bad, how about
getting caught for have either, and you are under age (21 is the drinking
age), and you don't drive, you won't be able to drive for a year...

Guess I SHOULD clean out the Car eh?


37/100: Skating/Laws
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 10:40 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

 Leftist, you skate? That's cool, what kind of board do you have? Do you wear
jams and surfer clothes, or are you a generally 'normal' looking skater?
Around here the skaters are mostly dicks they think they are cool because they
can do a 1 inch ollie, and a lot of them brag and lie about their ability.

 I'm concerned for our countries future. Right-wingers and conservatives are
fucking up everything, I'm so sick of hearing about their bullshit,
cencorship, and the like. Some right winger said something along the lines of
'When a student picks up a math book, he reads that there are no absolutes.
The next thing you know, he turns to crime and drugs.'

 Now, that takes the cake for being the most foolish, scatterbrained, lame
attempt to support your views. But, they have the money, funded by Falwell and
Robertson, who dupe consumers into sending them money so they will 'go to
heaven' and have 'the lord's blessing'.  'Most people are assholes' (name of a
tour by some punk band, can't remember the name.)

Oh yesterday I picked up a math book and read that x=0. Well, since x=0, then
crime is cool, and so is drugs. (This supports my earlier paragraph)


PS-Oh yeah, to stretch this thing out even more (this post), I'll just say
that the Suicidal Tendencies concert in St. Louis a few weeks ago was pretty
cool. I slammed and fun.

38/100: Papers and other
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:27 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

I said that Euthanasia should be legalized and people should have a right to
do it if they want (passive) and a person should be allowed to commit suicide
with a doctor's assistance.

Anyway, we were watching a film in psycology last week where the question of
who has the most primary responsibilty to be careful about birth control, the
guy or the girl.  One guy said the girl because after all if she doesn't, she
is the one getting pregnant.  A girl then said that he was an asshole for
saying that.  What do you think?

:Knight Lightning

39/100: Le Dope...(Male And Female)
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 11:51 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

The only difference between Male and Female Plants is that Female PLants yield
a great deal more seeds than the male ones(Makes sense). Dealers usually try
to stay away from the female plants due to the "More Seeds, Less Pot"
Philosophy. Potency should still be the same, though. I have never heard of
Male Plants keeping all others from growing, though. Something new? Nahh. Gee,
i am starting to sound like an add from High Times.....

Control C, Have you been trying to call me?


40/100: Kill-Ron
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 12:39 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Right wing conservative fuckers are getting way outta hand!  "Let's not
discuss the nuclear waste we are putting into the geosphere, and the racism
overflowing in our country, but let's divert all of our attention on drunk
drivers under 21, teenage-sex, and the increasingly vicious problem of
marijuana abuse."  Give me a fucking break Ronnie!  This country is run by
assholes for assholes because we are falling for this shit.  Nancy thinks
she's a fucking "vigilante" combatting her war on drugs.  Fuck her and her
stupid senile old jackass husband.

Think about it....This country raped our environment for bucks for a few
mogul's pockets.  Ron is a puppet for these war-mongering quadrillionaires who
are the true rulers of our country.

No other president would EVER have gotten away with what Ronnie did.  He went
against his word and admitted to have lied in one of the biggesscandals of the

After typing this, I feel wired, I feel like fighting someone now..Fuck!


41/100: OLD CO
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 1:25 am  Fri May 08, 1987

 I was digging through some old tapes
tonnight and found and old conference
from about 2 years ago with John,
Terminator, and some dudes from Aust-
ralia. It was kinda rowdy to actually
hear how stupid we sounded.
Ah well.
                       _-The Scanner

42/100: Dope & obscenity
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 2:30 am  Fri May 08, 1987

There is a big difference between the male and female plants... The buds of
the female plant are much stronger than those of the male plant. By the way,
who uploaded the file, "drug800s.txt", what the hell are those pills being
sold (never heard of D&E's before...), and what's the address to order them?

Anyone who wants to know where the country's heading in the future need do
nothing more than look at the heart of the Southern Baptist Bible Belt, North
Carolina. The new obscenity law states that "mature adults have no right to
possess obscene material". X-rated movies are now illegal here, and possession
of an obscene magazine, even if you only read it in the privacy of your own
home and are over 21, is punishable by a heavy jail sentence and fine.


43/100: D&E....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 6:46 am  Fri May 08, 1987

D&E is based in New Jersey, and their ad can be found in any High Times....
I have 2 bottles of stimulants that I got from them, and their yours if you
want is a bottle of "20-20's" and the others are "357's", I used
to use them when I'd play tennis to keep a steady, strong game.  Now they just
make my stomach hurt like hell.  You can get them on your (or someone's) V/MC,
and they are like $6/100.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

44/100: Better Drugs & Gardens
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:51 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Er yeah this is our new subboard check out 6.  It seemed like a popular topic
with you guys.

:Knight Lightning

45/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:22 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Oh what fun! Rag on Reagun, Call him names, Say they suck, bitch alot...
Oh wow how keen...

Can YOU guess whats coming next?


My god, I just love to see all these phreaks post about how terrible the right
wing is and how they should all go to hell and they sound real tough but 'Lets
take a look at the record'.  Remember the Falwell Game?  And then the Pat
Robertson game?  It was where you dialed Fallwell or Pat's 800  and then
hung up after a couple seconds, making them have to pay a $1 or so.  Phreaks
were the perfect people to do it, programs + knowledge, but NOOOOOO, a few did
it for a couple of days but they, hell YOU, were tooo fucking lazy to actually
do shit.  It was people who had to hand dial all the time who did 90% of it.

What politial commitment.  Oh yeah, when Libya was bombed the outrage on
phreak boards was just tremendous, why I think I saw 1 post against it.  Its
not until they start doing something that directly affects you (drugs, etc)
that you get off your ass.

Between computers and phones, yes phreaks could be somewhat of a force, but
there not.


46/100: Are you ever happy?
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 2:13 am  Sat May 09, 1987

 I don't understand why you never say anything good, Drake.. I mean, at least
the users here are somewhat (even if just a little) conscious of what is going can't expect everyone to be totally involved in government, I mean if
they do THAT, then they will probably start thinking like a politician, and we
don't need any more of that. Oh, also Drake, do you ever do anything
constructive, like you said in your post? I'm not trying to argue (I hope you
see that) but would like to hear what action you take on some of the issues of
our society (our society, our society, what a drag -Subhumans)


47/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:10 pm  Sat May 09, 1987

What?  Oh my god! Is it true?!  Yes, after many many posts of bitching and
whining on this board I actually got a RESPONSE!  GASP!  Why I feel positivly

OK, now a response from me would be the normal thing to do now and Im a normal
sorta guy so...

What do I do 'constructive'?  I call up my congressman, I write my
congressman/representatives.  Your normal stuff.  Then, I go to
demonstrations, try to contribute to alternative newspapers,
draw/write/paint/scriblle thousands of anarchy symbols around the bay area to
'spread the word'.  I try to keep in contact with other radical organisations
to contribute my time etc.  Example I have done volunteer work for a small
communist political party. I could go on, but certainly not for long enough. I
am not exempt from my own criticism in that I am as lazy as the next guy. But
I *TRY* harder.



48/100: Missing the question
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:39 am  Sun May 10, 1987

But Drake, have you actually called up your congressman or rep or written them
or been to demostrations?

Now whats this about supporting communist political parties?

:Knight Lightning

49/100: Dont ever...
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 1:54 pm  Sun May 10, 1987

  Expect to get a job with the government, now that you have said that...


50/100: Hmm..
Name: Doom Prophet 21

I must admit, I have never written my congressman. I have talked to the police
and authorities about certain laws and policies, and I have pledged some
support and volunteered to help a political anti-war movement here in St.
Louis. I try to make people aware of what the government is doing.. I read
quite a bit on things like that (In mainstream papers and underground
alternatives like Socialist Labor Party newsletter,SANE mag, The St. Louis
Arms Freeze forecast letter, People for the American Way, etc.). However I
can't say that I am really active in politics though.. Oh, I also sent some
cards in to Reagan opposing censorship movements, with some signatures from my
school. Wee, big deal right?



51/100: WELL...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:58 pm  Sun May 10, 1987


And KL, that (calling congressman, etc) was a list of what I have done...what
did you think it was?  Your confuuuusing me...whine

Yeah being aware is definetly important ('The revoluion begins within' and all
that)... try to read a equal amount of right wing & left wing periodicals so
that I dont get locked into one viewpoint on an issue.

But being nformed and not doing anything is no better then being totaly


52/100: Phrack
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 6:44 pm  Mon May 11, 1987

We could unite the entire phreak community through Phrack as aq huge political
party.  Unfortunately, the majority of the phreak/hack world can't even vote,
and currently that includes myself.  Also, we would never have enough support
in any one are to win any form of election but a lobbyist organization seems
feasible.  But you all know as well as I do that this will NEVER happen.

So, anyway in general with the Class of '87 graduating in less than a month,
who feels the phreak hack world is going to suffer greatly?

:Knight Lightning

53/100: Politics
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:57 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Well, who knows. I'm sure there will always be good phreaks around. I will be
doing less of course (Graduation, College, Work, etc) but that's no big loss.

About political classifications, I liked the Nolan chart much better than
traditional Left-Right wing grouping. Most people take left to mean communist
and opposed to personal freedom. Some of the more famous left wing (radicals)
are the Black Panthers from the late sixties, and others that I won't mention.
Right wing conservative policies generally seem to be more realistic (but of
course because they side with the current system and don't support radical
change as left wing does). I think we do need change to prevent America from
becoming a cesspool of violence, money, racism, and exploitation of both
people and the environment (it's like that now though depending upon your
viewpoint). It's a difficult question, because the root of the system is
people-people with stubborn entrenched attitudes. How are we going to change
the entire system if we can't change ourselves and others around us? Impose a
law? That would be fascist. In my opinion, freedom of expression and action
should be allowed so long as it's not causing harm or violence toward the
innocent (or the not so innocent). The Libertarian party summed it up quite
well..but a political party doesn't make a perfect system.
To change the topic slightly, what do you feel about our actions (fraud,
breaking and entering, etc) as far as morality (flexible and sometimes useless
term) and justice? (That sounds corny but I don't know how else to word it).


54/100: We The People
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 8:15 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Yeah well, what I was trying to say is that with college in the fall and the
quite often occurence of 950 blocking from college campuses, a new area to have
to scan for Telenet dialups or whatever and in general, I fell that as a
whole, the phreak community will suffer greatly.  Lets face it, there will
continue to be a phreak community, but as I see it, today's phreaks,
specifically those on this system or Catch have reached the highest plateau in
the area of knowledge ever in the history of our community.  This is not to
say that it will never be surpassed, but somehow with more and more security
involving itself in our affairs and the decline of interest I feel that this
is the golden age and it will start to fall back until a new era begins many
years from now.

The community will continue to exist no matter what, even if for no better
reason than the rodent wares kids or the habitual code abusers.

As far as morality, I don't feel too concerned about it although I do believe
it to be wrong.  I try not to think about it too much.  However, when the
government or Reagan can make deals with terrorist and lose millions of
dollars or throw it away, I don't feel to guilty about making illegal calls.
Its all in how you rationalize it.

:Knight Lightning

55/100: KL....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 6:42 am  Wed May 13, 1987

Gee....isn't speeding illigal too?  Like you said, it's all relative, but can
you remember making your first code call?  It's like you hang up, and your
waiting for the phone to ring with someone saying "Your busted......"  I guess
its all a form of de-sensitizing, after a while, you really ignore or don't
realize the extent of the illigal-ness of the activity that you are doing.

KL-I'm still working on that "Laws of preaking....." stuff that we talked
about, while reading over old notes, etc, it can make you realize what you are
"up against" if you are caught.  Basically, your screwed if an adult.  For the
most part you are seeing about 30 days jail time, full restitution, and
assorted court costs.  Not a good time.   I was wasted a few nights ago and
debated calling up a LD company and telling them that I had hacked EVERY code
they had, and would sell them the code file for $1000, else turn the file
public.  Wonder what they would do?  I sure wouldn't want to be the one at the
bank cashing the check, extorsion (sp?) is pretty big time stuff....

                                            -The Disk Jockey

56/100: General Nonsense.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 8:29 am  Wed May 13, 1987

    Face it folks. Were heading down the long road to communism. Our leaders
are pretty much all corrupt. I think our country stinks. And I think in a
few years the "kiddies" will feel the same. Face it, we talk about anti-drug
bullshit, and all this anti-that and anti-this, but our leaders are setting
a great example to the future leaders of our country, arent they? This country
is headed anywhere but uphill, and I hope I die before it all falls to
peices. Im old enough to vote, but chose not to and never will. I dont care
about politics even though I should. Id rather not take a small part in the
downfall of the good ole US of A. I dont follow politics, and I dont watch

..(sorry, double cr) the news. Why? Because its all BAD thats why. Anyway, I
hope to enjoy my life to the fullest without worrying about stupid shit, like
Reagan and his scams. One thing that does piss me off is this big drug war.
Its alot of nonsense if you ask me. The people that end up fucking up there
lives are the people who have no sense and get burnt on heavy drugs (Coke,
LSD...etc) and they end up either dead, dying, fucked up or trying to
rebuild there lives. Needless to say, they forgot about having a good time.
They got addicted. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Cmon folks, wake up...whats life
about? Having a good time and living the fullest and richest (I sound like
an ad for Folgers) life you possibly can Killing yourself isnt the
answer. I know, Im rambling on. Oh well. About this phreak war thing, we
all know its bullshit. Ifthe phreaks did unite (something pretty much
impossible - will never happen), who do you think would win? The government
or the phreaks? Even if we didnt get caught, we would still lose. The
puppet-masters have our senile president right where they want him, and
no matter who does what, they can keep them there for as long as they
wish. (At least til the end of his term, anyway). Its a suicide mission.
It cant be won. No one will ever be powerful enough to take on our government.
No one but non-americans would aid him, and theres too many people afraid
of the "bomb" for that too happen. So all we could do is piss them off, thus
giving them an even better reason to exterminate us all. Anyway, thats about
all I have to say on the matter(s).

Sure Im for the American Way. Its the people who are trying to fuck it
up for all of us that I dont like...


57/100: WELL...
Name: <<< Sir Francis Drake 56 >>>
Date: 4:22 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

lets see...

a) Yeah KL, after this year there will be a 'drop' in the phreak scene as lots
   of people go off to college but after awhile new phreaks will come to
replace them.  This certainly isnt 'The Golden Age of phreaking'.  Wait
   until the who country is tied into a network, when EVERYTHING is on
   computers, and the phone system connects the whole world in a standardised
   way.  THAT will be the 'golden age'.

b) EJ, the people who 'are trying to fuck it up' are the people who are too
   fucking lazy to get involved....


58/100: Golden Age
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:34 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

Actually Sfd, this is the Golden Age, becuae by the time the whole world is
networked like you said, there will be so much security and tracing will be a
standard feature and we will be even more stuck than ever before.

EJ, you can't solve a problem by ignoring it.  Not voting is stupid unless you
don't know how to vote. That is you don't know which side is more worthy (if
any) of your vote.

Phreaks as a force?  Make a great movie, but it'll never ever happen.

:Knight Lightning

59/100: KL......
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:59 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

...and any other St. Louis locals, why don't you invite some (actually lots)
or chicks to come to the party part of this convention?  EVERYBODY likes hotel
parties, I've had a few in Kansas City at the Embassy Suits that were secondto
(to) none!  Besides, not all of us are gonna get off on B-Way.....

I want to get something out of this trip besides hung over.....

I'll show them (the girls) my Cosmos manuals and impress them!  Ya, right.....

60/100: Well
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:45 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

Things would definately get out of hand if we did that.  I mean the word would
spread and then the whole idea of having a phreak con would be gone.  Plus we
would definately end up being thrown out.

Still, anyone else have any input on this?

:Knight Lightning

61/100: getting back to...
Name: Lex Luthor 36
Date: 10:02 am  Fri May 15, 1987

Getting back to that "golden age" deal, well I am sure there will be a time
when more and more things will be networked, but saying they will have all this
security and tracing shit is ridiculous. There will always be bugs and holes to
be exploited, and security always comes last for everything. The only people
who think security should come first are the ones whose job is security. Making
products, consulting, etc. Everyone else puts security low on the list. It will
probably remain that way indefinitely. Look at the show Max Headroom. I think
it is one of the best shows on TV. A lot of people don't like it. They don't
understand it. Sure some things are a bit ridiculous like the old-style
typewriter keys used for computer keyboards, but basically the show is quite
interesting. It appears that just about everything in existance is networked in
some way to some central processor. Every building, and everything within those
buildings are networked. Ang gaining access to the network, allows you to gain
access to just about anything, assuming you can defeat any security involved. I
like the show mainly due to the security and insecurity involved. They are
constantly breaking the security on everything.

The show probably is based on some variation of the future, and it does show
that no matter how sophisticated things get, there always will be ways around
it. Having the ability to defeat these controls, allows you to have control
over your own destiny as far as concepts of 'big brother' are concerned.

If the government turned into the big brother depicted in 1984, I am sure
those "good enough" would not be as affected. They would simply find ways to
get around controls and modify or neutralize anything that was threating to

Since everyone has been rambling, I thought I would ramble some too.

62/100: SFD's Comments
Name: Lotus 38
Date: 1:40 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

I also have to disagree with your first comment.  Just because everyone is
going to college does not mean we will loose that many people.  When I left
about 2 years ago, I still tried to call here as much as I could.  Taran (or
Knight) did bring up a good point about college systems getting smarter but if
you go to a college that is good enough to have phones in each of the dorms (or
if you live in an apartment) then most of the time you don't have a thing to
worry about.

63/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:16 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

Actually, the idea of losing people due to college was KL's postulate... and I
basicaly agree with it.  Sure some people will keep being involved but most
wont have the time, equipment, and the fact that they will no longer be treated
as a minor by the law will act as a detriment.  (no that sentence wasnt
constructed right...)

Yow Lex...Cyberpunk for ever...Speaking of which (this belongs on the phrack
sub but Ill forget so...) would anybody be interested (besides me) if I somehow
managed to interview William Gibson, author of Neuromancer & Count Zero, about
what he thought the future of "computer crime" was?  Make it into a file & put
in in phrack.  Well *I* think it would be cool.


64/100: Dial 0 for harassment
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 12:50 am  Sat May 16, 1987

Ok, me and Bill are here right now on my 3-way with the 0perator.  We had her
connect us to 314-070-1000.  Bill said that he was priveledged and that he had
to speak to his brother in the post office.  When we thought the 0perator had
left the line, Bill proceded to simulate an 800 DA ring with his lips. When the
operator came on, he asked for the first company with Banana in its name and we
were given Banana Educational Software and cracked up.  We were hooked up to a
recording.  After the recording said 800-328, the operator came on and said she
was reporting this line.  She said she has had previous accounts... The
operator then paused and said, "Yes, yes I'd like a trace.  The number is
314-432-0756, good you traced it."  She then proceeded to access another loop
and keep us on hold for several minutes.  Oh, forgot a part.  After she finally
consented to connect the number, Bill said that she could go, and she says,
"No, I want to hear this!" and then she became silent until she started being
rude and decided that she was working for the FBI and set up a trace.

ANYWAY, after being put on hold for a few minutes, she came back and we
requested the supervisor and she wouldn't give her to us.  We eventually got
dropped.  We couldn't even file a complaint because we didn't have her fargin'
name.  I say we kill her.  I say we hang her, then we kill her.  I say we
tattoo her, then we scorch her, then we hang her, and THEN we kill her.

I say you give her to me!

65/100: The Modem World
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:44 am  Sat May 16, 1987

Yes that is correct, as many of us get older, the laws surrounding us are due
to change will will affect our outlook as to just how important the phreak/hack
community really is to us.  Some of the people that feel threatened may start
paying for calls rather than phreak, but this then gets expensive.

Furthermore, in college, there is most liklely little time for this.  Now Lex
may disagree becuase his exsperience may be a bit differenet, but he also takes
anout a month or more off between calls here.  In reference to Cheap Shades, he
ran Metal Shop AE here in StL.  Then off to college, he brought the computer
and put up QuickShop.  However, he had little time to use it and the necesssity
to use his only voice line (the bbs line) came up more and more often.
Eventually he just took it down and he doesn't call anywhere.

I said that the class of 87 going to college would harm the phreak world, not
destroy it and I still hold that opinion.

:Knight Lightning

66/100: HBO
Name: Lotus 38
Date: 11:04 pm  Sat May 16, 1987

Did anyone happen to catch the HBO special about the Chicago trial?  Geez, if
that thing doesn't get you mad about cops and the political system in so me was
(ie the system) I don't know what would. The interesting thing is that Hoffman
is still out there fighting the causes.   Does he still live in NY or what?

67/100: Abbie
Name: Thomas Covenant 84
Date: 6:03 am  Sun May 17, 1987

There was an article on him in PEOPLE a couple years back (5-7 years, maybe?)
that told what he was doing currently. I have no idea on the situation today.
I love selective memory! I can remember dumb things like that, but can't
remember where I left my tie -- and I have to leave for work in 2 minutes!

68/100: WELL...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:22 pm  Mon May 18, 1987

Geez, Abbie has been in the news alot recently.  He was arrested along with Amy
Carter for trespassing on CIA property.  When they went to court there defense
was that they were breaking a law in order to stop a larger crime (which means
it is legal, example a person runnin a red light to chase a bank robber or some
such)...AND THEY WON!  So basicaly the federal court admited that the CIA is
breaking laws...A pity they dont fucking do something about it.

But yeah, he's a great guy.


69/100: Back to voting.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 2:40 am  Tue May 19, 1987

  I hear, Im stupid for not voting, Im fucking up the world by not
participating. I wonder if any of you voted for Raygun, eh?


70/100: Summercon.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 5:54 am  Tue May 19, 1987

    Read my latest attempt at humor (if you can stomach it) on drive H. File is
called ADVENTUR.TXT. Its actually called, Tales of Misadventure - Summercon.
And while Im probably not a seer you will see my prediction of the adventures
I'll have at Summercon. Lets hope not of it ever comes to pass.


71/100: Hoffman
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 6:52 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

I think that Hoffman was charged with 'Disturbing a school' and disorderly
conduct. Amy Carter supposedly sat down in front of a vehicle (a bus or an
oinkmobile). It was on a universityy campus, not CIA property (unless they
made that up recently). I followed it in the papers also, it was interesting
to see something like that happen. The CIA have not stopped with Nicaragua,
but now we have dragged Honduras, Mexico, Isreal, and other countries in our
feud with the Sandinistas, along with CIA/DEA dealings involving drug smuggling
to fund the Contras.

While we're on this topic, I just read an article in  Reader's Digest that
basically called the nuke freeze movement communist and corruptive. He had
some good points however, which only goes to show that both the U.S. and Russia
are at fault in certain situations. The test ban breaking by Ronn ie was shitty
though. All the true important details are underplayed anyway.

Good day


72/100: Part II
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 10:39 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

   Will be up by the time you read this. If your are dreading Summercon this is
what you can (not) look forward too. hehehe...


73/100: Part III
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 6:48 am  Wed May 20, 1987

   Well, (yet another msg) Part III is finished and up. The Summercon Saga is
over. Im sure you'll be sickened and appalled, but that was the whole purpose
wasnt it? How about "Summercon 2001"?


74/100: What the fuck....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:16 am  Wed May 20, 1987 the deal now?  Goddamn Iraq "accidentlly" shoots a missle from a
russian-made aircraft to an oil ship, owing the hull all to hell, their
president says "It was a gastly accident" and when this ship was trying to call
the US to ask permission to return fire, Congress was recessed, and Reagan was
getting on a plane to go to Tennessee to talk to some fucking high school for
thier commencment.  37 fucking people are dead at last count, and the only
thing that Ron has to say is "We are going to have a complete
investigation...."  Right!  The US is really beginning to look like saps to
these fucking shit-head countries, and Ron's other comment was "Any action
simular to that in the future will be delt with severly."

What an asshole.

                                       -A pissed off Disk Jockey

75/100: Wimper..
Name: Ax Murderer 7
Date: 5:41 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

Yeah, while he's getting stiff talking to a group of high schooler's, men are
dying. SUUUURE! It was an accident. Just like it was an accident when he bombed
Libya...Sure. I think we should have at least fired back. Reagan always seems
to wimp out on some. He is better than any other we've had, but please!

 Ax Murderer

76/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake
Date: 6:22 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

Aurgh, just when I was begining to think that MSP users were not Reagan
lobotomized zombies the old "Dont let those little countries push us around, we
should nuke 'em into oblivion" comes back.  Yucky.

First of all DJ, I heard the plane that shot the french missle at our ship was
either a) french or b) american (phantom)...So lets not do a "god damned
russians are behind everything"

Maby it was sorta silly having the ship being there in the first place ya know?

(Yeah doomy, it was on Amy Carters school campus but it was the CIA recruiting
center on it where the demonstration took place)


77/100: well
Name: Lex Luthor 36
Date: 5:20 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

No matter what America does, we would/will be criticsized. If we retaliated
about the iraq incident we would be bullies again. If we didn't (we didn't as
you know) then we will be too soft. Its a no win situation. When we bombed
libya we were bullies. But if we didn't we would be wimps. Its bullshit. Damned
if we do and Damned if we don't.

78/100: Bombing
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 6:21 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

   The Iraq accident may be real.  The ship didn't have any defences ready.
Now they tell us it was 2 assault missiles. There is not much Reagan can do.
He can't punish them, they get nothin g major from us.  Reagan made a good
decision on the Libyan deal, he's don e his job.  How many terrorist have
screwed with Americans lately?  Not many.


79/100: Whoa!
Name: Cheap Shades 3
Date: 1:38 am  Fri May 22, 1987

First of all accidental or not, it shouldn't have happened.  Secondly the
captain of the ship did have permision to fight back. It was under attack. The
captain just didn't switch from automatic to manual soon enough to shoot
anything.  Thirdly, the plane was American made and the missle was French
(like SFD said), they have that shit because we support Iraq's side in this
Iraq vs Iran war.  We could easily punish Iraq for what they did but then we'd
lose our initial investment in their struggle.

       Shades' $0.02

80/100: DIS
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 6:35 am  Fri May 22, 1987

Hmm..on Libya, the press releases from the White House were lies. Khadafy
didn't threaten us with further terrorism, the U.S. used his country for a
scapegoat for the American people. However, the disinformation was vastly
underplayed in the very same news we were brainwashed with. A lot of papers and
news media is owned by large corporations. Do you want the businesses that
caused an invasion of Cuba in this century to put thoughts into your head? So
the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 79. But of equal tyranny was thte U.S.
foreign policy toward Cuba (since our business is threatened by Castro we will
make war and the excuse will bbe we were fighting communism) earlier on. So
both of the superpowers suck. Now we have to support another war. How long
will it be before we are having Blood and Guts rambozos like Ollie North
running around in a mess of secret things 'to protect our national interest'.

America wants oil, to get it, it needs puppets
So what's 10 million dead if we're keeping out the Russians?



81/100: Steal This Book
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 8:48 am  Fri May 22, 1987

Hoffman's book seems very interesting.  Does ANYONE know where I can get a copy
of it?  Who published it?


82/100: Switching
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 7:15 am  Sun May 24, 1987

  I believe it was from Manual to Automatic.  The guy had it on manual.. .and
was half asleep.  With all the commosion, could think.


83/100: My little Droogies
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 9:44 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

After all this time, same old faces and names...

Everyone like PHRACK 13? I know I had a joy writing it...

Well...cei la vie eh?

84/100: One more time around
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 9:52 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

Yes, count them, TWICE I will leave a message...

Is the rad bbs ShadowSpawn!!!!! still up? just a little note of curiosity,
bordering on the verge of total spasms of laughter....

And what about HPO? whats the deal fellas??


85/100: SHADOWspawn
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 11:40 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

PW took it down to do some work and to have the line and also to make some
money ???| ask ctrl c... you should be seeing it back up this summer, ex.


86/100: HPO
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:49 pm  Wed May 27, 1987

Hell Phrozen Over is down now because of hard disk problems.  He got his
computer back then the drive went...


87/100: Oh neat
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 6:05 pm  Wed May 27, 1987

Well, that's seems really sad, HPO had I think the longest duration without
ever being down...hmm...oh twas a nice system, no?

U2 in concert was aweomse....
And front row to the Psychedelic Furs was the best...

Genesis on Saturday and Billy Idol on Tuesday...can't wait


88/100: General stuff..
Name: Kerrang Khan 34
Date: 2:00 am  Thu May 28, 1987

i just found out how to beat a videogame called Galaga the other day.  If you
leave the bottom left bee-like creature alone on the first 'stage' and let it
swoop by for about 10 minutes, eventually it will stop shooti ng at you.  at
that point you can kill it, and for the rest of the game, nothi ng will shoot
at you.  kind of interesting.  i've found alot of odd 'bugs' in video-games
over the years (tempest, defender etc)..  although i don't spend too much time
playing them, i like hearing about these things. anyone give a hoot, or shall
we go back to discussing CAMA tapes (by far the more important to me, ahem)..
or is it AMA tapes...  who cares.


ps: anyone still prefer a decent pinball game to video games these days?

89/100: A neat game
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 10:12 am  Thu May 28, 1987

A neat video game I saw was called "Contra", really fast and furious, also a
game called Rolling Thunder was interesting. The Joust Pinball game is pretty
fast, but I still prefer the video game if and when i drop by an arcade.


90/100: Tempest....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 11:00 am  Thu May 28, 1987

What can you do with Tempest?  I have the actual game at home, about the only
thing that I have ever found is that on some settings you can press the player
one button and you can jump to the next level....

                                       -The Disk Jockey

91/100: Games
Name: Lex Luthor 36
Date: 1:56 pm  Thu May 28, 1987

I prefer pinball since most videogames are too slow for me. Pinball can be
quick and keeps me interested. High-Speed is one of the better games.

Most people know that on Defender after you reach 990,000 every thing you hit
gies you a free guy up until 1 million when it "rolls over" to 0 again. You
don't receive new guys again until the last of your men are used up. It is
recommened to not use that many smart bombs during this time and let the guys
die. If you can get to a million then you should never have to worry about not
being able to get free men. Personally I think defender is one of the best
games of all time, since it has all the action I need. Asteroids Deluxe, the
hard one is a good game, just you can't find it anymore.

92/100: Gauntlet
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 9:10 am  Fri May 29, 1987

 and Gauntlet II are two very good games if you have 4 people that know how to
play the thing.  Galaga is a very good game, but my personal favorite is Qix,
yes, I know thats sad, but hey...

 On that Stark thing, the reason they didnt have that defense system on auto is
as follows.  First of all it uses extremely hig density lugs weighing 30 lbs
and shoots 3,000 a minute.  It uses radar to track the thing in and just blasts
the shit out of it.  The problem is, anything of any decent size with radar
would get the shit blown out of it, its not selective.  I dont think it would
be too nice to be coming in in a little helicopter (sp?) and have this thing
shoot 3000 rounds a min at you.  Something like that could ruin your day...

  The Exocet the missle that hit them| travels several hunderd miles an hour at
a distance of 8 feet from the water.  Neithers the AWACS nor the ship detected
the launch on radar, although the ship detected Radar Lock always a sign of
agression.  They did not know the thing was coming till they spotted it
visually.  By the time word got to the Information Center, they had 7 seconds
to respond... oh well...

Slave Driver

Sorry, U2's music was good, but the concert wasnt that great.  But I guess you
had to go to a lot of previous concerts to know that...

93/100: Video's
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 6:55 pm  Sat May 30, 1987

My Favorite Video Game has to be Robotron. Weird game. When I first played it,
I spent all kindsa Quarters without too much luck. Last time I played it I Let
the game go at 9 Million Something. Only thing is you have to have an afternoon
to play.....

                                 The Mad Hacker

94/100: Games
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 3:19 am  Sun May 31, 1987

The best pinball game is Pinbot.  Before that; High Speed. Does anyone remember
Zookeeper?  That was a great videogame, except it can't be found anywhere.


95/100: Jake Cutter
Name: Control C
Date: 10:00 am  Sun May 31, 1987

Is one of the best games.  It's kinda slow, no sound, but it's a great game.
Also The Heist is fun too.

96/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:29 pm  Sun May 31, 1987

Two Tigers can be cool with two people..


97/100: Video ames
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 12:00 pm  Mon Jun 01, 1987

hI usually a Gauntlet player.. I got some friends and we just fuck around with
it.. Paperboy is a little old, but still good..  1 1/2 hours left of
school(tomorrow)... W0W!


98/100: tempest and things..
Name: Kerrang Khan 34
Date: 12:37 pm  Mon Jun 01, 1987

the low down on tempest -

first you have to play normally until you reach the red V shaped level.
when you reach the one after that (a square-ish V) you can die or (read

you have to get a score over 170,000 for this bug to work (the red V's bonus is
something like 180k so its easier to just die and play a new game.  in order to
get 170k+ on one quarter requires you get up into the yellow levels which is
kind of tough).  anyway, once you have 170,000 plus point the key is to get the
last two digits of your score to a specific number and then just die.  you can
jump your score by two points by shooting 'spikes' and by one point for
finishing off a spike (you work it out).

some interesting two digit numbers are

12, 17 - 40 free credits
05     - dumps you into playing the attract mode (more on this)
00     - freeze game in attract mode
01     - reset game (puts you into the maint. screen)
46     - changes level you can start at.
48     - lots and lots of 'ships' (mode on this too).

you set up your score and die, then wait for the game to cycle through
the attract mode, and then things will happen.  17 just starts adding credits
and you can play normally, but you can have much more fun with 05. this just
dumps you into the game tempest will be playing with itself. at this point, ALL
the strange things you can trigger off will go on while you are playing.  if
you can hit 48 your ships will start multiplying, up to about 255 (guess), and
if you can do this, you hit 01 and wait after which your game will 'normalize'
and you can play all day to some outrageous high score.  if you hit 00 though,
the xDgame will freeze up on you.  anyway thats a rough outline, and it only
works on older versions. how did you get your own tempest machine DJ?


highspeed isnt a game, its a way of life.

"Dispatch to 504.... he what?"

99/100: New [email protected]!!
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 5:23 pm  Mon Jun 01, 1987

Try out our new modz, compliments of Cheap Shades.  The N:eed Acronyms is now
a separate database-type function with search string and all so if you're
baffled, you can search for the specific acronym without listing the whole damn
thing.  Use it well

100/100: Farrari
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 6:05 pm  Mon Jun 01, 1987

   I usually play the Farrari game.  I've only gotten up to around 67 grand.
The game allows you to sit down and get a stereo sound with the whole machine
moving with you.  Such as a car would do.

   As for U2 concert....I'm still waiting for it to hit MN.  Idol was great.
So was the Cult.


Post on Metal/General Discussion? No



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 6 of 12

                  Metal Shop Private's -- Phrack Inc./Gossip
The Phrack Inc./Gossip subboard included mostly conversation involving gossip
in the phreak/hack world as well as the discussion of files for and the
organization of the Phrack Inc. newsletter.

1/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:26 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

Yet another version...


St. Louis - Well, the SummerCon has come and gone and nothing has changed.
It started off well, with almost 80 people arriving.  We knew something was
wrong when people wouldn't put nametags on becuase they were embarresed. And
then when they all drank large amounts of beer, it was realised "Hey! These
phreaks arn't any differnt!  There just typical teenagers who beli eve being
drunk is fun 'cause the rest of the time they feel so shitty.  No one was
busted, the police just felt sorry for the weak attempt at Dyonisiun excess.
Oh well, maby someday people will realise that false bravado and bragging of
inebriation is simply stupid.

"Hey, that wasn't even funny."


2/100: Umm...
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:24 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

Hey SFD, you need to title those articles remember?  But seriously, SummerCon
will undoubtably be a quite fun activity but lets face it, no one is going to
learn much about phreaking or hacking that weekend, not with all the excitement
of meeting new people and partying, which kinda relates that you'll forget
everything anyway.


Phreak World Crippled; SummerCon Causes Despair            June 22, 1987
Today the phreak world was astounded and dealt a horrifying blow as all the
phreaks who attended summercon, left with their entire phreak knowledge
literally erased from their minds due to an excess of drinking and other
unknown mind altering substances.  it is unknown as to if these effects are
temporary or a lifetime destruction.


Anarchy World Takes Charge               June 23, 1987
MetaliBashers Inc, have become the new "LOD" of the modem worl since all of the
LOD members no longer can even remember what LOD stands for (in fact no one
can).  With MBI taking charge, the new wave of the modem world has turned
strictly anarchy although there are rumors of various pirating organizations
beginning to unload new wares soon.


Investigators Lose Jobs!
John Maxfield reportedly lost ALL contracts today when it was discovered that
the phreak/hack community was completely destroyed thus no one needed
protection from them.  He has now taken a job with the local sanitation
management firm to help figure out what to do with all the garbage now that the
phreak community wasn't stealing 1/3 of it anymore.

Hey this is getting fun huh?

:Knight Lightning

3/100: I heard
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 11:56 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

    straight from the horses mouth that The Rebel and some other people from
that crowd are going to show. I actually got to hear the entire Howie episode.
According to Rebel, Howie was busted, went to court and when his mother found
out what he was doing (again) she completely and foreverly (bros?) took away
his phone privelidges. I dont know about that...but oh well. I also heard from
quite a few people who have met Exy, Delta-Master and Bill from RNOC in person
and the comments I receved were ...interesting.


Suicidal Nitemare - History
   Suidical Nitemare met death head on when Evil Jay knocked on his door
pretending to be a lineman checking on his line. Once inside, Jay prceeded
to swing a hand set at Suicidal with amazing acurracy (sp). Once dragged
outside, Jay then proceeded to tie Suicidal naked to a tree and call the
ever-lovin' Broadway Hacker over to do his stuff. Jay was last heard pleading
insanity. Suicidal Nitemare remains in intensive care, and Broadway Hacker is


4/100: Michigan
Name: Control C 8
Date: 2:10 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987


   Bad Subscript. LoneWolf, and I are all planning on going. Maby we could work
something out. I think Ax Murdere, and Sir William will be going too.
Call me and we'll talk about it.


5/100: ROOMS
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 4:07 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

If broadway decides the stay in the public rooms then I'm not in that one...

also will it be like nametags?

|  hello I am            |
|   TARAN KING- randy    |
__________________________    and so on....

also, I was wondering about the bust scene cause if I get busted in st louis,
there is no way in fuck I could get bail money...

liquor, drugs,... driving with craig etc...


6/100: Community rooms
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:02 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Broadway is being banned from using the community rooms.  If he goes, he will
have to get his own, and I heard that this is what he claimed he would do if he
went.  I really don't think there is going to be any busts as long as no one
brings anything real illegal, like a blue box or is standing down at the pay
fones with a page and a half of codes in front of a cop or something.

L6  What do you mean driving with me?

:Knight Lightning

7/100: I do.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 12:05 am  Fri May 01, 1987

    Because of the large amount of drinking and other crap, I'll bet my ass
that more than 1 minor gets busted. I think we should all find some park or
something. Actually, the better thing to do (which wont and probably cant be
done now) is to rent some building for the night. Ive been to a few partys
where they did that. No cops, outrageously loud was great... wasnt
cheap, but if everyone pitched in....


8/100: Hotel Parties
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 6:57 am  Fri May 01, 1987

i'm not very fond of them.  I went to two of 'em and they both got busted.
What are we(you) going to do if someone gets busted?  I'm sure as hell that I
don't want my parents getting a call from St. Louie PD saying, "Ahh, yes, Mr.
xxxxxxx, you son was picked up at a hotel party for underage drinking. Can you
please come pick him up?"  Also, what about bail money?  Jez, your screwed if
you get picked up.


KL, since BH is NOT allowed in the public rooms,(and if I go with him) does
that mean I can't stay there?  Any other k-rad d00dzz coming?

9/100: Heh
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 7:06 am  Fri May 01, 1987

No, you can stay in the room with the rest of the people, Hatter.  I haven't
even heard about this banning Bway from the room, so maybe KL's making
decisions for Forest Ranger, but I'm not getting involved in the personal
schtuff.  A LOT of people are getting their own rooms so that they won't be
stranded in the middle of nowhere if they get kicked out.  We will just have to
keep it moderated (not the drinking, just the noise).  If you (you) know that
you're getting down here by some manner, please leave feedback saying what form
of transportation you're using so that I can get an idea of how many trips to
each station will be made, carpools can possibly be created, etc.

10/100: Drinking
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 8:24 am  Fri May 01, 1987

 Whats the drinking age in St. Louis anyways? Please tell me they havent hit 21

11/100: SFD
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:26 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

I'm glad that someone has a dissenting opinion on the drinking scene. While I
do like to drink (on an average of about maybe 1 or 2 times a month, unless
parents are gone or something), I also think that bragging about drugs and
alky takes/shows no intelligence, and the person who refrains from doing that
is a non-conformist. A bunch of people at my school call me 'the Anti-Pot
Crusader' and similar names because I dislike hearing about how fucking drunk
and stoned, etc, everyone got over the weekend for 2 hours straight. But tht
doesn't mean I think it's wrong (unless someone is abusing, etc, selling shitt
to buy drugs). You could take myy messsage as being a 'conformist' drinking/etc
post since I stated some things about TK being drunk and pu king, but I don't
consider it that myself.


12/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 8:07 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

yup, glad to see you understand my position.  Of course it is equaly lame to
brag about how you never dring/take drugs.  The key of course is to do what you
actualy want to do, not what you have vbeen conditioned (by society and of
course the dreaded 'p-pressure') to do.


13/100: Drinking Age
Name: The Spectre 82
Date: 8:25 am  Sat May 02, 1987

<I'm sure you are all wondering "who the hell is The Spectre?"  Don't worry
about it.> The drinking age in St. Louis, and all of Missouri, for that matter,
is 21. Has been for a long time.  And since most people on here are under 21,
that could pose some problems.

14/100: Broadway
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:13 am  Sat May 02, 1987

Oh, ok Randy, you can sleep in the same room with Broadway.  Don't bend over
for the soap.

Forest Ranger did make some comments and so did Taran on Atlantis.  We have to
remember the saftey of the people going and without sounding crude, the
question of Broadway's sexual preference has never been answered conclusively.
There are several people who plan to attend that would be very concerned about
their personal well-being if they were forced to room with Broadway and I think
that it would just make things simpler if B-way grabbed his own room.

:Knight Lightning

15/100: I still.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:54 pm  Sat May 02, 1987

think that Broadway won't show.....

16/100: Retraction
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 10:51 pm  Sat May 02, 1987

 I must 'apologize' (for lack of a better word) for my using of Broadway
Hacker's name in that post, I feel that it is red, and weak for someone to rag
on the ragee-of-the-month, behind their back. I personally have only one thing
against him, and that is his bullshit story about a year ago when he to ok
Radio Station down, and I believed him like a fool and took my board down and
panicked. That just showed me that I can't really trust what he says. In all
honesty, he did run a good BBS for a while, you can all give that much credit
to him.


17/100: Bragging???
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 1:19 am  Sun May 03, 1987

    Somehow I feel some of these comments are directed towards me. Well,
hell... I have a good time, why shouldnt I say so? I dont think I brag.. .I uh.

(lame, lame LAME post...)

18/100: B-Way
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 12:13 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

If the guy shows up, then he shows up.  You can't make plans around him.

As for partying, if you wanna get smashed drunk and make a fool out of
yourself, go ahead.  I'll drink, but drink moderately (about 6 beers/Hour).
As for trading info, or getting busted; DON'T bring anything REAL illegeal.
Others have said this, and I hope that nobody blows it for the rest of us.

About the drinking age: as long as you stay in the damn room and drink, and
keep somewhat quiet, there should be very little of a problem.  For buying
booze, I should be able to buy (even though) I'm not old enough,  because
I'm big enough..   I think TK is a witness to that.    Moosehead!

 \n / luggo !!

19/100: S-Con stuff
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 4:13 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Ok ok, Forest Ranger says that until Broadway has actually been proven to be a
homosexual that he shall be innocent until proven guilty.  In other words well
he met Cap N Crax who met Broadway and Cao said he was ok, but I remember many
others like Monty Python who met him and told us all about how Broadway just
wanted to wrestle him in people's lawns and get him drunk. Will SummerCon
finally answer the question?

As I have stated before, DO NOT bring BLUE BOXes or anything else.  DO NOT
bring a 125 page list of SPC, MCI, MEtro, and TMC codes, DO NOT bring firearms
or knives (Scan man will have that part covered), DO NOT bring your mom, DO NOT
bring the police, DO bring your toothbrush.

:Knight Lightning

20/100: Broadway Hacker
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 5:34 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

A person by the name of S. K. Ericson once told me that this guy would card
airplane tickets for very young hackers to New York to attend the TAP meetings,
then refuse to card them the tickets home unless they gave in to his
advances... SICKHe offered no proof of his accusations, though.


21/100: Hack-A-Trip
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:10 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well, he is always inviting people to New York and asking them if they would
like to stay at his place.  He also likes to get people's addresses and make
plans to visit them.  BH was also the founder of  Hack-A-Trip, so this theory
could have some tangibility.

:Knight Lightning

22/100: Nametags?
Name: Thomas Covenant 84
Date: 8:37 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well, I may wear a skating cap that says "urLord", but aside from that, forget
about it. I hate walking in into some place and some lady leaps out from behind
a pillar and slaps a nametag on my tit saying "Hi! My name is Ian !" That
happened to me once, and I used an old Erma Bombeck line: "Now, what shall we
name the other one?" And Kip may wear his k00l vanity plate reading 616 HAK.

23/100: Nametags
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:06 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well they are optional of course but remeber you are gonna have a hard enough
time trying to learn everyone else's name without having to worry about them
forgeting who you are (er whatever).  Wear em if you want em.

"Hi...My Name Is Knight Lightning...Unless Your Name Is Scan Man."


:Knight Lightning

24/100: innocent
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 11:51 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

till proven guilty??? so when we find some guy hopefully someone not liked in
the middle of the hall with a bloody swelling anus, crying, screaming "all I
wanted was a US sprint code... I didnt know he'd do that....sob hes aid sob
he would give my an account sob| on the Radio.... well now....fucking russian
roulette... who will be the one to be butt-s macked?


25/100: hahahahah
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 1:02 am  Mon May 04, 1987

 'butt-smacked' hahahah that was funnny Luke. Oh well, fuck it we(ll see what
happens there. I personally don't think there will be any real problems, just a
few hostilities between people who have been 'enemies' for a while.


26/100: B'way "anus smacker" Hacker
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 2:55 am  Mon May 04, 1987

I am saying this, in regret, behind his back.  BUT I will also say it to his
ugly face.  I was on his board and he got my number and would not stop his
annoying calls, hours on end (maybe an hour).  He wanted to meet me and after
bluntly refusing many times, to no avail, I said to myself, "To get this fuck
off my back I will meet him somewhere in the city."  He never showed up. And
stopped calling. But frankly, I believe every negative rumor about him.  I am
convinced h e is an utter fag of the worst kind.  You would too if you heard
the kind of shit he was saying.  He asked questions his gynecologist wouldn't
have the an swers to. (getting a bit crude..) Who was there when he was taking
snapshots at the TAP conferences?


27/100: More on BH
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 4:14 am  Mon May 04, 1987

   Thats funny you should mention that. Broadway was also pretty insistent that
I come up to visit him after the CES and some other shit. He also talked about
getting "kicked in the balls" and shaving pubic hair. There is definately
something wrong with him. I remember about 3 years ago when some friends of
mine used to talk about some "crazy bastard who also talks about getting kicked
in the balls"...this must be Broadway. Crax, lets go...


28/100: HAHAHAHA
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:02 am  Mon May 04, 1987

  I am on the floor laughing about that.  I was at the TAP con telepub and I
wil NEVER EVER forget this pear-shaped man taking out a camera and start
snapping pictures.  I have never seen dirtier looks in my life.  They
practically threw him out the window.

  It is also true that BWH likes to talk about guys balls and shit on the
phone, but Jesus Christ guys, its simplel  If he makes a move on you, be at the
shit out of him.  What is so hard about that??  You all seem so scared of him,
like if someone screamed out 'Oh no, its Broadway!!' hundreds would being
running out of the hotel...

  BWH is about 5-11 250lbs maybe, -all- in the gut, ass and hips.  He really
does look like a pear...

Steve Driver

29/100: also..
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:07 am  Mon May 04, 1987

If you were going there from a long way away, Id be SURE to get a room. Think
about it, 30 40, 50, 1000, whatever| teenagers, drinking profusely, with no
supervision.  90% wont be able to handle it and will just run around the hotel
fucking things up.  I had experience with this once and we totally fucked up
the hotel.  We took apart most of the insides of the elevator, broke all the
screens and threw them down 10 floors etc.  And this was just a piece of shit
hotel.  You guys are going to be in a mostly business man type of place. .. and
they wont wait 1 sec to complain.  All in all I would be VERY careful... I also
wouldnt sign my name to the room. At the place I was stay it was a school trip
to Six Flags, Great Adventure| staying the school got a bill for $4000 and that
damage was done by about 15 people.  So whoevers name is on the room
registration better watch his ass...  I think the person is insane ...
especially since most places want a credit card copy to insure against the

Steve Driver

30/100: Ba hahahahahahahahah
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 3:10 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Holy shit, I have just flown back and forth across my room laughing so hard
after those posts.  I remember him asking me some similar questions in the he
past and rambling on about his balls etc.  I ignored him and "had to go, its
time for dinner."  "But its 3:45 PM."  "Er yeah see I'm late...<click."

:Knight Lightning

31/100: Help
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 3:15 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Can someone please get in touch with Sherlock Holmes on P-80 or leave me his
phone number or something.  He is supposed to have some information or article
for PWN.  Thanks.

:Knight Lightning

32/100: BH
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 3:48 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

He does seem to want to talk about balls alot.  Jay, he asked me that too (Have
you ever been kicked in the balls before?).  He also kept on telling me about
pranks he pulled(literally) in high school like tieing people nude against
lockers and stuff..... Sounds like real fun, eh?

And I'm going to the Con with him?  Maybe ahh! we'll see... I like my anal
quarter the way it is... We shall see...


33/100: Say that again...?
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:34 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Why are all of these peolle supposedly going with Broadway?  I doubt he is even
going to show up himself, so don't count on a carpool.  Originally he said he
was going, but then left me mail on Atlantis saying that he wasn't.

Even if he does go, you want to find out what it feels like to have a 2 50 lbs
pear shaped orangatang grab your balls and squeeze?

:Knight Lightning

34/100: Ouch
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 11:28 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

 It hurts to even think about it so I wont. Anyways,

 Is this convention just for selected poeple from certian boards or can just
about any Hacker attend?

 Also, what is the name of the hotel and the exact dates this will be going on?
                      _-The Scanner

35/100: bh & guns
Name: The Mentor 74
Date: 12:27 am  Tue May 05, 1987

Nuff said.

36/100: Friends..
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:54 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I don't recall specifically who he said, probally some 'friends' of his (or
shall I say bedmates?).  Well, I'll call him and crossexamine this topic with

Gang Bang?  Please.........!


37/100: SummerCon dates
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:06 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

June 19-21 (Fri-Sun), 1987.  The Executive International Best Western Hotel
(Airport).  For all phreakers and hackers that feel so inclined as to attend.
Its like an open party.

:Knight Lightning

38/100: Advanced Carding Series
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:33 am  Wed May 06, 1987

Most of my advanced carding series and some other fraud files I have written
in ARCed and on the AE line.  Look for ADVCARD.ARC.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

39/100: WELL...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:14 am  Wed May 06, 1987




40/100: Adv Carding files
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 7:50 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

They are now integrated in the anarchy subdirectory (because they're hardly
phreak/hack but not really "general").  They include ADVCARD*.TXT,
CHECKFRD.TXT, ATMFRAUD.TXT and maybe one or two I forgot, but Jockey can fill
you in.  Snort the wave...

41/100: Anyone
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 12:28 am  Thu May 07, 1987

Did anyone ever get in touch with Sherlock Holmes on P-80?

:Knight Lightning

42/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:07 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Hmm, one thing I found trashing quite awhile ago was a report by Pac-Bell on
problems they were having with their new DMS-100's...One thing was the "coin
problems"...Ill quote the letter as its fairly interesting:

Four coin problems have been discovered with the introduction of the DMS-100
in Pacific Bell.  These are:
 1. Applied +48 Volts for Coin Presence Test
 2. Coin Return Voltage
 3. Paramater - Per call ground loop detection test
 4. Overheating of GX18AB cards Real clever name there..(Did ya get the pun?)

+48 Volts associated with coin service is used for Coin Overtime, Coin Presence
Tests and Automatic Coin Toll Service (ACTS).  +48V is used in ACTS to reset
the totalizer so that coin counting can be acomplished.  NT has developed a
workaround for interfacing to ACTS.  Therefore the main problem is the coin
presence test.  In normal situations, battery is applied to Tip side with the
ring side opened.  +48V is applied to the ring sing of the line which detects
the presence of a coin or no coin.  If no ground condition exists, no coin is
present.  If a coin is stuck (ground condition) a line 112 report will print in
the CO.

Without +48V this cannout be done.

In a situation where a customer deposits .20 cents on a call requiring a .50
cent deposit, the .20 cent deposit is not being returned.  The TSPS machine,
handling all call processing, will instruct the End Office to sent out voltage
(Normal +110 Volts for collect and -110 for return) that will return the inital
deposit.  ACTS then resets the totalizer which enables coin counting to begin
on the initiation of the required .50 cent deposit.  Presently, the DMS is not
doing this.

well whatever.


43/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:08 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Aurgh, so I posted that on the wrong sub.  sue me.

And now I compounded my lameness by posting two messages in a row.

Will It ever change?  Will I ever become truly ELITE?


44/100: Hello Floor
Name: Lotus 38
Date: 3:39 am  Fri May 08, 1987

I have been away for a while and I would like to also say that after reading
all the broadway posts I was on the floor from laughter....

45/100: B-Way....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 6:48 am  Fri May 08, 1987

I just wrote a code hacker in Pascal, and it's pretty gay, I'm gonna call it
"Broadway Hacker".

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

46/100: Bah Ha
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:54 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Who cares about Broadway?  He is most likely not going to SummerCon and we
don't want him too anyway.  Oh yeah, if he does show I heard something to
watch out for...  If you see a large, fat, pear shaped "person" (describing
him as either sex would be insulting) with a bulge in its pants...KICK IT! as
hard as you can.  Because it mmost likely is going to be a camera or tape
recorder and if its not one of those, it means the he is feeling turned on
about seeing you and you are seconds away from being sotomized.

:Knight Lightning

47/100: Thanks...
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:25 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Thanks KL and I thought you cared.  Well, I thought that he was going. He
better or I'll UNLEASH  THE FULL FORCE!  Hehe..  Excuse the similarities...
Also, KL, can I have a copy of that term?  I need one and I'm a lazy ass...


48/100: Broadway Fudge-Packer......
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:25 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Check out his posts on Atlantis.....real gay...somethings REALLY wrong with
that dude.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

49/100: Term Papers
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 12:16 am  Sat May 09, 1987

Should I put em up on ye ole MSP?

Anyway, the fact that something is really wrong or different or strange about
Broadway is not a unique idea.  I've held it since I met him and especially
since he started to talk about his balls.  Who cares, so any new developments
with people coming to SummerCon?

:Knight Lightning

50/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:12 pm  Sat May 09, 1987

I talked to Stan yesterday (not something a wise person admits to on this
board but who ever said I was wise) and he is still claiming that he will
'definetly be there'. Id be awfully carefull people...he might beat you up ya



51/100: Yeah right
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:41 am  Sun May 10, 1987

As far as I am concerned, Stan has about as much chance of coming to SummerCon
as TWCB Inc., to TelePub '86.

:Knight Lightning

52/100: East Coast
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:57 pm  Sun May 10, 1987

Is anyone on here going to Con '87 that is from the East Coast(Preferably
North East)?  I would like to know, just in case BH decides not to go.


I just got home from a nice party.. 20 half kegs(genesee), over $300 worth of
pot, and a case of JD. Under the circumstances, I naturally felt it upon myself
to fuck... So I did... Did you notice how my 'extra' text is longer
than my 'actual' post?  Well, fuck....

53/100: Story Idea
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 6:46 pm  Mon May 11, 1987

I was wondering, would any of you (being a sample of the whole) appreciate
seeing a sort of documentery file on the controversy and problems surrounding
Phantom Access?  It would have a great finish that would sufficently burn one
of the greatest geeks in our community.

:Knight Lightning

54/100: BH(again..)
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 6:00 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Just talked to him last night, to find out definitly if he is going, and
(according to him at least), you will be meeting me there(in other words, he's
going)... He was talking about my girlfriend touching my balls last night...


55/100: Tough Call
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 8:18 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Well its hard to second guess Broadway's sincerity about appearing at
SummerCon.  For the moment, I still hold that I'll believe it when I see it.
Still, he did show up (rather rudely) at TelePub '86, but then this took place
in New York anyway.

Whats the latest word about Scon from Solid State or OQ?  Sfd?

:Knight Lightning

56/100: B.H./Scon
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 8:43 am  Wed May 13, 1987

    Well my patience has worn thin with Broadway. He is practically begging me
to call him, so I left him a nasty reply that generally told him to stop
"bugging" me (no pun intended). About him going to Summercon, I say...tell him
no. After all, you guys have the final say so dont you. If you have any doubts,
just read the last posts. Hell, its obvious that he's happy as a fucking lark.
And if you still have any qualms, think about it like this :

Would you invite a fagg to YOUR party?

    As I said, there are alot more non-elitist going to the party then you all
think. I could count out at least 20 off hand that non of you have probably
ever heard of. All I can say is, good luck. If I were you I would print up a
big article in Phrack and say its cancelled, then only invite selected people.
If you have doubts, just remember this..(DAMN IT, REMEMBER IT),

-   "Dont say I didnt tell you so" Quote, Evil Jay


57/100: Well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 4:27 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

  Looking through this travel agent trade journal, and it had a list of major
conventions in St. Louis during the next 6 months...And guess who will be in
St. Louis on the 19th?  30,000 Southern Baptists.  Yup its the southern
baptist convention, the biggest convention in St. Louis all year.

Its from the 12-19th.  I can allready imagine arriving at the airport to see
thousands & thousands of these people getting ready to leave.

should be keenish.

and YES i would invite a gay to a party...


58/100: C'mon guys
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:39 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

This is an OPEN party.  And as far as a bucnh of no names going, we can use the
cash not to mention that this could bring some new future talent into the
phreak world.  Meeting people and spreading your influence is what life is all
about in the phreak world (heh!).

Sfd, you would invite a flamming, homosexual, ball squeezing, ass licking, 250
lbs, faggot to your party?  Well you and B0way can share a room.


:Knight Lightning

59/100: Southern Baptists...
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 7:18 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

I agree with the idea that we should let all people attend no matter what
their qualifications show. I mean, if they're assholes, Take some people aside
and coduct what business should be more private. Also, I think it would be
great if We could get some of the Southern Baptist Women REALLY Medicated and
Leave them at the doorstep of the Minister.

Everyone Get Out Your "Disco Sucks, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" Tee Shirts and
Let's Get Weird.. heh.

                             The Mad Hacker

60/100: D00DZ!
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:52 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

I say who the hell cares if a bunch of guys come that are unknowns, I can see
your point Jay, but look at what this is, it's not going to be something that
we will be able to realistally get anything done at, so I agree that the more
money and more people, the better.  I would say that 100 people, wasted, would
make a better party than 15 wasted people, shit what would we do?  Discuss
wire centers?

                                            -The Disk Jockey

61/100: Good
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:48 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

I'm glad we are in agreement.  You see although all of us StL people are
helping to supply dough, we expect to break even or make a small profit for our
time, effort, and preliminary investment, not to mention the risks.  I really
don't car so long as I break even but whatever.  The extra cash after that will
probably go to alcohol etc.

Oh yeah... and BAIL

:Knight Lightning

62/100: Hehe
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 8:59 pm  Thu May 14, 1987

 Yeah, 100 people, right, that would never be noticed, loud, or out of the
ordinary. Still, it would be nice.

 Discussing Wire Centers with 15 people with everyone intoxicated would be fun,
I think.


63/100: Discussions
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:27 pm  Thu May 14, 1987

Phantom - But aren't you the one who had a discussion about new forms of BOXES
at Six Flags Over Mid-America with about 6 people?  (Heh!)

Hey now that I mentioned it, maybe we could all go to Six Flags at S.Con (Idea
Idea, Idea, nah never work)

:Knight Lightning

64/100: NONONONON!
Name: <<< Doom Prophet 21 >>>
Date: 4:26 pm  Fri May 15, 1987


Here is what we shall discuss:

First, we shall discuss distortion, static, and its causes in T1 digital cable
and in T1 ORBs. Then we shall examine the line and trunk link network, with
maps,  lectures, and sketches on behalf of all of us. Then it will be a
question and anwser session, with Remreeds, Reed Relays, Serving Area
Interfaces, F1 layout, interoffice trunk maintenance, toll office reports, and
ferrite sticks abounding. Then we will discuss WC's and MDF's and the duties
of the MCC in all ESS levels.

Actually, it sounds inttersting to me (just about everything above) but there's
a time and place for technical discussion, and also a time for fun. So nyah.


November 1986 'I did not autthorize a secret fund to the Contras'

January 1987 'I may have autthorized the shipmentt butt don't remember cause
       my colon or prostrate got operated on and I was stoned off the medicine'

April 1987- 'The tower reports indicate that it was my advisors.'

65/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:22 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

May 1987 - 'I donated the money to the contas with the best interests of the
            nation in mind'

June 1987 - 'There was a small connection between by donations and the
             contra's promise to keep Nancy's affair with Fawn Hall secret'.

as for the Con, I think we should have a sign:


real cool...


66/100: Summer
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:50 am  Sat May 16, 1987

We are getting closer and closer to SummerCon folks.  I can't wait.

Anyway, I was speaking with Taran aboutg this yesterday, but now I'd like to
ask you (the general public).  I'm sure you all remember Phrack 13 (the joke
isse), I felt that if people wanted to write the files, in times of need (we
being low on files for Phrack) we would make a file or two a special feature
like Phrack Work News or Phrack Pro-file, but with anyone contributing or
writing it. I was think of datacapturing that stuff on sub 4 or maybe some of
the bogus news stories on here for the first file.  What do you think? Oh yeah,
SFD, the idea you mentioned on the genral board sounds good, do it.

:Knight Lightning

67/100: say we
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 1:52 am  Sun May 17, 1987

wanted to go to 6 flags or do some engineering? with 100 or more people it
could be hard... maybe there should be public conferences and then small get
togethers of the people that we know...

I dont know.....100 people running around and everyone trying to meet

sounds confusing...

1988 "Well, I told mr. bush that I'd authorize it if he'd only bounce on it
for a few more minutes"


68/100: Six Flags
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:57 am  Sun May 17, 1987

Its a good idea in general, but we just don't have the time.  We'd need a whole
extra day and thats more moeny for rooms and admition to the park is kinda
expensive to.  So maybe a few might want to go, but I advise against it.

:Knight Lightning

69/100: Wait.....!
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:37 am  Mon May 18, 1987

Why don't we save time by going to Six Flags AND gineering!  We could try to
engineer the people that work at SF and find out who there boss is, what day
they get paid, how much they make, who trained them, etc!

Really though, this is al(the conference) gonna happen on friday and saturday?
Well, why don't you throw in the optional "Sunday-Six-Flags-Day" for any of us
that really don't feel like leaving?  What is the price for that place anymore,
about $18?  I still think that there should be girls there, 30 or so guys,
being wasted, and Broadway, still doesn't cut it with me, I need someone(s) be
crude as hell to, and then abuse for a night.  Almost as good as as finding a
new Cosmos dialup!

                                       -The Disk Jockey

70/100: Bah!
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 2:55 am  Tue May 19, 1987

    Okay, since no one ever agrees with me, I thought I would explain my self
this time around and hopefully make you understand that if alot of people show
the show wont go. Im sure alot of you realize what kegs cost and Im sure with
all the folks showing up (most of them probably not pitching in much - do they
ever?), we are not going to be drinking as much as we like. 100 people in two
rooms (not counting Broadway) - how wonderful. What do the people do who cant
fit - (idea!) sit in the lobby and wait of course. Where do the people who can
no longer stand go when its time for all 100 (in two rooms) people to crash? I
couldnt tell you. What happens when the cops come? We run. What happens when
Mrs Blow's son ends up in jail - she sues (or at least causes alot of bs), what
happens when the cops, finding drunken people in the hallway, stumble across a
drunken Taran King. They bust him and get him for many things including
Intoxification (minor), Serving Minors (is that a law?), Causing a Publid
Disturbance...among other things. What happens when Jay hits the "tank"...he
gets 4 years in an Indiana Correctional Institure (Ive always wanted to pick
potatoes). I was just thinking of everyone else, mostly TK.

I have been to some pretty big partys, the majority of which were busted. Big
partys are big news, and tend to draw attention from the less desirables
(mainly cops). Contrary to what many on here have stated, the only place I
would invite a faggot is the next Challenger to the stars. Now, Ive said my
peice, and of course, as always, someone will disagree, someone will rag or
someone will generally be pissed off, hate me for life, "de-"friend me or
whatever. I know, Ive been a real negative, burnt-out, stupid-ass...BUT I DONT

-The Big J

71/100: Reply
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 6:15 am  Tue May 19, 1987

I think people are overestimating what will occur at SummerCon.  I hardly
expect 100 people to show up.  Shit, even if that many do, a lot of people
seem to be getting their own rooms...but for them to toss in like $5-$10, it
shouldn't be a big deal.  If the kegs don't work out, we'll just get cases of
something (not as good, but still does the trick).  As for being busted because
too many people show up, only phreak/hacks will be allowed into the room as
this is not an opened "party", per say.  We will not be too rowdy because we
are in these rooms for 2 nights and we cannot afford to be kicked out,
therefore, people WILL be quiet (Friday night anyway) and people WILL NOT be
wandering around the hotel drunk unless they're in another room which won't
affect ours.  The rooms will NOT be trashed because we're not positive h ow
getting them will go (it will be under a fake name, but if they need ID, we're
going to have to use someone's real one probably).  I don't know, we'll work it
out, but don't expect all of those obnoxious things that usually happen at
hotel parties to happen because if we get kicked out, people can't just drive
or stumble back home afterwards...

72/100: About BIG parties.
Name: Cheap Shades 3
Date: 7:18 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

As far as Big hotel parties go it's usually not a question of cops showing up.
It's more a question of Hotel Management.  As far as that goes, hotel
management is usually pretty cool about not kicking partiers out because they
still make money off those people (as long as shit ain't getting torn up) and
it's bad publicity to kick a bunch of drunk people out of a hotel because they
end up driving drunk.  Also public intoxacation of a minor is a crime but being
in a hotel gets you out of being publically intoxicated.  About the kegs,
because there's a $25 deposit on kegs and $50 deposit on tappers I seriously
doubt that we'd be getting kegs unless we can come up with a large quantity of
money ahead of time. (Very unlikely).

        Cheap/ Shades/
         \___/   \____/

(By the way I've never seen ANYONE carded for buying a keg? I wonder if that'd
be easier than finding someone over 21?   nah)

73/100: Tapper
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 7:41 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

$50 deposit on taps?  We buy 'em up here for around $30.  Is beer to be the
only alcoholic beverage?  I not much of a beer drinker.  I prefer (naturally)
vodka.  There was something else but I seemed to have forgot..

Absolut rulezz d00d!!1!


74/100: Alky
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 9:18 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

  If you ask me (you don't), mentioning the word 'party' or 'beer' or anything
like that in the same sentence/post as 'SummerCon' is only yelling to the
world that something is going to be goinng on. Now, it would be better if ther
would have been nothing mentioned of partying, until we got there. Anyway, I
don't think it should be such a party where everyone has to pass out, I'm not
for that. Getting nice and fucked up to where you can walk (with difficulty)
or getting a really dry mouth is good enough for me.


75/100: Partys/Summercon
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 10:45 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

    Yeah, but if we told everyone it was just going to be a gathering of people
(damn wordwrap) talking about DMS then no one (or hardly anyone) would show. I
think the chick idea is a good one, so it might be nice if some of you locals
invited a few long-legged females to the rooms. As for me, I'll b e looking out
for large naked fat men and hopefully trying to have a good time without
discussing things like DMS...etc. Look for Part III of Tales of Misadventure -
Summercon, sometime tommorrow on Phantasie Realm or here on drive H. This one
will feature a visit in a shower, a large naked fat man, a casualty list and


76/100: How About
Name: Cap'N Crax 10
Date: 11:51 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

What would be the opinion of a "scams" file for phrack... I've come up
with/invented/collected quite a few over the years.  Most are not hack/phreak
related, nor are they related to carding.  They are mostly ways to "beat the
system" or sort of "hack" non-technical things. Anyone interested?


77/100: Ditto...
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:22 am  Wed May 20, 1987

for me, there's lots out there besides carding anymore.....

Oh, and Stoley vodka in the freezer (it wont freeze) is so smooth you can
drink it straight, Hatter!

I was an Asst Mgr for a bar for some time, so I can bring mix equipment for
the hell of it if anyone wants to get exotic.

Shades is correct about the managers, at an Embassey Suites party I had, we
must have had 40 people in a 2 room suites, and we were all pretty wasted, and
there were bottle and cans everywhere, and the manager only came up once (we
thought we were screwed) to say to "Just keep it in the rooms guys!"  He said
something that is probably true at most hotels, trooms are somewhat sound

                                            -The Disk Jockey

78/100: "SCAMS"!
Name: Ax Murderer 7
Date: 5:36 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

Hmmm....Yeah, carding is getting to be a lost age (Don't get me wrong but...)
It's getting pretty sad. Unless the editors have some legal objections, I think
it would be a pretty cool idea. There is little to stop anyone from finding
limits in scams. But try to keep it creative, not your typical ordering a pizza
(What a joke.)

  Ax Murderer

79/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:31 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

d00d, what fun would a party be without getting drunk?

durrrr...I expect some lemonade for me....t-hee.

(rhyme scheme!  another poem..Lemonade And Me)

I think that we should have a seperate sub for the summercon so we dont have
this dichotomy (I felt like using that word and I really dont care if I didnt
use it quite correctly? ok? ok?) between phrack posts and summercon posts

Seriously folks, the whole drinking question is stupid.  If you want to drink,
buy it yourself.  And dont be dumb about it....("Flipper rules, OK? ...DONT BE
STUPID"..good band)

IM going to the con nyah nyah nyah...I got the tickets in my sweaty cum covered tweet!

"Quack, said the duck"

80/100: getting kicked out
Name: Lex Luthor 36
Date: 5:41 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

A funny story about Phil-Con the last Big (not nearly as big as Summer-C on
will be) phreak conference.

Tuc and I only knew what hotel it was, no room number and the name it was
supposed to be under was not checked in. We saw a photocopied paper saying:
"You hold the Keys to Security" with the Pennsylvania Bell logo. Scrawled on
the bottom was Phreak-Con IV. No room number there, but it did prove that they
were there, somewhere...

Well we came to the conclusion that the only way to find them was check every
room assuming either a door would be open and we would recognize Videosmith
and the others, or they would be making enough noise for us to hear. After
about the 3rd floor of listening, I was not paying attention and had my ear
about 6 inches from a door, listening for phreaks (a smart move, hey we had no
other way of finding them ok? ok?) and there was a hotel security guy. Well
while I was busy looking like a theif, Tuc saw him, with the eagle eye he has,
as the guy was 2 or 3 yards away. Well of course he wondered what I/we were
doing. We told him the truth (not a misatake for once) and he checked our ID.

Then we asked if there were any complaints. Well he remarked about about some
guys stealing all these hotel phones... A giveaway. We told him thanks and got
the room . That was them allright. We spent the remainder of the night being
chased by security and hiding phones. (Not really us (me, Tuc, and Videosmith)
but the locals) of course it was unavoidable or just plain stupid to just sit
and wait to be ejected from the hotel so we departed also.

Anyhow, they were never thrown out just warned many times. And thats it. Just
thought I would relay that story for those few people interested.


81/100: Syndicate Reports
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 6:57 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

    I just uploaded all the Syndicate Reports from 9 to 11.  All of these I
was absent from MSP, and thus unable to upload them.  Since Priv.Sector is
down, TK couldn't get them anyother way.
    For those of you that don't know what the TSR is, check them out on the
AE, or Files section...where ever they may be at this time.


82/100: speaking of private sector
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 2:26 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

What happened to it?

83/100: Scams
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 8:56 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

(Would you look at the time, Fridaight, girlfriend isn't home, brother has the
car so I decided to be a computer geek instead.)

 About the scams file, I would like to see some ofthe shit in the vein of
Consumertronics, such as ATM information, vending machine ripoffs, video game
ripoffs (what the hell?), free power, and the like. When they are intelligently
writte and informative then they are interesting to read.


84/100: wait...
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 12:54 am  Sat May 23, 1987

do you think that it would be good for every kid/nazi with a modem to have the
info to pull a scam? the scams would get cancelled hella ok, so I'm not from
california, i'm from IL but fuck you I still say it quick.

also, you could just make it a semi-public file or whatever.

not as public as phrack, but then again dont just make it for you and you pal.


85/100: Video Game Tricks.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 1:45 am  Sat May 23, 1987

   Because of alarms they now have the machine, use the following catiously.

1) The quarter with the hole drilled in the middle will work on most machines.
   Its just hard to get the quarter back above the credit pin.

2) There is ALWAYS an extra set of keys to the front or back of the machine,
   hanging on the inside of the door.

3) The back wood they use (for the back) is like cardboard. It makes a big
   noise when cracked, but cracked it is - and easily.

4) ROM chips can be sold.

5) The penny up the coin slot still works on older games, like Pac Man. On
   MIDWAY games justflip the penny in the quarter inch slot up in the coin
   return. Flip it til it goes up, and hopefully you'll get a credit. On Atari
   games and similiar (ones with vertical coin slots), hold your finger up
   inside the coin return slot so the penny wont fall all the way down. Drop a
   penny in and once it sits there, carefully move it into the next slot on the
   right (right next to it). Flip it up. Nickels are easier.

Have phun,

-The BIG J

86/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:57 am  Sat May 23, 1987

Ahem.  I hate to tell you this L666 but "hella" went out in CA a few years
ago...Speaking of which Elric Of Imput up a board and its sorta an IBM ware
board oh well but if you want to call it its at (415) 278-7421. Also, Shooting
Shark finaly got his modem back and who know he may even start calling outside
the bay area again some day..


87/100: Atlantis
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 11:28 am  Sat May 23, 1987

As many of you may know, Atlantis was down temporarily due to hardware problems
but The Lineman just put the board back up so if you're on it, you can now
continue calling.  If you're not, the number's in the B:BS List on the main
menu.  Later

88/100: Back in Phrack!
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:48 pm  Sat May 23, 1987

Hi, I've been absent for a while because of a disassembly of computer and some
other mishaps going on.  Anyway, things are still rolling along for SummerCon
and the like so it should be a great event.  All pertinent details will be
released in PWN 14 (if it ever gets released) so watch for it.

:Knight Lightning

89/100: I heard.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 1:05 am  Sun May 24, 1987

...that Metallica's KILL 'EM ALL compact disc has a special encrypted coding,
that when played on one of the new laser storage devices by Xebec, will print
every payphone number in the metro Chicago area.

Can anyone verify this?

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

90/100: Phrack
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 7:19 am  Sun May 24, 1987

   If Phrack just monthly?  Seems you see it one month (new version), then you
don't for another 2 months.  Or is it one of those deals that "When it comes
out, it comes out".


91/100: 2600 meeting
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 10:59 am  Sun May 24, 1987

Does anyone know any mroe info about the "2600 Public Get Together"?  I heard
it is on Friday, June 5th.  Can anyone fill me in more?  I (unfortunately)
don't subscribe to 2600, and I just heard that from a friend... Thanks..


92/100: 2600
Name: Control C 8
Date: 2:26 pm  Sun May 24, 1987

The 2600 Public Get-Together8/l Friday, June 5, 1987 at 5pm

It's at the Citicorp Center (atrium), 153 East 53rd St.  New York City.

that's all I know about it..


93/100: intersting
Name: The Leftist 71
Date: 11:05 pm  Sun May 24, 1987

did you know.. that you can tie off all the bridges in your c.o. to a  that
filters off audio, and then, scream into the phone, and at the same time drop
them 1 by one.. creates a neat little fade in effect..also, well never mind

94/100: Get togethers
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 9:46 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

Well....Citicorp eh? hahaehaoheoaeh...

"Excuse me, security, we have 100 screaming juveniles yelling something about
 ESS and K-rad PABX'S D000DS!"

"Ah, yeah,..."

Anyway, let's all get together and see who REALLY goes to the beach in the



95/100: hella
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 11:46 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

just got to Illinois.... anyways, Yea Disk Jockey, I did that Metallica thing
and it did work, plus it gave a TRW root privs act at the end, but no


where 2?

96/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:17 pm  Wed May 27, 1987

Blah.  Vaguely interesting article in NetworkWorld about toll fraud.  About
a texas man who sold 15 codes to secret service agents for $3,000 (200 a
piece!?) from TNT.  But the big excitmnt about it is that he was found guilty
by a judge and will now go in front of a jury, making it the first time a
toll fraud case when in front of a jury.  or something like that.

Noble House crashed Stroke Of Midnight.  I knew you would care.

In other news...Bill From RNOC reports that french kissing his dog is a bad
idea.  And KL admits he is a mall rat.  More later.


97/100: Network world/Drake
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 1:24 pm  Fri May 29, 1987

Drake, I read that also, and I'm gunna U/L it to Knight for his Phrack World
News... (So others can read).

 \n / luggo !!

98/100: Well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:42 pm  Fri May 29, 1987

Oh damn, and I had wanted to type it in so I could my name in *PHRACK*!. ..

                       AND INCISIVE COMENTS BY

                 K N I G H T  L I G H T I N I N G !



Yes one of these days im going to stop being mean to KL, just you wait.


99/100: lovely
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 1:41 am  Sat May 30, 1987


I love people whose names take up more line space than their message....

Boy, wish I was just a rad kinda neat-o peachy -keen type thrasher squid.

100/100: 15 Code Culprit
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 6:07 pm  Mon Jun 01, 1987

  Yeah, upload the file...article.  I wouldn't mind reading all the details.
Maybe sticking it up on TSR.


Post on Phrack Inc./Gossip? No



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 7 of 12

                    Metal Shop Private's -- Phreak/Hack Sub

This subboard contained all technical questions and conversations about
phreaking and hacking.  If something was illegal on it (occasionally some idiot
would post codes and then soon after be deleted), it was removed as soon as I
saw it.

1/70: Red Box......
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 4:24 am  Sun Apr 26, 1987

Back at the private school I went to, everyone lived pretty much out of state,
and would always be calling their girlfriends back at home, thus making a
pretty big investment into the local payphones.  After reading the files on
how a red box worked, took my little dictation recorder and went to a payphone
and found that I could record the tones that were made when you dropped
quarters in.  I recorded about $4 worth of quarters, and it worked great.
Every time the computerized voice would say "Please deposit $1.70 for the past
5 minutes" you could just play the tape via a pair of sony walkman headphones
into the mouthpiece, and the phone would think that you deposited money in it.
It was pretty neat back then (several years ago.....) but every now and then
you would get the regular operator on instead of that synthasized voice.

                                            -The Disk Jockey

Yes, not really important, but I saw "red box" in that last message and it
reminded me of that.  Those were the days when there were lots of extenders
with 3 and 4 digit codes, and PBX's with NO codes.....

2/70: Since
Name: The Leftist 71
Date: 5:26 am  Mon Apr 27, 1987

Since non-sup seems to be popular these days
404-289-0000-0009 test recordings, non-supd.. I beleive 0004 is deposit coin..
anyway, these are fun to forward to when you dont want people to be able to
reach you..

3/70: Teleco numbers
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 5:36 pm  Mon Apr 27, 1987

Would most(all) of the Teleco numbers(i.e. 99xx series) be non-suped?  That
would seem at semi-logical atleast, eh?


4/70: Tuning Fork
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:34 pm  Mon Apr 27, 1987

How succesful would you be if you tried to use a tuning fork to simulate 2600
Hertz?  And if so, what would be good to use for MF?  Fun, no?  Heh!

Also, what does anyone know about the 508 NPA.

:Knight Lightning

5/70: Supvision Xlation
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 10:13 pm  Mon Apr 27, 1987

The best way to box is to pull a cat's tail after making a call, then get a
rubber band and twang it in your teeth like Snoopy for MF.

Since we were talking about supervision a little bit, I went through some
stuff I had on translations. What I think makes a number unsupervised  (besies
the fact that there is no return of supervision, or reverse battery
signalling) is the charging translation in the terminating office. The
screening code of a chart class (charges and route are determined by the chart
class I believe) that denotes the call charge type would register to not make
either a detailed or bulk AMA entry at the toll office (if the number is 1+
for someone), since it as if the number never answered. A 'detailed' AMA entry
shows the calling and called numbers, whereas a bulk AMA entry shows only the
calling number.

Something else about translations, it doesn't mean an 800 to POTS or special
BTN when people talk about ESS translations, but the information on particular
Directory Numbers that finds and identifies the line equipment of the called
number (calling also I believe) that would provide any special info that is
needed by the switch to process the call, for example, whether a call is
coming from one or two party lines, or whether it is a four party line with
full selective ringing (which can't be tested by MLT equipment which is why I
remember it). If no translation influenced the way the call is processed, then
how would the switch know to route tthe calling party to an operator for ONI
if the calling line was more than two party (with the specifications talkd
about earlier about the R and T leads status determining the billing also
taken into consideration).

Anyway, this post is basically correct but if anyone finds any errors then
please correct me.


6/70: Things
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 10:41 pm  Mon Apr 27, 1987

  Well, RC's on an ESS are called translations too, at least when done by an
RC-MAC clerk. RC data involving a line that is changed can be called
translations. Don't ask me why this is so, but it's what I've heard.

  Does anyone here know what an ANIF-7 is? As far as I can tell, it is an ANI
failure to TSPS, but that's all I know about can probably happen
anytime, but I do know that it was a specific problem with an early 5ESS

  Oh yeah, another unsuped signusoid is at (618)235+0090..this was found by
Syntax Error a long time ago. A neat thing about these 'tone sweeps' is that
if you call through an OCC that uses an OUTWATS line that is set up on an
inband signalling trunk, the OUTWATS linne will be trunked from the other end.
This happens as the tone gets near 2600Hz, but it is more sensitive on an OCC
switch, as something like 2710 and 2500 will also reset or trunk their
equipment, or at least that's what I've found.


Name: Taran King 1
Date: 11:01 pm  Mon Apr 27, 1987

I'd like to congradulate Doom Prophet on his extremely witty response to KL's
absolutely out-of-place post.  REFRAIN

Question...Most test numbers are unsuped, but I have at least one tone sweep
that I can think of off-hand that is suped.  What would be the purpose either
way?  Later

8/70: repair number
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 2:34 pm  Tue Apr 28, 1987

 Would the repair number used for a payphone be the same as a residence repair
number?  Also, Doesnt the place that houses the phone (say a gas station) don't
they get a cut of the profits from the phone?  If they do,
wouldnt they have the repair number?

                    _-The Scanner

9/70: 2 Q's
Name: Circuit Breaker 5
Date: 12:11 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

Why are there PBXs that give a loud tone before the code.  And does anyone
know what the difference is between the ANI-D jack and regular ANI is?

10/70: Red-boxing
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 11:32 am  Thu Apr 30, 1987

I saw before that someone mentioned that the amount of money entered into a
payphone of some kind is not kept track of.  If this is true then it would
seem impossible for MA DUMBELL to ever catch on to red-boxing.  That is if
AT&T phones don't have a money counter in them.  TK-When the money was
collected from the payphone, did you notice whether he had the amount of money
that was "supposed" to be in there?  Or whether he even checked it?

If the money is counted then it is possible that the person who collects the
coins would get in trouble for not reporting all the money that was
registered.  The money not being there because of redboxing.

It is also possible to red box off of blue AT&T payphones (without a money
slot).  I am curious whether that can EVER be found out, since there is no
money counter (obviously) to check.


11/70: Well...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 2:41 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Next time I see the guy there, I'll ask him, but I did see him write a few
things down.  None that I could decipher meant anything related to money so
I'm not sure if there was a counter in it.  I'll have to check it out though

12/70: Payfone Mutin
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 6:49 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

That was supposed to be "Payfone Muting".

    In anycase, on most new payfones, they have what is called "Muting"
which "mutes"-out any red box tones from entering through the Mouthpiece.
Those new non-coin-slot payfones should have those, but I've never tried.

 \n / luggo !!

13/70: DNR/Pen Registers
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:04 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Are there any noticable effects from having one of these on your line? Static,
a low hum in the background, or line noise where there shouldn't be?

:Knight Lightning

14/70: well...
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 7:40 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

about the tuning does work.. i've used a harmonica..

also, how exactly do the bandwiths switch in multiplexing...


15/70: From what I've heard
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 8:30 am  Fri May 01, 1987

 That there isnt any way to detect a Pen register. No humm, buzz, or any thing
else. But hey, what do I know?
  Dont answer that.

Anyway, 2 more questions,

  Im sure momma bell knows all about red box tones and stuff like that. But,
what about those independent co's that make pay telephones and just kinda hook
them up to normal lines in stores and stuff.  Wouldnt they be easy to box off
of or do they work in a different way altogether? Well, that was only one but
an answer is appreciated.
                        _-The Scanner

16/70: 'Round here...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 2:41 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

In this region, you can't just play the tones into the mouthpiece and get cred
(credit) for whatever you've played into the CAN, though, dial a
long distance number, it will then say, "Please deposit $x.xx".  You put in
(play the tones for) the money and it says something like, "Thank you for
using AT&T."  Ta da

17/70: Muxing, Etc
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:56 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

Lucifer, I think what you mean about the bandwidths changing in Multiplexing,
you are referring to voice frequency bandwidths. Multiplexing is just a method
of sending more than one converstation down the same transmission path. In
analog and older switches the method is called Frequency Division
Multiplexing, or FDM, when the signals are seperated on basis of frequency, as
opposed to newer switches which do it on a Time division basis (TDM). There's
also something called Space DM but I don't think it has a whole lot to do with
telephones (maybe stuff like digital Xmission). But anyway, a normal VF voice
bandwidth goes from 300 to 3000 Hz which is SF in band, although the VF
channel goes from 0 to 4000 Hz. Anything above 3000 is out of band signalling
(like 3700 Hz). CCIS uses a seperate nettwork composed of STP's and varioius
links and channels for independent signalling methods.

About the red boxing, the circuits that keep track of the coins that have been
entered are called Coin Detection & Announcement circuits (if the fortress is
in an ACTS serving area), which are a part of the Station Signalling
Announcement Subsystem which work out of local offices and in conjunction with
TSPS (not TOPS as far as I have seenn,  a flash of the switchook anytime
during the initial charge announcements and an operator is connected. Playing
the tones to a live operator wouldn't be a good idea as they can obviously
tell the difference.

Something else, there was a little discussion about AMA and all (isn't there
everywhere?) a while back. The way a local office (LAMA) would keep track of
the billing data is to use a few AMA circuits (there are always two, AMA0 and
AMA1 but can be more for big offices) that reverse positions (from an active
to standby mode at midnight when the datta in the buffer is recorded onto the
actual tapes). So the AMARC computers can format the data to where it is
recognnized by the RAO, the tapes have to be specially customized for that
particular officere. A header label on the tape (put on at the beginning of
each new tape entry (12)) tells the originating NPA, the office number, date
and tape transport dates. A tape trailer is added on at the end of the tape
entry for that day, which has the info about how many total calls were AMA
recorded. The tape mark is some digit (?) that tells the RAO that the useful
info (that they need to look at) is ended. The billing data itself is in a
binary coded decimal form (0's and 1's) along with check and dummy codes. A
noncheck dummy code fills the spaces on the tape to signigy that there wasn't
a problem, but the space is supposed tobe there. A check dummy code is because
the info wasn't received or sent from the Peripheral Adress bus or from the
originating register into the charge buffer. If you ever come across AMA
records (like in the call store section of SCCS) it won't look like anything
that can determine billing (AMARC and RAO do that). They aren't too hard to
read though, just takes a while.


Read:(1-70,^17),T,R,Q,P,A,? :

18/70: Correction
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 5:52 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

Damn, what I got that I thought was some type of AMA records are not AMA
records (I think), so that means that I haven't been reading AMA records.
Shit, that's something that I want to do. Have to get some.


19/70: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 8:15 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

You mentioned the third time of multiplexing as Stad DM or something, I
believe  what you mean is Stattistcal Time Division (STDM).  A STDM is just
a normal TDM improved so that empty bandwiths (which occur on TDM) are used
by busy ones.  This allows a hell of alot more efficient use of the line then
TDM's.  STDM is mainly used when you have alot of terminals/whatever that
wont always be being used.

Hmm, I have some good stuff on pay phone accounting somewhere....


20/70: Payf0nez
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 10:57 pm  Sat May 02, 1987

  There are some types of payphones that are attached to a normal cable pair,
a normal line, and in this case the payphone like usage would be determined in
the phone and not in an office. I can't remember the exact type, or even where
I read it but if I should find it by any chance then I'll put it p.


21/70: P-Phones
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 12:19 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well, there are several manufacturers of payfones that make several different
type of payfones.  If someone could call up the factory, or a salesman, or
dealer of these products, and pose as a perspective buyer, then that'd solve
these questions..   (shit..)
It perhaps might make a good file for Phrack.   But I don't have the time do
to do those things.)

 \n / luggo !!

22/70: AMA
Name: Circuit Breaker 5
Date: 10:43 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

There is some AMA info on LMOS.  The audit file is under /dev/smlog /smlog.

I got a list for two different streams ST1 and ST2.  You should see,
office id
days until expiration
process start time
        stop time
the ama default
ama teleprocessing
its also will have some stuff such as HOC password and a backup HOC password,
Also look under /dev/unixabf /unixa/users, this will give you the termination
codes after the stream code like:
S# (#)=termination code + date + time

  Circuit Breaker

23/70: audit file
Name: Circuit Breaker 5
Date: 10:49 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

One more thing to check on the audit file dump /no5text/rcv/aimrc.
I would think the audit file is like audit on a VAX it just checks your access
level if your insuficient you can't read that file.

24/70: Circuit Breaker
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 1:11 am  Mon May 04, 1987

 (Trying hard to leave an intelligble post)

 Circuit Breaker, what LMOS system do you have access to? Do you (it looks
like it to me) have access to only the unix Front End system, or do you have
the IBM VM370 host processor? Anyway, not all front ends are the same, try
accessing the Cross Front End (XFE) via the Network Manager program
(/usr/lbin, I think) nmx or the NMstatus program and checking for those
specific files you posted about. I'll have to check the LMOS I have access to
and see if those particular files you posted about exist. You also might want
to look at the CRSAB RSA's help files for asyncronous terminal connections in
the help directories. You are probably already good at unix, but try this to
locate those help dirs:

$ cd /
$ du *>/dev/du.txt&

 Then in a few minutes, do

$ cd /dev
$ cat du.txt

 That will give you a listing of all the directories on that system, and if
you see any that resemble help files then go there and cat everything...


25/70: Payphones (again)
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 3:08 am  Mon May 04, 1987

If the wires are exposed leading up to the payphone, and you hooked up handset
to the appropriate wires, can you make direct calls?  If the case is that you
can, there are many phones I know of that do not have the metal encasing
around the wires.  I have to try it.  I am pretty sure that bypassing the
simple hardware of the payphone console itself does not grant open access to
all outside lines.  Or does it?

26/70: LMOS/Unix
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 4:18 am  Mon May 04, 1987

    Could someone print out some commands to do on LMOS? What exactly can
be done on the system. Please explain. Also, how do you turn off the log
when logging into a Unix, and if possible, could someone leave me a C prg
to give my account root priveledges. Terminus was playing around, and
letting me check out one of these prgs but I never got a chance to save/copy
it. Thanks/...


27/70: Payphone Wires.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:33 am  Mon May 04, 1987

At the school in Indiana that I went to, there were tunnels that connected
every building in the school together and dated back to the early 1900's, so
we would get drunk and cruise down there and check out old crap that you find
laying around in the basements that some of these tunnels went to.

ANYWAYS,  in one of these tunnels there was a HUGE phone block with hundreds
of cable pair.  I brought the dandy test-set one night and started trying
different connectors to get a dialtone.  When I did get a dialtone, I tried to
dial a local number, only to get a "please deposit 20 cents" recording, so my
guess from that experiance would be that the phone doesn't make much of a
difference, and that you would NOT be able to dial direct calls on it.

I have a driver's license that says I'm like 24, and I look it, so I too can
buy for any who need it.  Michigan licenses are the easiest to change, just as
(ask) any Michigan person who was born in 1967.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

28/70: Fortresses/LMOS commands
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 7:22 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

  Come to think of it, it is the actual line and not the phone in most cases,
take a look at the Class of Service or Universal Service Order Code in an ISVH
(ISH) or an INQ from COSMOS or get it via an Basic Output Report (BOR). Now,
if you really wanted to go out of your way to 'fix' a payphone to where you
could dial out normally, you might be able to accomplish this via RC-MAC, or
maybe an SCC. But if you did do this it would almost certainly die when the
bill came.


PS-I will post up pertinent data from an ISH upon various payphones next time
I log on, if anyone would like to see it.

29/70: Payphone ISH
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 7:43 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

  Ok, I ISHed a few payphones and here's the results:

  The STatus was (of course) WK (Working), the TYPE was C (Coin), the Class of
Service (CS) is CN (CoiN), the Universal Service Order Code (US) is 1PC, which
means single party something.. can't remember. The Line Class Code (LCC) field
contained CDF, I don't know what  CDF means though.

  On older post-pay telephones (the kind where it either gives you a loud
annoying 'buzz' when the calling party answers, or the kind that allows you to
hear them but them not hear you until you put your coins in) probably have a
US of 1PP (Single party, Post Pay), and Coin First phones (the kind that you
must put money in to get a dialtone) have a US of 1CF (Single party, Coin

Hope that helped,

30/70: Question
Name: Cap'N Crax 10
Date: 3:43 am  Tue May 05, 1987

Does anyone know why, and how, it
is allowable to place collect calls
to loop lines.  I know that this
does work, as I have done it.  I
was wondering how it (loop) is
classified, why it passes the billing
verify, and to whom is the billing
allocated?  It is obviously recorded
on AMA, and it apparently pissed
off Bell.  No more loop...


31/70: --------
Name: Circuit Breaker 5
Date: 10:25 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

Phantom what do you mean 'trying for an inteligible post'?  I was telling Doom
how to get some AMA data from LMOS.  I am sure the LMOS you have access to has
an AMA audit file, its just a security feature.

32/70: Call Blocking....
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 7:06 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

What Is Call Blocking? It has something to do with a condition in ANI/ONI. I
read it in My Cama Manual and It was vague. Any Help?


33/70: A few LMOS commands
Name: Control C 8
Date: 8:46 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

Here's some /FOR commands

TV - Trouble Verification
RJR and DMLR are jepordary reports..

Shit I had some more, but I can't rember..


34/70: datakits...
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 11:56 am  Thu May 07, 1987

  Does anyone have any experience
hacking datakits?

NODE dkeasta   blah blah


  any ideas on the password?  Anyone have -any- idea of the format, length etc?

any help appreciated..

Steve Driver

ps.  I know what they do, I just need to get on famous last words|

35/70: More LMOS
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 8:28 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Ok, I hadn't seen that in LMOS yet, CB, thanks for the info. There are other
ways to access the info in an intermediate call store section/buffer of sorts
from SCCS, and of course the AMARC systems. On another board, Phantom asked
what AMASE was, I would think that it could be an abbreviated form of 'AMA
Sensor', you know, BDT's,  CDA's, and ESS software format sensors, or special
VSS sensors maybe.

On LMOS..some of the things are common knowledge (in BSTJ's and all) but I
will post a few and what they do.

Let's see, to screen status troubles, ttry /FOR MSCR. You may have to know
employee codes of the screener and the MC code, it's been a while since I've
been on.
The different actions in the Mechanized Screener transactions are run an MLT
test, get job and work info, run RST transaction, read mail, clear the mask
(indicating no action), review desk items, return to original status, put item
on the Local Test Desk (used to test lines that the MLT/LTS equipment can't
for some reason, such as selective ringing multiparty lines), put screener in
the off duty status (returning work items into the pool I believe). Others are
/Te (Trouble Entry), DISP, etc.

Something somewhat interesting,  in the /tmp direcoty for an FE, look at the
Console/log0 file, which contains countters and info on how many certain
transactions have been done for a certain time period (RBOR is in there but
I'm not sure about the rest). Other commands do things like add changes to
LMOS tables, look at work summaries, check all jobs related to a certain CTTN
(cable trouble ticket number) or TTN, and review all work items for specific
FE's. If anyone wants anything specific about some of these commands leave ma
(me) a letter or post since it seems  the discussion is going good. I'm sure
Marauder or others could proably correct me on a few points, but oh well.


36/70: Call Blocking/Loops/etc.
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 11:09 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

    Circuit Breaker, what I meant was that I was fucked up, and having a hard
time typing legibly. That's all.

    Call blocking is a vague term, can you tell us what it relates to, CAMA,
ANI, PBX's, or what? A basic description is that it is what happens when the
network is operating at peak, and all trunks are busy, and thus the caller
gets a re-order or is left sitting there.

 Be more specific if you can, because there is also a thing called 'blocking'
on PBX's which is similar but on a smaller scale.

  To whoever asked about the collect call to the loop, well loop-around
numbers are probably either an Official or a Test line, at least the ones I
have seen. So unless they set some type of screening to it so it can't accept
collect calls then you could collect call a loop, but hope that you didn't
dial direct from your home because your number would be on their phone bill.

 Control C, since you seem to have a manual or something on ESS, could you
tell me what a RC15 report is, I am very confused about them. Thanks...


37/70: Coin Tests...
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 12:07 am  Fri May 08, 1987

SFD posted in the previous sub abour coin tests. I ask you this. The CO, upon
completion of a call, removes -48 volts from the ring, ground from the tip and
either a -130 volts(Refund) or +130 Volts(Collect) is applied to the tip to
operate the cion relay in the phone. If Someone were to have acces to the
exposed wires outside of the phone, wouldn't they be able to simulate the
voltage necessary to refund their own money(Theoretically speaking if they
could simulate the voltage in a Phone Booth of course)? Would that Be
Possible? I also broke out my testboard, Station, and network Manuals and
Found that their is some significance in turning the handset of the payphone
upside down. I can't find out exactly why yet, but it is all over the "Coin
Maintenance Check Booklet" that bell uses as reference for Coin Stations. I
will search more through the book and see what I can find.

                              The Mad Hacker

38/70: Collect call
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 12:52 am  Fri May 08, 1987

If you hack a mailphone system of some kind that only requires the number to
be called and the initia message will be played, then you can have the message
say, "Hello?........Sure. hangup|" This will enable you to make a third party
billing call to anyone and use the mailphone system as the party paying for
the call.  The operator will cal up the mailphone, the msg will play and
she'll hear the person being billed say, "Sure." when asked if they accept the

In any case if you want to make a call bill it to 312-410-7132, and it will go
straight through.


39/70: Call blocking
Name: Lotus 38
Date: 3:44 am  Fri May 08, 1987

I know that in parts of Florida that a new system uses the term "call
blocking" simply to stop someone in your co's area from calling you.  You would
do something like "*80+number to block" and when that number calls you , a
"You can not dial XXX-XXXX at this time. Try again later"

Other features include immediate call back.  This allows you to hit a few
keys on the phone and call back whomever just called you (again, only if
they are in your local co).

Anyone else have info on this?

40/70: Collect Calls.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 6:55 am  Fri May 08, 1987

A few years ago, in school (out of state) everyone had their ways  making free
calls, someone had a number to a recording, something like that VMS, and it
said "This number accepts all collect and 3rd party billing calls" and it
worked all the time.

Another way is to make a collect call to an out-of-state extender.  Let me say
it this way....

I'm calling from 219 (Indiana) and I call the local MCI node in Chicago
collect.  The operator asks "your name" and you say in a fem voice
"Brenda"....the call will go through, and you will here the usual MCI tone.
RIGHT AWAY, you press a number on t touch tone pad, this will silent the MCI
tone.  Then you say in your own voice "Hello?"  for all the operator knows,
you are the one that answered!  The only problem is that you have to work
fast, else you get a re-order in about 15 seconds.

                                            -The Disk Jockey

41/70: Call Blocking...
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 9:19 am  Fri May 08, 1987

I will get more specific on the Call Blocking I am refering to. It isn't what
Lotus suggested. That Sounds more like DMS-100 Options(Sounds Exactly like
them, in fact). I thought that the FCC wouldn't allow AT&T to use those
options, though. Maybe I was mistaken. I think that the call blocking I was
refering to is more towards the overload on any paticular circuit as was
mentioned before.

                 The Mad Hacker

42/70: toll phone
Name: Circuit Breaker 5
Date: 10:46 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

In most areas in Europe, the wire to payphones hang out below the phone if you
splice those wires to you handset, you can dial direct without any imitation

43/70: Call Blocking
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 2:23 am  Sat May 09, 1987

 Call Blocking is indeed a feature of (C)LASS....but that CLASS feature is
LATA based around LCCIS, not upon a CO and intraoffice calls. For more info
read any CLASS file, or check out LOD/H TJ 1, file 1, CLASS, by Videosmith.
It explains it pretty clearly. There was a PBX test number in 305 (the testing
grounds of CLASS) that I had gotten somewhere that had a demo of CLASS
features on it, such as Call trace, selective call forwarding, call blocking,
etc. It was called Touch-Star, I think, or maybe Touch-Tel, one of the two.
Anyway, LASS is used in the 717 (Harrisburg, PA) NPA.


44/70: Addition.
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 2:32 am  Sat May 09, 1987

 (I forgot something)

 DMS-100 does have something like it's own call blocking. It can be used to
restrict certain types of lines from calling other types. The destination
switch checks the information sent in from the (intraoffice) DN, (I think the
Screening Code, probably) or from an INC (incoming trunk). This can be done to
restrict access to official lines and such.


45/70: i thought
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 2:26 am  Sun May 10, 1987

none of the DMS features blocking other people from calling you, etc| were
not implemented.... I thought that the user-choice stuff was never put in...

was I wrong?


46/70: RC15?
Name: Control C 8
Date: 11:17 am  Sun May 10, 1987


    Are you sure the RC15 exists?  RC's start at 16 and end at 29..
Maby I'm just screwed...

47/70: FACS
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 5:57 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Can anyone fill me in on FACS?  I got the file by Sharp Razor and Doom Prophet
has told me about it somewhat, but can anyone explain detailed info on it?
Thanks (d00d)...


48/70: TC15
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 7:21 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

 Actually, it's a TC15 report on a 1AESS... not RC15. Sorry about that. A TC15
is very long and has a few acronyms in it that I don't recognize. About the
only one I can remember right now was PUC, Peripheral Unit Controller.

  For those of you who have problems with the acronyms posted here, you might
want to check the N)eed acronyms option from the main menu on this board. This
is an acronym list that I made a while back and gave to TK, and he put a few
in himself. It's basically correct as far as I know, so please let's not add
one unless you are sure.


49/70: Carot, etc.
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:41 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

Well, I don't know that much about FACS, although I don't believe that it
really acts as a replacement for COSMOS, more like an integration/mini datakit
sort of thing for the different systems related to cosmos.

Mad Hatter was asking about CAROT in mail, and I looked through some stuff and
here is some info about the system. It consists of the two processors for the
CAROT (database section), the data and the test processor. The TP controls and
directs the ROTL's and the Circuit Maintenance System (I've seen CMS-1B and
also CMS-3A, don't know what the current version is). CMS 3A is used with
TIRKS also. Anyway, the CAROT controller (which is supported by the two
processors) can do something like 14 tests at the same time (at night when
their is less traffic on the trunks). The CC also analyzes and sends out the
test results to the appropriate departments or offices (the CO, an SCC or a
CTTU station). The ROTL is accessed just by the technician dialing it, which
is why anyone can dial them. The ROTL is controlled by MF input of the trunk
group and network numbers. I have seen TNN's as being three digits,  but I
guess it depends upon the office size. The ROTL seizes the trunk to be tested.
The ATMS responder (Automated Trunk Measurement System) is connected to the
ends of the tested trunk to receive tthe test measurements. The ROTL somehow
attaches test equipment to the origiinating end of the trunk. Other test lins
are used for the terminating end (going into another CO or switch)...I'm sure
everyone knows there are dialups to CAROT, these are from the Remote User
Multiplex, the ports for remote terminals to call in through (unless the
dialup serves for some type of diagnostics testing upon the test equimpment
itself). 16 people can be on the same RUM....I don't know if that means 16
people can dial the same dialup and somehow still connect (highly improbable).
Lex would probably know more about it.


50/70: Advanced 800
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 5:00 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

Well, I know that many people have been told that to get translations for 800
numbers, they should call an office that has access to the NCP database.  I
just read a bit about it in CO which I thought was sort of interesting.  It's
part of DSDC (Direct Services Dialing Capabilities).  The subscriber dials the
800 number which is then routed to a 4E.  From there, it goes to the ACP
(Action Control Point or is it ACtion Point?|) which is software that
determines the special type of call (toll free/976/etc.).  The ACP gets it's
(its) information from the NCP which is the Network Control Point.  The NCP
database receives the call information through CCS and checks on the customer
service information that the call information goes with, thereby determining
how to route the call and sends the info back to the ACP.  The SMS (Service
Management System) is used to update information and for definition of that
information.  The NCP database can contain various information such as where
the translation routes determined by origin of call or time of day too.

I have a question about CCS.  What is signifigant about the number version? I
mean, is the information transmitted done differently (different protocol or
manner of sending) or is it just updates to the way it's wired up?  McBlah

51/70: CCS
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 6:02 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

Randy- I can't seem to find that ancronym or any mention of it.  I've followed
your post all they way up to that.  The Advanced 800 Service you read had to
do with the SPC Network?  The paragraph you typed was the same(not word for
word) as the one here in the Tech on SPC Net.  ACP stands for ACtion Point.


Excuse the time/date of this call..

52/70: CCS
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 11:05 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

The CCS that I mentioned (CCS7 presently) is like the modern term for CCIS.
I'm not sure why they changed it, but that's the accepted acronym now.  The
information that I got from CO magazine was discussing the BOCs' involvement
in 800 services now.  It's highly possible (and probable) that they use the
same method of signaling for this.  Hmm...Oh well, still, I want to know about
the different versions of CCS.  Later

53/70: CCS
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 12:52 pm  Sat May 16, 1987

   Ok, the international version of CCS is known as as CCITT6, (or 'the CCITT
signalling system No. 6) which are centered around an International Switching
Center (ISC). CCITT No. 6 can identify 2048 trunks (CCS can ID 8192 trunks).

   I have some pages from an old BSTJ on CCIS in front of me, they have a good
amount of information about CCITT6 in here. One interesting table inn here is
Calling parties categries, which are in bits 13-16 of a CCITT No. 6 'message',
there are provisions for operators in French, English, German, Russian, and
Spanish, and other user selectable languages, data call, test call, spare,
etc. I'll have to read more about this, it would be interesting to find out
how you could make an int'l call over CCITT No. 6 (or maybe 7 now as someone
said) as a test call.


54/70: Badgers...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 7:38 pm  Sat May 16, 1987

A long, long time ago, Jester Sluggo found some stuff about Badgers while
trashing.  Just today, in conversation, I found out a bit about what these
are.  It is a piece of machinery (Badger is the brand name) which is located
in the SCC (supposedly).  It is used for remote trunk testing and it grabs the
circuit to be tested and runs whatever on it.  I have a feeling this is more
for the independant telcos but I couldn't say for sure.  Later

55/70: Here's......
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:40 am  Mon May 18, 1987 employee numthat I guess is sort of a Sprint Newsline.

It was LEECHED off of another board, so it remains ted: 8-332-0111

56/70: Anyone know?
Name: Cap'N Crax 10
Date: 2:22 am  Mon May 18, 1987

Does anyone know if either/both 900's and 976's terminate in POTS number?
(Ever?)  Something tells me that they probably do..


57/70: 976/900s
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 6:35 am  Mon May 18, 1987

I believe that I asked someone that already and neither of them did.  They
both were arranged really strangely and didn't have POTS numbers (or at least
not standard POTS numbers).  If you could log onto the switch for the 900 or
976 number, you could probably find out, anyway, if it's got a POTS
translation, but then again, that's a whole different baby.  I'll ask again
and repost when I find out unless Phantom and DP beat me to it (likely). Later

58/70: 900 and 976
Name: Kerrang Khan 34
Date: 4:37 pm  Mon May 18, 1987

Do not terminate in POTS numbers.

59/70: I think..
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:21 am  Tue May 19, 1987

 that 900s as in the kind you see on TV, like voting things| terminate in a
4e office.  There is some special device that totals the calls if needed| and
then the people who are using it just call and ask about the numbers...


60/70: 900 numbers explained
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 9:35 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

   I was really interested in how 900 numbers worked, it is not common phreak
knowledge, so I researched via a BSTJ and a little bit of engineering.
Actually, I wrote a file on the Mass Announcement System (MAS) that is  about
80 sectors, but I never released it because I thought no one gave a fuck. If
anyone here wants this file, mail me and I'll get it to you somehow, or upload
it here.

   900 numbers do terminate in a Number 4 ESS, the 4E that has been allocated
as your MAS node. As of 1980 (old info, I know) there were 7 No. 4 ESS
switches that were MAS nodes. That number might be more now, butt the nodes
were in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Newar,  and Philly. Each one of
these covers a particular part of the country. (oops, that 'Newar' up there is
supposed to be 'Newark'). For instance, if Randy dialed 1-900-555-1212 (the
Dial it 900 service information line) his call would be sent to the Atlanta
No. 4 ESS MAS node. If Mad Hatter dialed the same number, his call would be
sent to the Philly MAS node. (Oh, Alaska and Hawaii are also included in

  Back to the original question by Crax, 900 numbers can terminate in a POTS
number, but I have never seen it done, so I would guess that it's not a common
occurance. This is called cut through calling, or technically, Media
Stimulated Calling (MSC). MSC basically sends one call per some unit of time
to a DDD number.

  The place that handles the maintenance and administration of all No. 4 ESS
MAS offices is called ONAC, Operations Network Administration Center. I think
the ODAC are centralized in Kansas City, Mo, which seems kind of strange
because there isn't a MAS node there (that I know of).

  One interesting thing about MAS services is the way Recent Changes are done,
through an RCRRT2 (Remote Recent Change, don't ask me why the acronym doesn't
match) channel, which is hardwired to ONAC. If one ever trashed ONAC or a 4E
MAS node, you could probably find some actual switch output messages. Those
would be interesting to see. So if anyone ever does any trashing like this
then let me know.


61/70: UNIX logs...
Name: Ax Murderer 7
Date: 5:33 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

I haven't been on for awhile, but anyways, whoever was questioning UNIX's,
which log are you talking about, the one of Berkley (HIST?). There's quite
a few logs. To get superuser privs on some systems, first go into the /dev/
section and scan through the files. Almost always there will be a program
in there which will be UNPROTECTED and allow even the lowest scum to use
it. The main point is, in case for some emergency reason, he must log on
from a remote location, and has difficulties, he may process another account.

 Ax Murderer

Also, I got TONS of "C" programs. I also am pretty fluent in this.

62/70: Unix
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 9:02 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

  Does anyone know a way to implement something similar to some common unix
commands on a cosnix OS? For instance, the grep command, the find comma the
file command, and a few others. What I wanted to do was list the ascii files
in a cosnix directory (assume the /usr/cosmos directory, where COSMOS three
letter command source is kept, but there couldcii or English Text in it). I
would do it like this on unix:

$ ls -a</tmp/asciick&

 Then when that process was done:

$ grep ascii /tmp/asciic/tmp/final&

 Then check that file when it was done and it would have a listing of the
ascii files. Since you cuse the type command, and can't use file, I'd rather
not look through a long directory listing, and even then it's ot always ascii.
So does anyone have any shell scripts that might help me out?


PS-Sorry for the line noise.

63/70: RA1 Channel 6
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 3:54 am  Sun May 24, 1987

I dialed 1074654 and I heard "RA1 channel 6" repeated 8 times.  Then I found
out that I could dial 107xxxx and get the recording.  Does anyone know what
that means?

This only worked on some phones.  Others, after I dialed 10, I would get the


Name: The Leftist 71
Date: 10:57 pm  Sun May 24, 1987

heh, about the easiest way to bill 3rd party or collect is to call spri nt
operator.. they are dumb, and have no info on you whatsoever.. but you knew
that didnt you??

65/70: centrex
Name: The Leftist 71
Date: 4:52 pm  Mon May 25, 1987

Is there anyone that has any good info, <bell manuals etc..> on Centrex, or
maybe someone out there knows a few things about it that could post?? Centrex
in the home is pretty nice thing to have..only costs about 10 bucks to have it
installed, but its well worth it... more info later..

66/70: WELL...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 7:05 pm  Mon May 25, 1987


I dont think its all that great right now but when the RBOC's are allowed to
do all their software stuff it will be pretty cool.  There are allread some
keen centrex packages for voice mail and stuff.

Ill go look for them.


67/70: Centrex
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 5:59 pm  Sat May 30, 1987

  Leftist, what do you want to know about centrex? I know a bit about the
workings of them, the general description, how they are set up in a CO, etc.
Be more specific in your question...


68/70: Blue boxing
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 3:28 am  Sun May 31, 1987

I have found that kp and st are not necessary when dialing off of a trunk.
After seizing the trunk, ac+ is all that is needed to call out.  This seems
strange.  Any comments?


69/70: Reply^
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 4:15 pm  Sun May 31, 1987

You are not seizing an interoffice trunk.

What you are doing is kind of pseudo-boxing, which is what we used to do
here in New Jersey. What would happen is that we would use MCI, get a
destination and then blow 2600. Since there were no restrictions on the
band width, and no filters, we would blow back a dial tone that was possible
to make international as well as alliance calls with crystal clarity.

I don't know the exact name of this but just that we weren't
seizing a trunk.

Ex y
  ^ nice space

70/70: DP Boxing
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 8:41 am  Mon Jun 01, 1987

  Icarus, what you are talking about sounds like boxing using a DP (Dial
Pulse) trunk. DP 'boxing' doesn't use KP and ST, they use a time-out feature.
DP is made up of short bursts of 2600Hz tone. It isn't all that common as far
as I know, but some older SxS offices supposedly use it for outpulsing on
interoffice calls and to CAMA for billing. This means that either the homing
CAMA office can record dial pulse trunk signalling, or there is some sort of
sensor to translate it to MF before reception by the CAMA MF digit recievers.


Post on Phreak/Hack Sub? No



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 8 of 12

                  Metal Shop Private's -- Social Engineering

This was a subboard similar to the Phreak/Hack Sub but it concerned the art of
social engineering or bullshitting to get information.

Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 2:46 am  Sun Apr 26, 1987

  The numbers before/after CAROT are the generic and version.. for instance
2CAROT3 is CAROT 2, generic 3. The highest I have seen is 2CAROT4, but there
are probably more. Also a number that refers to a CAROT system could also be
it's particular number, if there is more than one in a particular area.

  RC-MAC (Recent Change Memory Administration Center) is a place where a clerk
enters information into an electronic switching system via a Recent Change
terminal. The information changed can be a variety of things, but things like
Class of Service, CCF's, EA Interlata Carriers (called a PIC, Primary
Independent Carrier, I believe, something along those lines), etc. Data that
is to perform Recent Changes upon an ESS switch is screened by a computer
system called RMAS (Remote Memory Administration System) for validity. RMAS is
generally running under a unix OS.

 A few actual Recent Changes look something like this:


 That is an RC upon a line, to change something. The TRC is TRaCe, I think,
and the ! is needed for some reason.
 You can also have:

RC:MLHG;CHG: (RC upon a Multi Line Hunt Group); RC:MPTY;TWPTY: (RC upon a
Multi Party line, a 2 party line)

 Oh yeah, those examples I typed in might be wrong, I don't memorize them or
anything so don't sue me if they aren't right. Also they are for a 1AESS.


2/27: Bah..
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 2:54 am  Sun Apr 26, 1987

 (Sorry to post two in a row...)

Hatter, RC-MAC does have COSMOS access, at least they have a login prefix
assigned as 'RECENT CHANGE', which is RCxx, where the xx is two numbers. Theyy
don't seem to logged on that often though. Some other systems they may have
access to include RC/V, Recent Change annd Verify, I don't understand RC/V
that much, but RC/V has channels into electronic offices, just like RC
channels. RMAS is access to an RC channel.

 PS-I'm open for corrections..I'm not 100% sure about all this shit either.


3/27: Bell Security
Name: Knight Lightning 
Date: 7:14 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

What would you have to do and who would you have to call and what would you
have to say etc to find out about anything being on your line that you didn't
want (hint hint)?

:Knight Lightning

4/27: (3232232
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:57 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

Try your CO (they would know if a DNR was there of course), or for CLID marked
numbers, your SCC switch controller. They won't always read you the CT06
though (heh)..

5/27: Yeah but
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:17 am  Sat May 02, 1987

Who would you say that you are, why would you be calling, and what would you
ask to find out if it was there?

:Knight Lightning

6/27: RC-MAC
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 3:12 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

RC-MAC.. are they any good for engineering?  If so, for what?  Thanks... Also,
what are the functions of MMOC?


7/27: RC-MAC
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 5:58 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

The Recent Change Memory Administration Center is the place at which orders
are put in to do changes to subscriber lines, etc.  It is a very useful
office, but this all depends on what you want to get done.  I believe they
have access to RC terminals (makes sense anyway...) so you could get then to
complete any RC transaction that you wished to have done provided that you've
got a good excuse.  Hope that helps a bit..

8/27: CT reports
Name: Control C 8
Date: 9:07 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

Here's something you may be intrested in:

Report   Reason for Report
------   -----------------
CT01     To print information pertaining to a line trace requested by an input

CT02     To indicate that this message contains information pertaining to a
         line trace requested by an input message.

CT03     To indicate that an interoffice or outgoing seven-digit call has been
         placed form a directory number to another directory number.

CT04     To indicate that the incoming call has been placed to the indicated
         directory number from a trunk.  The trunk network number (TNN) is
         given.  Translation information for the called directory number or
         the terminating directory number indicated that a trace should be
         made of all calls to this number.

CT05     Indicates thatan outgoing ten digit call has been placed from
         directory number to another directory number.  A check of the
         Calling Line Identification (CLID) list indicates that a trace of
         all calls to this ten-digit number should be made.

CT06     To print the contents of the CLID list in response to input message
         CI-LIST or as the result of an error being detected in a CLID entry
         by audit 32. The audit will remove the directory number in which the
         error was found.  If CLID list in printed in responce to a TTY
         message, then it will be a priority of SCHED and an 'A' will print
         out with the header.  If CLID list is printed as a result of an error
         found by the audit an 'M' will print out with the header since it
         will be a priority of MAN.

If anyone want to know any other output reports let me know..


9/27: SCCS
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 11:18 am  Thu May 07, 1987

What is the difference between SCCS and TSPS SCCS?  Is it that TSPS SCCS is
used by TSPS only?  That sounds logical, but I wasn't sure anyway.  Anyone
ever hear of Network Administration?  What are they good(used) for?

Questions, questions, questions....


10/27: NAC/CT0X reports
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 10:58 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

  Network Administration is also known as the NAC, Network Administration
Center, also called Dial Assignment. They are located in the BOC building, I
believe, along with the LAC (Loop Assignment Center) and SSC (Special Service
Center) and a few others. The NAC basically deal with new lines being put in,
they do things like figure out how to evenly distribute the number of lines so
there won't be any shortage, and things like that, it's similar to the LAC but
I don't know any big differences in the two right now.

  Ctrl C, where did you get the CT0X message summaries? Pretty good info
though, but I can say that I have only seen a CT06 (when I pulled it up), a
CT04, and a CT03 message. CT04 ID's a TNN (as he said) connected through the
destination ESS to a particular DN. It can then be determined the general area
of where the call is coming from from the TNN. But there is differences if you
are calling over interoffice trunks (local calls) or tandem trunks, or long
haul, or inter-LATA...


11/27: Offices, systems
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 5:21 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Ok, for all you D00ds, here's some really hot classified information on Telco
offices and the systems they use for maitenance functions. If you run into a
problem engineering, simply say you are from any of the following offices. I
will go into a brief description of each below. Enjoy!

FUCK-Facilities Utilization Control Kitchen. A really hot office. They keep
backups of all systems per a LATA, or in special cases, the entire BOC area,
along with user logs and passwords. They use the CUNTLICK system to interface
with SHIT, explained momentarily. They ar difficult to reach as no one knows
their number, and anyone calling it has to enter a special queue dispenser
where he enters routing information to reach the FUCK ACD. The FUCK
technicians answer as normal subscribers and you have to tell them a codeword.

PENIS-Plant Engineering Network Information System. Used by the PMS to deal
with outside plant details and layout maps.

CUNTLICK-Computer Utilities Network In the Control Kitchen. Used to sensor
with SHIT.

SHIT-Supreme Hardware Inventory Totals. Self explanatory.

CRAP-Customer Repair Analysis Service. They use PENIS to supply PMS with info.

PISS-Primary Intertoll Switching Servicemen. Corrdinate classes 1 through 4
toll offices and monitor the STP's.

BITCH-Building Installation Table Channel. Used by SHIT technicians to obtain
new switch and office status.

SCAB-Switching Cable Analysis  Burea. They work with PMS for trunk testing and
maintenance. The systems they use are FART and DOPAMINE.

Well, that's about all! Oh, don't forget BASTARD (Box Accessible System To Aid
Real D00ds).  A special in band NPA with full OSC support for blue boxers to
experiment within legally (only operating in special areas).

That's all! Hope it helped!!!1

12/27: MORE!!
Filename: c:msgsA-26730.1
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 7:29 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

 You forgot a few:

DOGSHIT-Division Operations Group SHIT (see above post). DOGSHIT is like SHIT,
except that DOGSHIT is in a division.

CATPISS-Centralized Automatic Tandem Priorities Interexchange Support System.

BEER-Bell Electrical Engineering Research

COOL-Computerized Operations On Loops

 Ah well, mine weren't near as good but at least I tried.


13/27: Yet still more...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 8:58 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Hey now, hey now, that was sheer incompetence...leaving out the following!

BOOGER - Bell Operational Office for Generation of ESS Reports.  Self

STAN - Spanish Tacos And Nachos.  This support group, Californian based,
maintains food services for all superior employees (all employees).

NATE - Nacho And Taco Emissary.  This department secretly interfaces STAN with
the rest of the network due to the STAN group's inability to fit in with
society.  **Due to divestiture, NATE and STAN are no longer part of the

IL DUCE - Not an acronym, but the janitorial services department of the

PUMPKIN - Peripheral Unit Modulator Phor Kitchen Installations of NATE.  This
group is in charge of interfacing kitchen activities through Project Genesis.

BRRR-RING - The official word for the sound an AT&T phone makes receiving an
incoming call.

BANANA - Basic Analog Network Analog Network Analog (No wonder they went

RAPE - Red Afro-PUMPKIN Enthusiast.  This group, led by Peter, cheers IL DUCE
while he sweeps the floors.

SCOOP - Secondary Command Output Only Procedure.  This converts all text to
lower case.  It is a function used in most Bell computers along with LEX.

LEX - Lengthy Explanitory Xlations.  This program, found alongside SCOOP,
converts all lowercase text, from SCOOP, into upper case and 40 columns
surrounded by "$"s.

** Warning!  Never leave SCOOP and LEX running simultaneously or you will
surely cause L666 to occur. **

L666 - The warning message generated by computers indicating endless Loops of
conflicting jobs.  This also indicates that everything is fucked.  See LOKI.

LOKI - Life Over-Kill Inscentive.  If you find this error message on your
computer, do not reboot the computer, but be sure to reboot something (HINT

This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and identities are
either products of the author's imagination or are used ficticiously.  If you
notice any resemblence to actual events or persons, living or dead, don't come
to us.

Bill and Taran
Feeling obnoxious
Feeling 7-UP
Banana flavored
Using the Randy-Voice-Machine (Ha ha!)
P.S.  Bill says, "Hi" to his Uncle Al.

14/27: Who Could Forget......
Filename: c:msgsA-26724.1
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:10 am  Wed May 13, 1987

SNATCH-Senses Nodes And Traps Code Hackers
TITS-Telephone Involved in Tandom Skipping
PUBIC-Plastered Uniforms Brought Inside employee infraction
RAD-Recieve Ananlog Department
DISC-Deadbeats Instinctively Scanning for Carriers
LAP-Local Area Payphone

Or use the codewords that Linemen and Telco employees use....

This                         Means This
--------                     -----------------
"OHFUCKNIGS"            "I'm trapped in a phone booth in a black neighborhood"
"FIDOFUCK"              "A customer's pet dog has me trapped up a pole"
"HOMEBONE"              "I got laid while doing a customer's installation"
"SNOOZEBOX"        "I'm sleeping, bust saying I'm fixing little green boxes"

The list goes on......

15/27: Phrack 15
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:42 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

Looks to me that between the multitude of humorous posts on subs 2 and 4 we
need another Phrack joke issue.

:Knight Lightning

16/27: Where were these when?
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 6:11 am  Fri May 15, 1987

Where were these ancronyms when Phrack 13 was out?  None the less, I'm only
posting this to say "Banana" to Bill...


God damn line noise!

One more thing, don't expect to talk to me voice for a while(week), I "had an
accident", and the result was  6 stitches in my inner upper lip... Hiho..

17/27: Ok
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:49 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

Howdy Dowdy, if you like them, buffer them and save them for a rainy day, or
put them in a future issue (or a section of PWN to illustrate the great great
users of MSP and our |ool senses of humor in a world full of manual brained
users who try to out elite each other consantly for no real reason


^Forgot the period up there. The Chinese men would show worm movies out of
their penises onto the wall, which really wasn't a wall, but a little girl who
 would blow her nose and discover her horror at seeing specks of blood in her
snot, and the TV screen would dance around the green bean on the couch, which
was itself watching TV out of a reflection his eyes which were glassed over
from toxic fumes emanatinng from his oven, which came from the TV antenna
before it came out his ass at 5 am.

>From blind eye sees all, sort of

18/27: 800 Numbers....
Filename: c:msgsA-26685.1
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 10:57 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

A Dumb Question:
 Is there anyway that you can do anything to 800 numbers? I.e. MB's, etc.
 Can you CNA an 800 Watts or do you have to locate their regular number(Should
they have one). I ask this because Fallwell shoudl burn!

                              The Mad Hacker

19/27: 800's
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 2:07 am  Sun May 17, 1987

I imagine that you would have to get the POTS number from X-tended 800
services and then get the SCC for the POTS... Maybe the 800 number could be
taken down for a while or disconnected by getting the AT&T office that handles
800 maintainence...


20/27: 800`s
Name: Phantom Phreaker
Date: 1:31 pm  Sun May 17, 1987

   I don't know if I posted this or not, but not all 800 numbers terminate in
a POTS number, some of them are in the format of (NPA)+1XX+XXXX, and these are
the kind that are only dialable via the actual 800 number, or by someone using
a blue box to trunk off a number within an NPA (toll office actually) that is
subscribed to that 800 number. I had someone get me some translations once
from a toll office in 617, you can get them by typing certain commands
directly into the switch, something like:


 That's not right, but it's close.


PS-MSP is almost as messy as Randy says.

21/27: Change numbers
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 8:18 pm  Mon May 18, 1987

Is it possible to change your number by engineering an office?  If so, which
one?  My guess would be RC MAC, but then again, what do I know?

Bell Techie

22/27: Whats...
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:27 am  Tue May 19, 1987


Steve Driver

stupid definitions welcome, but so is a real one...thanks..|

23/27: NSAC...?
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 9:38 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

 Did you mean NESAC by any chance? I've never heard of NSAC but it probably
exists, there are a bunch of telco offices that end in 'SAC' such as MSAC,
ESAC, NESAC, and OSAC, and probably others I can't remember. I'll look around
and see if I can find NSAC anywhere.


24/27: Offices
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 6:57 am  Fri May 22, 1987

Well Phantom, OSAC isn't a Bell or AT&T office, it is a system for operator
services support (I guess it stands for something like Operator Services
Assistance Center). From there a person can get information for certain time
periods on entire TSPS sites, such as how many calls were placed, etc,  and a
traffic analysis for day or night reports. The CLLI code is listed with the
report I believe.
CMAC is similar to RC-MAC (or so I thought) because when I was trying to get
an 800 translation, the PBX attendant at the RTM in 312 referred me to them.
They then asked me what switch it was for (the Xlation) and apparently
misundererstood my request (I guess they thought I was asking for a DN or
trunk translation). MSAC is for installation and testing of WATS lines butt
don't give out Xlations (policy by the sound of it although it was probably
just me).  I have heard differently, soo I'm not sure on tht last one (MSAC's
purpose, which I have been told NSAC does instead). Since 800's have gottenen
'advanced' I suppose the  offices for testing could be on a national level,
although MLT equipment when testing a number that has been reported as an 800
somehow accesses the actual translation  or non standard BTN automatically.
The A8FSC probably does WATS testing also, along with NASCAR (mainly used for
traffic analysis from toll centers of 800 terminations to make sure the
completion level is up to standard). TK, where is the ACP physically,  just in
the 4E itself? Do you know how the NCP receives incoming messages (the same as
an initial message on CCIS, or CCS) and in what format? Also, what data links
run to and from the NCP? Hope someone can answer my questions..


25/27: Sorry
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 7:02 am  Fri May 22, 1987

To leave another post, but before anyone starts having a fit, I know the
standard  places for obtaining Translations, so please don't leave a thousand
corrections on how the RTM has nothing to do with Xlations (I agree). Acttualy
it was someone at the RWC who referred me to CMAC and not the RTM, I can't
remember clearly anyway.

26/27: Shit...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 7:10 am  Fri May 22, 1987

I don't have further specifications on the NCP database accessed from the ACP


                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 9 of 12

                       Metal Shop Private's -- New Users

This was the New User subboard where people could apply for membership on Metal
Shop Private as you will see in a number of places throughout this message
base.  All messages were posted anonymously except by those applying (who
didn't actually post their application but it was arranged that way).

Note:  Not all of the signatures on the ends of messages are correct as will
       be obvious at times, but not at others.

1/46: A few jokes...
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 10:41 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Ok, please note, the characters portrayed here are fictional.

Picture a bar full of phone phreaks.  Jester Sluggo walks in drunk.  He goes
to the front and gets a beer.  He chugs it and looks at the people on the left
side of the bar and says, "ALL OF YOU ON THIS SIDE OF THE BAR ARE
not wanting to incure damage.  Sluggo chugs another beer and then looks up and
A PROBLEM WITH THAT?"  "No not I,"they all cried.  Then suddenly a small
figured mexican national stood up and started walking towards Sluggo.  "YOU
GOT A PROBLEM WITH SOMETHING I SAID," he belched.  "No no senor, I was on the
wrong side of the bar."

                                 --> The Amazing Comic!

2/46: Galactus's Application:
Name: Galactus
Date: 2:33 pm  Tue May 05, 1987


1.AGE 21





3/46: Ok...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 2:37 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I've talked to this fellow and he doesn't know a hell of a lot about phreaking
but seems to know a bit about hacking anyway.  You may have seen him on Phreak
Klass Room 2600 too, but I don't know since I'm not on there.  So what do ya

4/46: Nanuk..
Name: <<< Mad Hatter 51 >>>
Date: 2:59 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I've seen some of his posts of Phreak Klass and they're okay.  Althoug like he
said, his files are a tad outdated.  I never really talked to him personally,
so I'm undecided...


5/46: Can't say
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 5:09 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I don't know anything about his hack knowledge, but I do know that he is very
confused about voice filtered loops.

:Knight Lightning

6/46: Also....
Name: <<< The Mad Hacker 47 >>>
Date: 11:46 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I can't say as I have never seen him on any BBS. Seems okay, although I
usually hate anyone that Types in all Caps(Proper Capitalization, Eh

Seems okay, I guess, but then I really don't know......


7/46: Nanuk
Name: <<< The Prophet 23 >>>
Date: 12:28 am  Wed May 06, 1987

"Specialties- locating PBX's and using diverters"? Nay!


8/46: He's ok
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 9:09 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

I think he's ok, I just let him on my system and he seem like he know's what
he's talking about when it comes to computer systems.. I say Ok..

9/46: Who
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 12:33 am  Thu May 07, 1987

Who did Nanuck say he knew (as references) from the old days that we could
check with and who now?

:Knight Lightning

10/46: Hmm...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 7:02 am  Thu May 07, 1987

He hangs out with his own little clique.  His good buddy is Blitziod.  He's
also friends with Lefty Carlson, Fatal Error 313, Mic Ripoff, Silent Rebel/
Phantom Fighter, and Striker (not the one from the IBM pirate boards I don't
think).  I don't know how to really get in touch with any of these people, not
that I could go by their words anyway...Later

11/46: Vote
Name: <<< Computer Wiz Kid 54 >>>
Date: 10:24 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Sounds Good, but like someone said before, i hate CAPS......Looks LIKE someone
is YELLING AT YOU, but hey if he is as good as he said he was, why not...

12/46: Fatal Error 313
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 11:33 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Not meaning to get crude or vulgar here, but isn't this the FE that is dead?
If so, I think you're going to have a bitch of a time getting a hold of him.

:Knight Lightning

13/46: FE
Name: <<< The Scanner 20 >>>
Date: 1:38 am  Fri May 08, 1987

 Fatal Error has been gone for some time now. He and a good friend of mine
kinda disappeared about 2 weeks before I was raided. I havent heard from either
one since then.   ???

                      _-The Scanner

Well, May as well plug my board while im here.....

       Scan Line  313-851-0912
       Designed for the serious
                  - yeah sure

Newuser pass = OPCODE

14/46: FE 617
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 6:31 am  Fri May 08, 1987

The one in 617 who used to run Metropolis is dead...the one in 313 is just
dormant.  Stupid posts for stupid people by stupid people

15/46: Fatal Error....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 6:57 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Wasn't he killed in a motorcycle accident?  Or is he laying low and thats what
he wants people to think?

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

16/46: Fatal Error
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 8:02 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Its a good theory, but I believe the incident was real.

:Knight Lightning

17/46: Any one else??
Name: <<< Mad Hatter 51 >>>
Date: 2:32 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Any in else in the "Phreakdom" die?  That seems weird.  I get the feeling of a
society without death/diseases/etc.. No, for the current Votee....


18/46: Death.....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 7:28 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Ever hav that you know die?  It's always someonwho you know, but never really
think about.  It's wierd as hell, and it makes you wonder if you are next.
Ever wonder what death is like?  I guess it can't be imagined....  Ever get
really stoned and just sit and try to compare

FUCK IT.....I'll stick to new scanning, I don't even know what the hell I am

                                            -The Disk Jockey

19/46: In general
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 12:19 am  Sat May 09, 1987

And for the record this is on the wrong sub, the idea of death in the phreak
world has really been "getting busted" or "retiring."  That is the only way we
can really think about it in our society, I mean cause phreaks just don't die
everday, but they do get busted about that often, so that gives us a more
realistic view if we were to look at the phreak zone as a true realm.

:Knight Lightning

20/46: FE (again)
Name: <<< Phantom Phreaker 46 >>>
Date: 2:28 am  Sat May 09, 1987

 Fatal Error 617 died from a motorcycle accident while riding in his woods.
Micro Man (617, was sysop of Newsweek BBS) called me and told me this on July
3, 1986. I guess no one else heard about this for a while, I remember the date
because it was right before the fourth of July. FE 617 was into COSMOS and ran
Metropolis, as someone said. FE 313 is a vocal phreaker and (as far as I know)
doesn't have a modem.

21/46: really
Name: <<< Lucifer 666 43 >>>
Date: 2:35 am  Sun May 10, 1987

KL & Tk gasp! print false info ? gasp!

anyways, exactly how much fun can it be to be a diverter expert?

22/46: FE's
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 11:22 am  Sun May 10, 1987

FE 313 is alive and well, I don't think he has a modem but he's in some group
with that Nacka of the north (or what ever his name is)  randy you should have
his number around somewhere..


23/46: Galactus
Name: <<< Doom Prophet 21 >>>
Date: 10:57 pm  Sun May 10, 1987

I sorry butz I say no to Galactus...I don't think he's good enough to be on MSP
(not saying I am good either). Some of the stuff here is not fit for thte
irresponsible...I don't believe that he is 21 for some strange reason. Oh well
trying not to discriminate but I say definately no.


24/46: Galactus.....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 6:43 am  Mon May 11, 1987

Doom's right.....fuck 'em.  I don't buy for a second that he's 21.

                                            -The Disk Jockey

25/46: Add
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 6:48 pm  Mon May 11, 1987

I myself was unimpressed by his resume and the conversation we (Taran and I)
had with Galactus clearly has left a mark with me that he doesn't deserve a
place on MSP at this time.

:Knight Lightning

26/46: NO
Name: <<< Phantom Phreaker 46 >>>
Date: 7:24 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

 My vote on Galactus is NO. Yes, I am conceited as hell, an asshole, etc. I
always feel like a jerk when I vote 'NO' because I feel like a segragationist.

27/46: I feel the same.
Name: <<< Evil Jay 26 >>>
Date: 9:05 am  Wed May 13, 1987

   Galactacus (whatever the fuck his name is) is a knowledgeable person, but
I think he could still go awhile before getting let on.   Sigh, he is a Prime
person tho (hell, practically inspired me to write a Prime file when I read
that pathetic thing from way back).

Still, its no.

-The Big J

28/46: Guess its No, yes?
Name: <<< Knight Lightning
2 >>>
Date: 5:44 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

Looks like there has been an overwhelming vote of dissapproval of Galactus
becoming a member here.  Whats the woid Taran?

:Knight Lightning

29/46: theres no way
Name: <<< Lex Luthor 36 >>>
Date: 10:46 am  Fri May 15, 1987

There is no way Galactus "knows very well" all those OS's
I would say 3 operating systems is the maximum for most hackers as far as a
complete (its never really complete) knowledge of OS's is concerned. Hell I
know VMS, UNIX, and VM/CMS very well but thats it. The rest I know enough to
get around in. OS's are like languages, people know a few words in spanish or
french but don't know how to speak fluently in those languages, but they still
tell people they can. That is what hackers do. I find this mainly on their
applications. Most hackers specialize in one operating system. Sometimes they
move on and specialize in others, sometimes they stick to the one they like.

More ramblings from Lex

30/46: ummmmm.
Name: <<< Lucifer 666 43 >>>
Date: 2:11 am  Sun May 17, 1987

but what if he unleashes with full force!

hmmmm.    isnt this nice. our own little democracy...sort of..

ourvote =  3%
randy's = 97%

           notice.... the above

31/46: Galac.
Name: <<< The Sensei 18 >>>
Date: 6:37 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

   Galac., doesn't sound like a honest to goodness hacker.  He probably calls
us his local UNIX system and uses defaults to hack it out.

   Sounding sarcastic, but you know how it is.  1987 for users is really lousy.

   What are the specifications for electing a new person to the system.  I
have someone of interest.


32/46: Users...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 7:07 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

The user must be experienced in some manner or have a good general knowledge
of telecommunications.  If you wish for someone to get access here, have them
make out an application for themselves, get it from them, and then upload it
to the D: drive on the AE and I'll put it up as a message.

We shall wait until Galactus shows himself more worthy of being on the board.
Now we come to the problem with Solid State.  He was kicked off not too long
ago but he wants back on (I guess).  One way or another, he said he'd be
writing up "his side" of the story so at least we'll all get to hear what he
has to say for himself.  Life is a bitch...

33/46: well...
Name: <<< Sir Francis Drake 56 >>>
Date: 7:01 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

just to get my remarks in early...Iv talked to State & Stan about it and I
think State should be let back on.

He was kicked off because he SUPPOSEDLY read msgs to/gave his pswd to Stanly.
Now this info mainly came from Stan who would claim that he used states
password "all the time".  Now since, stan is such a notorious liar the
whole thing is obviously questionable.

Now another main complaint (from what ive gathered talking to KL) is that
State would not tell TK/KL how Stan gets on MSP even though State apparently
knows.  This may sound sorta lame, but if State starts telling on stan he
wont be trusted, and it would be lame of him.

So it would seem that as long as State does not further help stand (which is
EXTRENELY unlikely even if he ever did) Stan he should be let back on as he
was/will be a "valuable user".

so there.

34/46: Wrong...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 7:10 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

I don't want to start a debate because Craig's gonna be here real soon
preaching about everything but I'd just like to have it stated that I've got a
neutral 3rd party that was on a conversation between Stan and Nate where Nate
was reading posts from MSP, which I had previously told him was grounds for
deletion from MSP if he read them to Stan.  Thank you and here's my address

35/46: Preech!
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 11:58 pm  Sat May 23, 1987

This is true.  In OQ's own word's "Nate is my partner in crime."  Now perhaps
you may call OQ a liar or say he is bluffing, but their friendship exists for
better or for worse.  Now both OQ and SS claim to have at least 3 or more
accounts on here anyway and Stan would like his own account to post with as
well (yeah yeah, why'd you even mention it KL, it'll never happen).  As good a
hacker that State is, I am not convinced that he should be trusted in any
aspect towards the system especially since he has aided succesful attempts to
breech its security.  I mean, thats just the way it is, nothing seems to ever
change, etc.

One other thing to mention, its not like we "owe" anyone an account and
although I suppose I have a lot of pull, Taran King will have the final say.

:Knight Lightning

36/46: Solid S.
Name: <<< The Sensei 18 >>>
Date: 7:25 am  Sun May 24, 1987

    I don't know Solid too good....just that he's one a specific system 24hrs
a day, it seems.  I think he's just a modem kid out for a fun ride.

    Let'em cool for a year.  You can't blame a guy for hacking ANY system
though.  I'm split.


37/46: s. state
Name: <<< The Leftist 71 >>>
Date: 4:38 pm  Mon May 25, 1987

Solid State in my opinion is a dick, and shouldnt be let on any system, much
less this one..

38/46: Nate
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 9:50 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

Anyone ever look up the word "Nate" in the dictionary???

It means...

"VArious forms of semi-aquatic salamanders"

OOOOPS! That's Newt, I mean Lock Lifter.....eeeek!!

Nate - The skin that stretches from the opening of an anal cavity to
       the base of the penis.

Enough said....

39/46: Nates
Name: <<< Mad Hatter 51 >>>
Date: 10:45 pm  Sat May 30, 1987

Nates - (N) The buttocks

from Webster's 20,000 word dictionary.  Where did you get your definition?

Name: <<< Icarus 15 >>>
Date: 3:29 am  Sun May 31, 1987

This is the handle of someone who claims he is in LOD.

Well, Lex, is he?

41/46: HAhaahahahahaha
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 10:04 am  Sun May 31, 1987

Who told you that??  Fred From RCmac hahahahah!!!

While I'm here anybody know about the new switching system called ADDR ESS?  I
here it's mor advanced then DMS-300.


42/46: Fred from Rcmac
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 4:17 pm  Sun May 31, 1987

I saw him on Digital Logic's BBS.  He didnt show much of anything...

43/46: Fred from Rc-Mac
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 9:47 pm  Sun May 31, 1987

Fred is Phiber Optic who is Public Enemy 1 who is Ilduce (the biggest luzer
in the world).. He disn't know shit about shit!

44/46: Phiber Optic.....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 12:55 am  Mon Jun 01, 1987

.....claimed on Atlantis that he can get you the REMOB number for your local
CO by simpley leaving him your NPA+PRE....he also says that there is a "REMOB

                                       -The Disk Jockey

45/46: Well....
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 8:11 am  Mon Jun 01, 1987

Well, we can ALL see that Fred is just a mental powehouse chock full to the


                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 20, File 10 of 12

                      Metal Shop Private's -- Royal Court

The Royal Court was an idea of Knight Lightning's who ran the subboard.  It was
sort of like an "elite" subboard for people who he liked and thought knew a bit
to contribute to the subboard's conversation.  Many of the messages here were
deleted because of the "date-to-deletion" feature of the board and having most
of the messages that filled this subboard being clustered in one period a while

1/6: 201 DDial...
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 9:17 pm  Sun Apr 26, 1987

For those who were using that Flash-Talk Diversi-Dial that Sluggo supplied,
the account password changed...It is now 112 611 165 and the phone number is
still 201-743-4850.  Sort of something to do with your absolutely-nothing-to
-do-time.  Later

2/6: Back Again.
Name: High Evolutionary 28
Date: 1:08 am  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Hello, Isn't it funny.. I plan to call boards again and again because I get a
little free time on my hands. But then, when I start, something else comes up.
I should stop babbling.. I am probably boooring you.

For apparent lack of discussion here, could someone maybe fill me in on what
has been happening lately in the phreak/hack society? I've yet to get the past
few PWNs.

  -High Evolutionary

3/6: High
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:06 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

In general, SummerCon is the big thing that people are talking about.  There
is also some new disputes and controversy about the return of Oryan Quest and
his "supposed" running away from home.

:Knight Lightning

4/6: Ah..
Name: High Evolutionary 28
Date: 11:58 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

  KL, I've also heard that some serious wars are being waged w/ OQ or
something to that extent...Mind explaining it to me?


5/6: Wars?
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:20 am  Sat May 02, 1987

As far as I know, there are no wars currently in progress but in the past,
Oryan QUEST went and did MBs on Doc Holiday, The Executioner, and both of
Taran King's phone lines.  He has also repeatedly tried to gain illegal access
on this system and somehow got Nate to help him do it.  Then he has proceeded
to harass MSP members about their posts.  However, if there is a war, it is
one sided because everyone is pretty much ignoring Quest.

Hmm... I wonder why my account had 4 illegal logons...?

:Knight Lightning

6/6: Logons
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 10:29 am  Sat May 02, 1987

Those illegal logons that most of you LOD type people will experience when
logging on were probably not QUEST.  I've got an idea and I suppose most of
you might too, but I'm not concerned with it.

Post on Royal Court? No



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 20, File 11 of 12

                       Metal Shop Private's -- Acronyms

3ACC  3A Central Control
5XB COER  5 X-Bar Central Office Equipment Reports system
A/D  Analog to Digital
AAX  Automated Attendant eXchange
ABATS  Automatic Bit Access Test System
ABHC  Average Busy Hour Calls
ABS  Alternative Billing Service
ABSBH  Average Busy Season Busy Hour
ACB  Annoyance Call Bureau
ACC  Audio Communications Controller
ACCS  Automated Calling Card Service
ACD  Automatic Call Distributor
ACDA  Automatic Call Disposition Analyzer
ACE  Automatic Calling Equipment
ACF  Advanced Communications Functions
ACH  Attempt per Circuit per Hour
ACOF  Attendant Control Of Facilities
ACP  ACtion Point
ACSNET  Acedemic Computing Services NETwork
ACSU  Advanced t-1 Channel Service Unit
ACTS  Automated Coin Toll Service
ACU  Alarm Control Unit
ACU  Automatic Calling Unit
ADCCP  Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADCI  Automatic Display Call Indicator
ADN  Abbreviated Dialing Number
ADS  Advanced Digital System
ADS  Audio Distribution System
ADS  Auxilary Data System
AFACTS  Automatic FACilities Test System
AFADS  Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
AFSK  Automatic Frequency Shift Keying
AIC  Automatic Intercept Center
AICC  Automatic Intercept Communications Controller
AIOD  Automatic Identificated Outward Dialing
AIS  Automatic Intercept System
ALBO  Automatic Line BuildOut
ALFE  Analog Line Front End
ALGOL  ALGOrhythmic computer Language
ALI  Automatic Location Indentification
ALIT  Automatic Line Insulation Testing
ALRU  Automatic Line Record Update
ALS  Automated List Service
AM  Administrative Module
AM  Amplitude Modulation
AMA  Automatic Message Accounting
AMACS  AMA Collection System
AMARC  AMA Recording Center
AMASE  AMA Standard Entry
AMAT  AMA Transmitter
AMATPS  AMA TeleProcessing System
AMERITECH  AMERican Information TECHnologies
AMPS  Advanced Mobile Phone Service
AN  Associated Number
ANA  Automatic Number Announcement
ANC  All Number Calling
ANI  Automatic Number Identification
ANIF  Automatic Number Identification Failure
ANSI  American National Standards Institute
AOSS  Auxilliary Operator Service System
AP  Attached Processor
APC  AMARC Protocol Converter
APS  Automatic Protection Switch
AR  Alarm Report
ARC  Audio Response Controller
ARIS  Audichron Recorded Information System
ARS  Alternate Route Selection
ARSB  Automated Repair Service Bureau
ARU  Audio Response Unit
ASCII  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASOC  Administrative Service Oversight Center
ASPEN  Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network
AT  Access Tandem
AT&T  American Telephone and Telegraph
ATB  All Trunks Busy
ATC  Automatic Transmission Control
ATH  Abbreviated Trouble History
ATI  Automatic Test Inhibit
ATIS  Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATM  Automatic Teller Machine
ATMS  Automated Trunk Measurement System
ATP  All Tests Pass
ATR  Alternate Trunk Routing
ATRS  Automated Trouble Reporting System
ATTC  Automatic Transmission Test and Control circuit
ATTCOM  AT&T COMmunications
ATTIS  AT&T Information System
AUDIX  AUDio Information eXchange
AUTODIN  AUTOmatic DIgital Network
AUTOSEVCOM  AUTOmatic SEcure Voice COMmunications
AUTOVON  AUTOmatic VOice Network
AUXF  AUXillary Frame
AVD  Alternate Voice Data
B6ZS  Bipolar with 6 Zero Subsitution
B911  Basic 911
BANCS  Bell Administrative Network Communications System
BAPCO  Bellsouth Advertising & Publishing COmpany
BCC  Blocked Call Cleared
BCD  Binary Coded Decimal
BCD  Blocked Call Delayed
BCS  Batch Change Supplement
BDT  Billing Data Transmitter
BEF  Band Elimination Filter
BELLCORE  BELL COmmunications REsearch
BER  Bit Error Rate
BERT  Bit Error Rate Test
BETRS  Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BHC  Busy Hour Calls
BISP  Business Information System Program
BITNET  Because-It's-Time NETwork
BL/DS  Busy Line/Don't Answer
BLF  Busy Line Field
BLS  Business Listing Service
BLV  Busy Line Verification
BNS  Billed Number Screening
BOC  Bell Operating Company
BOR  Basic Output Report
BORSCHT  Battery, Overvoltage, Ringing, Supervision, Coding, Hybrid Test
BOS  Business Office Supervisor
BOSS  Billing and Order Support System
BOT  Beginning Of Tape
BPI  Bits Per Inch
BPOC  Bell Point Of Contact
BPS  Bits Per Second
BPSS  Basic Packet-Switching Service
BRAT  Business Residence Account Tracking system
BRCS  Business Residence Custom Service
BRI  Basic Rate Interface
BRM  Basic Remote Module
BS  Banded Signaling
BSA  Basic Serving Arrangements
BSBH  Busy Season Busy Hour
BSC  Business Service Center
BSCM  BiSynchronous Communications Module
BSE  Basic Service Elements
BSF  Bell Shock Force
BSOC  Bell Systems Operating Company
BSP  Bell System Practice
BSRFS  Bell System Reference Frequency Standard
BST  Basic Services Terminal
BSTJ  Bell System Technical Journal
BT  Bus Terminator
BTAM  Basic Telecommunications Access Message
BTL  Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTN  Billing Telephone Number
BTU  British Thermal Unit
BVA  Billing Validation Application
BVC  Billing Validation Center
BWM  Broadcast Warning Message
BWT  Broadcast Warning TWX
BWTS  BandWidth Test Set
CA  CAble
CABS  Carrier Access Billing System
CAC  Calling-card Authorization Center
CAC  Carrier Access Code
CAC  Circuit Administration Center
CAC  Customer Administration Center
CAD  Computer-Aided Dispatch
CADV  Combined Alternate Data/Voice
CAI  Call Assembly Index
CAIS  Colocated Automatic Intercept System
CALRS  Centralized Automatic Loop Reporting System
CAMA  Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
CAROT  Centralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks
CAS  Circuit Associated Signaling
CAS  Computerized Autodial System
CAT  Craft Access Terminal
CATLAS  Centralized Automatic Trouble Locating and Analysis System
CBS  CrossBar Switching
CBX  Computerized Branch eXchange
CC  Central Control
CC  Common Control
CC  Country Code
CCC  Central Control Complex
CCC  Computer Control Center
CCH  Connections per Circuit per Hour
CCIR  Comite' Consultatif International des Radio Communications
CCIS  Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCITT  Comite' Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique
CCNC  Common Channel Network Controller
CCNC  Computer/Communications Network Center
CCR  Customer-Controlled Reconfiguration
CCS  Common Channel Signaling
CCS  Hundred (C) Call Seconds
CCSA  Common-Control Switching Arrangement
CCT  Central Control Terminal
CCTAC  Computer Communications Trouble Analysis Center
CCU  COLT Computer Unit
CCV  Calling Card Validation
CDA  Call Data Accumulator
CDA  Coin Detection and Announcement
CDAR  Customer Dialed Account Recording
CDCF  Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow
CDF  Combined Distributing Frame
CDI  Circle Digit Identification
CDO  Community Dial Office
CDPR  Customer Dial Pulse Receiver
CDR  Call Dial Rerouting
CDS  Craft Dispatch System
CEF  Cable Entrance Facility
CEI  Comparably Efficient Interconnection
CEV  Controlled Environment Vault
CF  Coin First
CFCA  Communications Fraud Control Association
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
CGN  Concentrator Group Number
CIC  Carrier Identification Code
CICS  Customer Information Control System
CII  Call Identity Index
CIS  Customized Intercept Service
CLASS  Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling
CLASS  Custom Local Area Signaling Service
CLDN  Calling Line Directory Number
CLEI  Common-Language Equipment Identification
CLI  Calling Line Ident
CLID  Calling Line IDentification
CLLI  Common-Language Location Identification
CMAC  Centralized Maintenance and Administration Center
CMC  Construction Maintenance Center
CMDF  Combined Main Distributing Frame
CMDS  Centralized Message Data System
CMS  Call Management System
CMS  Circuit Maintenance System
CMS  Communications Management Subsystem
CMS  Conversational Monitoring System
CMT  Cellular Mobile Telephone
CMU  COLT Measurement Unit
CN  Change Notice
CN/A  Customer Name/Address
CNA  Communications Network Application
CNAB  Customer Name/Address Bureau
CNCC  Customer Network Control Center
CNI  Common Network Interface
CNMS  Cylink Network Management System
CNS  Complimentary Network Service
CO  Central Office
COAM  Customer Owned And Maintained
COC  Circuit Order Control
COCOT  Customer-Owned Coin-Operated Telephone
CODCF  Central Office Data Connecting Facility
CODEC  COder-DECoder
COE  Central Office Equipment
COEES  COE Engineering System
COLT  Central Office Line Tester
COMSAT  COMmunications SATellite
CONTAC  Central Office NeTwork ACcess
CONUS  CONtinental United States
CORNET  CORperate NETwork
COSMIC  COmmon Systems Main InterConnection frame system
COSMOS  COmputerized System for Mainframe OperationS
COT  Central Office Terminal
CP  Control Program
CPC  Cellular Phone Company
CPC  Circuit Provisioning Center
CPD  Central Pulse Distributor
CPE  Customer-Premises Equipment
CPH  Cost Per Hour
CPI  Computer Private branch exchange Interface
CPM  Cost Per Minute
CPMP  Carrier Performance Measurement Plan
CPU  Central Processing Unit
CRAS  Cable Repair Administrative System
CRC  Customer Record Center
CRC  Cyclic Redundancy Check
CREG  Concentrated Range Extension with Gain
CRFMP  Cable Repair Force Management Plan
CRIS  Customer Record Information System
CRS  Centralized Results System
CRSAB  Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau
CRT  Cathode Ray Tube
CSA  Carrier Serving Area
CSACC  Customer Service Administration Control Center
CSAR  Centralized System for Analysis Reporting
CSC  Cell Site Controller
CSDC  Circuit Switched Digital Capability
CSNET  Computer Science NETwork
CSO  Central Services Organization
CSS  Computer Sub-System
CSU  Channel Service Unit
CTC  Central Test Center
CTM  Contac Trunk Module
CTMS  Carrier Transmission Measuring System
CTO  Call Transfer Outside
CTSS  Cray Time Sharing System
CTT  Cartridge Tape Transport
CTTC  Cartridge Tape Transport Controller
CTTN  Cable Trunk Ticket Number
CU  Control Unit
CU  Customer Unit
CU/TK  Common Update/EQuipment system
CUCRIT  Capital Utilization CRITeria
CVR  Compass Voice Response
CWC  City-Wide Centrex
D/A  Digital to Analog
DA  Directory Assistance
DACS  Digital Access Cross-connect System
DACS  Directory Assistance Charging System
DAIS  Distributed Automatic Intercept System
DARC  Division Alarm Recording Center
DARU  Distributed automatic intercept system Audio Response Unit
DAS  Directory Assistance System
DAS  Distributor And Scanner
DAS-WDT  Distributor And Scanner-Watch Dog Timer
DASD  Direct Access Storage Device
DAV  Data Above Voice
DB  Decibel
DBA  Data Base Administrator
DBAC  Data Base Administration Center
DBAS  Data Base Administration System
DBM  DataBase Manager
DBS  Duplex Bus Selector
DCCS  DisContiguous Shared Segments
DCE  Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCH  D Channel Handler
DCL  DEC Control Language
DCLU  Digital Carrier Line Uint
DCM  Digital Carrier Module
DCMS  Distributed Call Measurement System
DCMU  Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit
DCP  Duplex Central Processor
DCPR  Detailed Contuing Property Record (PICS/DCPR)
DCPSK  Differential Coherent Phase-Shift Keying
DCS  Digital Crosconnect System
DCT  Digital Carrier Trunk
DCTN  Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTS  Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DDC  Direct Department Calling
DDD  Direct Distance Dialing
DDN  Defense Data Network
DDS  Digital Data Service
DDS  Digital Data System
DDS  Digital Dataphone Service
DDX  Distributed Data eXchange
DEC  Digital Equipment Corporation
DERP  Defective Equipment Replacement Program
DES  Data Encryption Standard
DEW  Distant Early Warning (line)
DFI  Digital Facility Interface
DFMS  Digital Facility Management System
DIC  Digital Interface Controller
DID  Direct Inward Dialing
DIF  Digital Interface Frame
DIM  Data In the Middle
DIP  Dual In-line Package
DISA  Direct Inward System Access
DIU  Digital Interface Unit
DLC  Digital Loop Carrier
DLCU  Digital Line Carrier Unit
DLL  Dial Long Lines
DLS  Digital Link Service
DLTU  Digital Line/Trunk Unit
DLU-PG  Digital Line Unit-Pair Gain
DM  Delta Modulation
DMA  Direct Memory Access
DMI  Digital Multiplexed Interface
DML  Data Manipulation Logic
DMS  Data Management System
DMS  Digital Multiplexed System
DMU  Data Manipulation Unit
DN  Directory Number
DNC  Dynamic Network Controller
DNHR  Dynamic Non Hierarchical Routing
DNIC  Data Network Identification Code
DNR  Dialed Number Recorder
DNX  Dynamic Network X-connect
DOC  Dynamic Overload Control
DOCS  Display Operator Console System
DOJ  Department Of Justice
DOM  Data On Master group
DOTS  Digital Office Timing Supply
DOV  Data Over Voice
DP  Demarcation Point
DP  Dial Pulse
DPAC  Dedicated Plant Assignment Center
DPC  Destination Point Code
DPE  Data Path Extender
DPN-PH  Data Packet Network-Packet Handler
DPP  Discounted Payback Period
DPSK  Differential Phased-Shift Keying
DR  Data Ready
DR  Data Receive
DRMU  Digital Remote Measurement Unit
DS  Digital carrier Span
DS  Digital Signal
DS  Direct Signal
DSBAM  Double-SideBand Amplitude Module
DSDC  Direct Service Dial Capability
DSI  Digital Speech Interpolation
DSN  Digital Signal (level) N
DSP  Digital Signal Processor
DSR  Dynamic Service Register
DSS  Data Station Selector
DSU  Data Service Unit
DSX  Digital System X-connect
DT  Data Transmit
DT  Di-group Terminal
DTAS  Digital Test Access System
DTC  Di-group Terminal Controller
DTC  Digital Trunk Controller
DTE  Data Terminal Equipment
DTF  Dial Tone First
DTG  Direct Trunk Group
DTIF  Digital Transmission Interface Frame
DTMF  Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTU  Di-group Terminal Unit
DUV  Data Under Voice
DVX  Digital Voice eXchange
E&M  rEceive & transMit/Ear & Mouth signaling
E-COM  Electronic Computer Originated Mail
E911  Enhanced 911
EADAS  Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
EADAS/NM  EADAS/Network Management
EAEO  Equal Access End Office
EARN  European Academic Research Network
EAS  Extended Announcement System
EAS  Extended Area Service
EASD  Equal Access Service Date
EBCDIC  Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interexchange Code
ECAP  Electronic Customer Access Program
ECC  Enter Cable Change
ECCS  Economic C (hundred) Call Seconds
ECF  Enhanced Connectivity Facility
ECPT  Electronic Coin Public Telephone
ECS  Electronic Crosconnect System
EDAC  Electromechanical Digital Adapter Circuit
EDI  Electronic Data Interchange
EDP  Electronic Data Processing
EDSX  Electronic Digital Signal X-connect
EECT  End-to-End Call Trace
EEDP  Expanded Electronic tandem switching Dialing Plan
EEHO  Either End Hop Off
EEI  Equipment-to-Equipment Interface
EFRAP  Electronic Feeder Route Analysis Program
EIA  Electronics Industries Assotiation
EIS  Expanded Inband Signaling
EISS  Economic Impact Study System
EKTS  Electronic Key Telephone Sets
EML  Expected Measured Loss
EMS  Expanded Memory Specification
ENFIA  Exchange Network Facility for Interstate Access
EO  End Office
EOE  Electronic Order Exchange
EOS  Extended Operating System
EOTT  End Office Toll Trunking
EPL  Electronic switching system Program Language
EPROM  Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPSCS  Enhanced Private Switched Communication Service
ER  Error Register
ERAR  Error Return Address Register
EREP  Environmental Recording Editing and Printing
ERL  Echo Return Loss
ERP  Effective Radiated Power
ERU  Error Return address Update
ESAC  Electronic Surveillance Assistance Center
ESB  Emergency Service Bureau
ESF  Extended SuperFrame
ESL  Emergency Stand-Alone
ESN  Electronic Serial Number
ESN  Electronic Switched Network
ESP  Enhanced Service Provider
ESS  Electronic Switching System
ESSX  Electronic Switching Systen eXchange
ETAS  Emergency Technical ASsistance
ETF  Electronic Toll Fraud
ETN  Electronic Tandem Network
ETS  Electronic Tandem Switching
ETS  Electronic Translation System
ETSACI  Electronic Tandem Switching Adminstration Channel Interface
ETSSP  ETS Status Panel
FA  Fuse Alarm
FACS  Facilities Assignment and Control System
FAR  Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAST  First Application System Test
FAT  File Allocation Table
FCAP  Facility CAPacity
FCC  Federal Communications Commission
FCC  Forward Command Channel
FCG  False Cross or Ground
FCS  File Control Systemction
FCS  Frame Check Sequence
FDM  Frequency-Division Multiplexing
FDP  Field Development Program
FDX  Full DupleX
FED  Far End Data
FEMF  Foreign Electro-Motive Force
FEPS  Facility and Equipment Planning System
FEV  Far End Voice
FGA  Feature Group A
FGB  Feature Group B
FGC  Feature Group C
FGD  Feature Group D
FIFO  First In, First Out
FIOC  Frame Input/Output Controller
FIP  Facility Interface Processor
FIPS  Federal Information Processing Standards
FM  Frequency Modulation
FMAC  Facility Maintenance And Control
FNPA  Foreign Numbering Plan Area
FOC  Fiber Optic Communications
FON  Fiber Optics Network
FR  Flat Rate
FRS  Flexible Route Selection
FSK  Frequency Shift Keying
FTG  Final Trunk Group
FTP  File Transfer Protocol
FTS  Federal Telecommunications System
FX  Foreign eXchange
GBS  Group Bridging Service
GCS  Group Control System
GEISCO  General Electric Information Services COmpany
GHZ  GigaHertZ
GID  Group ID
GOS  Grade Of Service
GP  Group Processor
GPIB  General Purpose Interface Bus
GRP MOD  GRouP MODulator
GSA  General Services Administration
GSAT  General telephone and electronics SATellite corporation
GTC  General Telephone Company
GTE  General Telephone Electronics
GTT  Global Title Transmission
HCSDS  High-Capacity Satellite Digital Service
HCTDS  High-Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service
HDLC  High-level Data Link Control
HDTV  High Definition TV
HDX  Half DupleX
HEAP  Home Energy Assistance Program
HEHO  High End Hop Off
HIC  Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HNPA  Home Numbering Plan Area
HNS  Hospitality Network Service
HOBIC  HOtel Billing Information Center
HOBIS  HOtel Billing Information System
HP  Hewlett-Packard
HPO  High Performance Option
HSSDS  High-Speed Switched Digital Service
HU  High Usage
HUTG  High Usage Trunk Group
HZ  HertZ
I&M  Installation & Maintenance
I/O  Input/Output
IB  Instruction Buffer
IBN  Integrated Business Network
IC  Independent Carrier
IC  Inter-exchange Carrier
IC  Inter-LATA Carrier
ICAN  Individual Circuit ANalysis
ICC  Interstate Commerce Commission
ICD  Interactive Call Distribution
ICLID  Individual Calling Line ID
ICM  Integrated Call Management
ICSC  Inter-LATA Customer Service Center
IDDD  International Direct Distance Dialing
IDF  Intermediate Distributing Frame
IDS  Internal Directory System
IDVC  Integrated Data/Voice Channel
IEEE  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IF  Intermediate Frequency
IFRPS  Intercity Facility Relief Planning System
IIN  Integrated Information Network
IM  Interface Module
IMAS  Integrated Mass Announcement System
IMM  Input Message Manual
IMT  Inter-Machine Trunk
IMTS  Improved Mobile Telephone Service
IN  Intelligent Network
INC  InterNational Carrier
INL  Inter Node Link
INN  Inter Node Network
INTELSAT  INternational TELecommunications SATellite consortium
INWATS  INward Wide Area Telephone Service
IO  Inward Operator
IOC  Input/Output Controller
IOCC  International Overseas Completion Center
IOP  Input-Output Processor
IOT  Inter-Office Trunk
IP  Information Provider
IPCS  Interactive Problem Control System
IPL  Initial Program Load
IPLAN  Integrated PLanning And Analysis
IPM  Impulses Per Minute
IPM  Interruptions Per Minute
IPX  Integrated Packet eXchange
IRC  International Record Carrier
IROR  Internal Rate Of Return
IS  Interrupt Set
ISC  International Switching Center
ISDN  Integrated Service Digital Network
ISLM  Integrated Services Line Module
ISLU  Integrated Services Line Unit
ISN  Information Systems Network
ISN  Integrated Systems Network
ISO  International Organization for Standardization
ISS  Integrated Switching System
ISSN  Integrated Special Services Network
ISUP  Integrated Services User Part
ITS  Institute of Telecommunication Science
ITSO  Incoming Trunk Service Observation
ITU  International Telecommunications Union
IVP  Installation Verification Program
IVTS  International Video Teleconferencing Service
IX  Interactive eXecutive
IXM  IntereXchange Mileage
JCL  Job Control Language
JES  Job Entry System
JIM  Job Information Memorandum
JMX  Jumbogroup MultipleX
JSN  Junction Switch Number
JSW  Junctor SWitch
K  Kilobit
KBPS  KiloBits Per Second
KDT  Keyboard Display Terminal
KFT  KiloFeeT
KHZ  KiloHertZ
KP  Key Pulse
KSR  Keyboard Send-Receive
KTS  Key Telephone Set
KTS  Key Telephone System
LAC  Loop Assignment Center
LADT  Local Access Data Transport
LAIS  Local Automatic Intercept System
LAMA  Local Automatic Message Accounting
LAN  Local Area Network
LAP  Link Access Protocol
LAPD  Link Access Procedure on the D channel
LASS  Local Area Signaling Service
LATA  Local Access and Transport Area
LATIS  Loop Activity Tracking Information System
LBO  Line Buildout
LBS  Load Balance System
LCAMOS  Loop CAble Maintenance Operation System
LCCIS  Local Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
LCCL  Line Card CabLe
LCCLN  Line Card Cable Narrative
LCDN  Last Called Directory Number
LCIE  Lightguide Cable Interconnection Equipment
LCLOC  Line Card LOCation
LCN  Logical Channel Numbers
LCR  Least Cost Routing
LCRMKR  Line Card ReMarKs, Retained
LCSE  Line Card Service and Equipment
LCSEN  Line Card Service and Equipment Narrative
LDMTS  Long Distance Message Telecommunications Service
LEAS  LATA Equal Access System
LEC  Local Exchange Carrier
LED  Light-Emitting Diode
LENCL  Line Equipment Number CLass
LF  Line Finder
LFACS  Loop Facilties Assignment And Control System
LIFO  Last In, First Out
LLN  Line Link Network
LMMS  Local Message Metering System
LMOS  Loop Maintenace Operations System
LOC  Local Operating Company
LOCAP  LOw CAPacitance
LOF  Lock OFf-line
LON  Lock ON-line
LPCDF  Low Profile Combined Distributing Frame
LRAP  Long Route Analysis Program
LRC  Longitudal Redundancy Check
LRS  Line Repeater Station
LRSS  Long Range Switching Studies
LSB  Lower Side Band
LSI  Large-Scale Integrated circuitry
LSRP  Local Switching Replacement Planning system
LSS  Loop Switching System
LSV  Line Status Verifier
LTAB  Line Test Access Bus
LTC  Local Test Cabinet
LTD  Local Test Desk
LTF  Lightwave Terminating Frame
LTF  Line Trunk Frame
LTG  Line Trunk Group
LTS  Loss Test Set
LXE  Lightguide eXpress Entry
M/W  MicroWave
MA  Maintenance Administrator
MACBS  Multi-Access Cable Billing System
MADN  Multiple Access Directory Numbers
MAN  Metropolitan Area Network
MAP  Maintenance and Administration Position
MAPSS  Maintenance & Analysis Plan for Special Services
MAR  Microprogram Address Register
MARC  Market Analysis of Revenue and Customers system
MAS  MAin Store
MAS  Mass Announcement System
MASC  MAS Controller
MASM  MAS Memory
MATFAP  Metropolitan Area Transmission Facility Analysys Program
MBPS  MegaBits Per Second
MCIAS  Multi-Channel Intelligent Announcement System
MCC  Master Control Center
MCCS  Mechanized Calling Card Service
MCH  Maintenance CHannel
MCHB  Maintenance CHannel Buffer
MCI  Microwave Communications Incorporated
MCIAS  Multi-Channel Intercept Announcement System
MCN  Metropolitan Campus Network
MCS  Meeting Communications Service
MCTRAP  Mechanized Customer Trouble Report Analysis Plan
MDACS  Modular Digital Access Control System
MDC  Marker Distributor Control
MDC  Meridian Digital Centrex
MDF  Main Distribution Frame
MDU  Marker Decoder Unit
MDX  Modular Digital eXchange
MEC  Mobile Equipment Console
MELD  Mechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing frames
MERS  Most Economic Route Selection
MET  Multibutton Electronic Telephone
MF  Multi Frequency
MFENET  Magnetic Fusion Energy NETwork
MFJ  Modification of Final Judgement
MFR  Multi-Frequency Receivers
MFT  Metallic Facility Terminal
MG  MasterGroup
MGT  MasterGroup Translator
MHS  Message Handling System
MHZ  MegaHertZ
MICE  Modular Integrated Communications Environment
MIN  Mobile Identification Number
MINX  Multimedia Information Network eXchange
MIR  Micro-Instruction Register
MIS  Management Information System
MISCF  MISCellaneous Frame
MITS  Microcomputer Interactive Test System
MLC  MiniLine Card
MLCD  Multi-Line Call Detail
MLT  Mechanized Loop Testing
MMC  Minicomputer Maintenance Center
MMGT  MultiMasterGroup Translator
MMOC  Minicomputer Maintenance Operations Center
MMS  Main Memory Status
MMS  Memory Management System
MMX  Mastergroup MultipleX
MODEM  MOdulator-DEModulator
MOG  Minicomputer Operations Group
MOS  Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MP  Multi-Processor
MPCH  Main Parallel CHannel
MPOW  Multiple Purpose Operator Workstation
MPPD  Multi-Purpose Peripheral Device
MRF  Maintenance Reset Function
MS  Maintenance State
MSC  Media Stimulated Calling
MTF  Master Test Frame,
MTP  Message Transfer Part
MTR  Mechanized Time Reporting
MTS  Message Telecommunications Service
MTS  Message Telephone Service
MTS  Mobile Telephone Service
MTSO  Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTU  Maintenance Termination Unit
MTU  Media Tech Unit
MTX  Mobile Telephone eXchange
MU  Message Unit
MULDEM  MULtiplexer-DEMultiplexer
MUX  MUltipleX
MVP  Multiline Variety Package
MVS  Multiple Virtual Storage
MW  MultiWink
MXU  MultipleXer Unit
NA  Next Address
NAC  Network Administration Center
NAG  Network Architecture Group
NAM  Number Assignment Module
NAND  Not-AND gate
NAS  Numerical and Atmospheric Sciences network
NCC  Network Control Center
NCCF  Network Communications Control Facility
NCP  Network Control Point
NCS  National Communications System
NCTE  Network Channel-Terminating Equipment
NDCC  Network Data Collection Center
NEBS  New Equipment-Building System
NESAC  National Electronic Switching Assistance Center
NEXT  Near-End X-Talk
NHR  Non Hierarchial Routing
NI  Network Interface
NM  Network Module
NMC  Network Management Center
NNX  Network Numbering eXchange
NOC  Network Operations Center
NOCS  Network Operations Center System
NORGEN  Network Operations Report GENerator
NOTIS  Network Operator Trouble Information System
NPA  No Power Alarm
NPA  Numbering Plan Area
NPV  Net Present Value
NSA  National Security Agency
NSC  Network Service Center
NSCS  Network Service Center System
NSEC  Network Switching Engineering Center
NSFNET  National Science Foundation NETwork
NSPMP  Network Switching Performance Measurement Plan
NT  Network Termination
NT  Northern Telecom
NTEC  Network Technical Equipment Center
NTIA  National Telecommunications and Information Agency
NTS  Network Technical Support
NTS  Network Test System
NUA  Network User Address
NUI  Network User Identification
NYNEX  New York, New England and the unknown (X)
O-LTM  Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer
OASYS  Office Automation SYStem
OC  Operator Centralization
OCC  Other Common Carrier
OCE  Other Common carrier channel Equipment
OCU  Office Channel Unit
ODAC  Operations Distribution Administration Center
ODD  Operator Distance Dialing
ODDD  Operator Direct Distance Dialing
ODS  Overhead Data Stream
OFNPS  Outstate Facility Network Planning System
OGT  OutGoing Trunk
OMM  Output Message Manual
OMPF  Operation and Maintenance Processor Frame
ONAC  Operations Network Administration Center
ONAL  Off Network Access Line
ONI  Operator Number Identification
OP  Outside Plant
OPC  Originating Point Codes
OPEOS  Outside Plant planning, Engineering & construction Operations Sys
OPM  Outside Plant Module
OPS  Off-Premises Station
OPSM  Outside Plant Subscriber Module
OPX  Off-Premises eXtension
OR  Originating Register
ORB  Office Repeater Bay
ORM  Optical Remote Module
OS  Operator Service
OS  OutState
OSAC  Operator Services Assistance Center
OSC  Operator Services Center
OSC  OSCillator
OSDS  Operating System for Distributed Switching
OSI  Open Systems Interconnection
OSO  Originating Signaling Office
OSP  OutSide Plant
OSPS  Operator Service Position System
OSS  Operator Service System
OUTWATS  OUTward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
OW  Over-Write
P/AR  Peak-to-Average Ratio
PA  Power Allarm
PA  Program Address
PABX  Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PACE  Program for Arrangement of Cables and Equipment
PACT  Prefix Access Code Translator
PAD  Packet Assembly/Disassembly
PAM  Pulse-Ampitude Modulation
PAN  Personal Account Number
PANS  Pretty Advanced New Stuff
PAS  Public Announcement Service
PAT  Power Alarm Test
PAX  Private Automatic eXchange
PBC  Peripheral Bus Computer
PBC  Processor Bus Controller
PBD  Pacific Bell Directory
PBX  Private Branch eXchange
PC  Primary Center
PCDA  Program Controlled Data Acquisition
PCH  Parallel CHannel
PCM  Pulse-Code Modulation
PCO  Peg Count and Overflow
PCTV  Program Controlled TransVerters
PD  Peripheral Decoder
PDF  Power Distribution Frame
PDI  Power and Data Interface
PDN  Public Data Network
PDSP  Peripheral Data Storage Processor
PE  Peripheral Equipment
PECC  Product Engineering Control Center
PFPU  Processor Frame Power Unit
PH  Parity High bit
PIA  Plug-In Administrator
PIC  Plastic-Insulated Cable
PIC  Primary Independent Carrier
PICS  Plug-in Inventory Control System (PICS/DCPR)
PIN  Personal Identification Number
PIP  Packet Interface Port
PL  Parity Low bit
PM  Peripheral Module
PM  Plant Management
PMAC  Peripheral Module Access Controller
PMU  Precision Measurement Unit
PNB  Pacific Northwest Bell
PNPN  Positive-Negative-Positive-Negative devices
POB  Periphal Order Buffer
POF  Programmable Operator Facility
POP  Point Of Presence
POTS  Plain Old Telephone Service
PP  Post Pay
PPD  Peripheral Pulse Distributor
PPN  Public Packet Switching
PPS  Product Performance Surveys
PPS  Public Packet Switching network
PRCA  Puerto Rico Communications Authority
PREMIS  PREMises Information System
PRI  Primary Rate Interface
PROM  Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROMATS  PROgrammable Magnetic Tape System
PROTEL  PRocedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language
PRS  Personal Response System
PRTC  Puerto Rico Telephone Company
PS  Program Store
PSAP  Public Safety Answering Point
PSC  Prime Service Contractor
PSC  Public Safety Calling system
PSC  Public Service Commission
PSDC  Public Switched Digital Capability
PSE  Packet Switch Exchange
PSIU  Packet Switch Interface Unit
PSK  Phase-Shift Keying
PSM  Packet Service Module
PSM  Position Switching Module
PSN  Packet Switched Network
PSN  Public Switched Network
PSO  Pending Service Order
PSS  Packet Switch Stream
PSS  Packet Switched Services
PSTN  Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU  Program Storage Unit
PSW  Program Status Word
PT  Program Timer
PTAT  Private Trans Atlantic Telecommunications
PTT  Postal Telephone and Telegraph
PTW  Primary Translation Word
PUC  Peripheral Unit Controller
PUC  Public Utilities Commission
PVC  Permanent Virtual Circuits
PVN  Private Virtual Network
QAM  Quadrature-Amplitude Modulation
QAS  Quasi-Associated Signaling
QMP  Quality Measurement Plan
QRSS  Quasi Random Signal Source
QSS  Quality Surveillance System
R  Ring
R&R  Rate & Route
R&SE  Research & Systems Engineering
R/O  Read/Only
R/W  Read Write
R/WM  Read/Write Memory
RAM  Random-Access Memory
RAND  Rural Area Network Design
RAO  Regional Accounting Office
RAO  Revenue Accounting Office
RAR  Return Address Register
RASC  Residence Account Service Center
RBHC  Regional Bell Holding Company
RBOC  Regional Bell Operating Company
RBOR  Request Basic Output Report
RC  Regional Center
RC  Resistance-Capacitance
RC MAC  Recent Change Memory Administration Center
RCC  Radio Common Carrier
RCC  Remote Cluster Controller
RCC  Reverse Command Channel
RCF  Remote Call Forwarding
RCLDN  Retrieval of Calling Line Directory Number
RCM  Remote Carrier Module
RCSC  Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RCU  Radio Channel Unit
RDES  Remote Data Entry System
RDS  Radio Digital System
RDT  Radio Digital Terminal
REC  Regional Engineering Center
REM  Remote Equipment Module
REMOBS  REMote OBservation System
REN  Ring Equivalence Number
REXX  REstructred eXtended eXecuter language
RF  Radio Frequency
RID  Remote Isolation Device
RISLU  Remote Integrated Services Line Unit
RLCM  Remote Line Concentrating Module
RLT  Remote Line Test
RMAS  Remote Memory Administration System
RMR  Remote Message Registers
RMS  Root-Mean-Square
RN  Reference Noise
RNOC  Regional Network Operations Center
RO  Receive Only
ROB  Remote Order Buffer
ROC  Regional Operating Company
ROH  Receiver Off Hook
ROM  Read-Only Memory
ROTL  Remote Office Test Line
RQS  Rate/Quote System
RQSM  Regional Quality Service Management
RRO  Reports Receiving Office
RSA  Repair Service Attendant
RSB  Repair Service Bureau
RSC  Remote Switching Center
RSC  Residence Service Center
RSCS  Remote Source Control System
RSCS  Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSLE  Remote Subscriber Line Equipment
RSLM  Remote Subscriber Line Module
RSM  Remote Switching Module
RSS  Remote Switching System
RSTS/E  Resource System Time Sharing/Enhanced
RSU  Remote Switching Unit
RTA  Remote Trunking Arrangement
RTL  Resistor-Transistor Logic
RTM  Regional Telecommunications Management
RTM  Remote Test Module
RTS  Remote Testing System
RTU  Remote Trunking Unit
RTU  Right To Use
RUM  Remote User Multiplex
RWC  Remote Work Center
RX  Remote eXchange
S  Sleeve
SAC  Service Area Code
SAC  Service Area Computer
SAC  Special Area Code
SAG  Street Address Guide
SAI  Serving Area Interface
SALI  Standalone Automatic Location Identification
SAMA  Step by step Automatic Message Accounting
SAR  Store Address Register
SARTS  Switched Access Remote Test System
SAT  Special Access Termination
SAT  Supervisory Audio Tone
SBMS  Southwestern Bell Mobile Service
SBS  Skyline Business Systems
SC  Scanner Controller
SC  Sectional Center
SCAT  Stromberg-Carlson Assistance Team
SCC  Specialized Common Carrier
SCC  Switching Control Center
SCCS  Specialized Common Carrier Service
SCCS  Switching Control Center System
SCF  Selective Call Forwarding
SCM  Subscriber Carrier Module
SCO  Serving Central Office
SCOT  Stepper Central Office Tester
SCOTS  Surveillance & Control Of Transmissions System
SCP  Signal Control Point
SCP  Signal Conversion Point
SCP  System Control Program
SCPC  Signal Channel Per Carrier
SCPD  Supplementary Central Pulse Distributor
SCU  Selector Control Unit
SCX  Specialized Communications eXchange
SD&D  Specific Development & Design
SDIS  Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDL  Specification and Description Language
SDLC  Synchronous Data Link Control
SDN  Software-Defined Network
SDOC  Selective Dynamic Overload Controls
SDP  Service Delivery Point
SDR  Store Data Register
SDS  Switched Data Service
SDS  Synchronous Data Set
SDSC  Synchronous Data Set Controller
SEAS  Signaling Engineering and Administration System
SEL  SELector
SES  Service Evaluation System
SF  Single Frequency
SFMC  Satellite Facility Management Center
SG  SuperGroup
SGML  Standard Generic Markup Language
SGMP  Simple Gateway Management Protocol
SI  Status Indicator
SIC  Silicon Integrated Circuit
SID  System IDentification
SIT  Special Information Tone
SLC  Subscriber Loop Carrier
SLE  Screening Line Editor
SLIC  Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
SLIM  Subscriber Line Interface Module
SM  Switching Module
SMAS  Supplementary MAin Store
SMAS  Switched Maintenance Access System
SMDF  Subscriber Main Distributing Frame
SMDI  Subscriber Message Desk Interface
SMDR  Station Message Detailed Recording
SMG  SuperMasterGroup
SMS  Service Management System
SMSA  Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTP  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA  System Network Architecture
SNADS  System Network Architecture Distribution Service
SNET  Southern New England Telephone
SOAC  Service Order Analysis Control
SOC  Service Oversight Center
SOH  Service Order History
SONAR  Service Order Negotiation And Retrieval
SONDS  Small Office Network Data System
SP  Signal Processor
SP  Signaling Point
SPAN  Space Physics Analysis Network
SPAN  System Performance ANalyzer
SPC  Southern Pacific Communications
SPC  Stored Program Control
SPCS  Stored Program Control Systems
SPI  Serial Peripheral Interface
SPUC/DL  Serial Peripheral Unit Controller/Data Link
SQL/DS  Structured Query Language/Data System
SRA  Selective Routing Arrangement
SS  Special Services
SSAS  Station Signaling and Announcement Subsystem
SSB  Single-SideBand
SSBAM  Single-SideBand Amplitude Modulation
SSC  Special Services Center
SSCP  Subsystem Services Control Point
SSO  Satellite Switching Office
SSP  Signal Switching Point
SSP  Sponsor Selective Pricing
SSP  System Status Panel
SSPC  SSP Controller
SSPRU  SSP Relay Unit
SSTTSS  Space-Space-Time-Time-Space-Space network
ST  STart
STC  Serving Test Center
STC  Switching Technical Center
STD  Subscriber Trunk Dialing
STDM  Statistical Time Division Multiplexing
STP  Signal Transfer Point
STS  Shared Tenant Service
STS  Space-Time-Space network
SVC  Switched Virtual Circuits
SVS  Switched Voice Service
SWB  SouthWestern Bell
SX  SimpleX signaling
SXS  Step by (X) Step
SYC  SYstem Control
SYSGEN  SYStem GENeration
T  Tip
T1/OS  T1 carrier OutState
T1FE  T1 carrier Front End
TA  Terminal Adaptor
TA  Transfer Allowed
TAC  Terminal Access Circuit
TAP  Telephone Assistance Plan
TAS  Telephone Answering Service
TASC  Technical Assistance Service Center
TASC  Telecommunications Alarm Surveillance and Control system
TASI  Time Assignment Speech Interpolation system
TAT  TransAtlantic Telephone
TC  Timing Counter
TC  Toll Center
TCAP  Transaction Capabilities Applications Port
TCAS  T-Carrier Administration System
TCC  Trunk Class Code
TCG  Test Call Generation
TCM  Time Compression Multiplexer
TCM  Trellis Coded Modulation
TCR  Transient Call Record
TDAS  Traffic Data Administration System
TDC  Tape Data Controller
TDC  Terrestrial Data Circuit
TDD  Telecommunications Device for Deaf
TDM  Time Division Multiplexing
TE  Terminal Equipment
TE  Transverse Electric
TEHO  Tail End Hop Off
TELSAM  TELephone Service Attitude Measurement
TFLAP  T-carrier Fault-Locating Applications Program
TFS  Trunk Forecasting System
TGC  Terminal Group Controller
TGN  Trunk Group Number
TH  Trouble History
TIA  Telephone Information Access
TIRKS  Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System
TLM  Trouble Locating Manual
TLN  Trunk Line Network
TLP  Transmission Level Point
TLTP  Trunk Line and Test Panel
TM  Transverse Magnetic
TMDF  Trunk Main Distributing Frame
TMMS  Telephone Message Management System
TMR  Transient Memory Record
TMRS  Traffic Measurement and Recording System
TMRS  Traffic Metering Remote System
TMS  Time-Multiplexed Switch
TN  Telephone Number
TN  Transaction Number
TNDS  Total Network Data System
TNN  Trunk Network Number
TNOP  Total Network Operation Plan
TNPC  Traffic Network Planning Center
TOPS  Timesharing OPerating System
TOPS  Traffic Operator Position System
TP  Toll Point
TPMP  Total network data system Performance Measurement Plan
TR  Test Register
TR  Transfer Register
TREAT  Trouble Report Evaluation Analysis Tool
TRR  Tip-Ring Reverse
TSCPF  Time Switch and Call Processor Frame
TSCPF  Time Switch and Central Processor Frame
TSI  Time Slot Interchanger
TSO  Time Sharing Option
TSORT  Transmission System Optimum Relief Tool
TSP  Test SuPervisor
TSP  Traffic Service Position
TSPS  Traffic Service Position System
TSS  Trunk Servicing System
TSST  Time-Space-Space-Time network
TST  Time-Space-Time network
TST  Traveling-Wave Tube
TSTS  Time-Space-Time-Space network
TT  Trunk Type
TTC  Terminating Toll Center
TTL  Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTP  Trunk Test Panel
TTS  Trunk Time Switch
TTTN  Tandem Tie Trunk Network
TTY  TeleTYpewriter
TTYC  TTY Controller
TUR  Traffic Usage Recording
TUR  Trunk Utilization Report
TWX  TeletypeWriter eXchange
UCD  Uniform Call Distribution
UIC  User Identification Code
UID  User ID
UITP  Universal Information Transport Plan
UNISTAR  UNIversal Single call Telecommunications Answering & Repair
USB  Upper Side Band
USITA  United States Independent Telephone Association
USO  Universal Service Order
USOC  Universal Service Order Code
USP  Universal Sampling Plan
UUCICO  Unix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing
UUCP  Unix to Unix Copy Program
VAN  Value Added Network
VC  Virtual Circuit
VCS  Virtual Circuit System
VF  Voice Frequency
VGF  Voice Grade Facility
VHF  Very High Frequency
VINES  VIrtual NEtwork Software
VIU  Voiceband Interface Unit
VLSI  Very Large-Scale Integrated circuitry
VM/SP  Virtual Machine/System Product
VMCF  Virtual Machine Communications Facility
VMR  Volt-Meter Reverse
VMRS  Voice Message Relay System
VMS  Virtual Memory operating System
VMS  Voice Mail System
VMS  Voice Management System
VNF  Virtual Network Feature
VNL  Via Net Loss plan
VNLF  Via Net Loss Factor
VODAS  Voice Over Data Access Station
VPN  Virtual Private Network
VRS  Voice Response System
VSAM  Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT  Very Small Aperature Terminal
VSB  Vestigial SideBand modulation
VSE  Virtual Storage Extended
VSR  Voice Storage and Retrieval
VSS  Voice Storage System
VSSP  Voice Switch Signaling Point
VTAM  Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTI  Virtual Terminal Interface
VTOC  Volume Table Of Contents
VTS  Video Teleconferencing System
WAN  Wide Area Network
WATS  Wide Area Telephone Service
WC  Wire Center
WCPC  Wire Center Planning Center
WDT  Watch Dog Timer
WM  Work Manager
XB  X-Bar
XBT  X-Bar Tandem
XFE  X-Front End
XMS  eXtended Multiprocessor operating System



                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 20, File 12 of 12

           PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN { SummerCon '88 } PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN
           ^*^                                                   ^*^
           PWN                 Phrack World News                 PWN
           ^*^                     Issue XX                      ^*^
           PWN                                                   PWN
           ^*^             "SummerCon Strikes Again"             ^*^
           PWN                                -----              PWN
           ^*^          Created, Written, and Edited             ^*^
           PWN               by Knight Lightning                 PWN
           ^*^                                                   ^*^
           PWN             (It is good to be back!)              PWN
           ^*^                                                   ^*^
           PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN { SummerCon '88 } PWN ^*^ PWN ^*^ PWN

Welcome to Phrack World News Issue XX.  Whew!  Issue 20 already?  I have been
gone too long.  This issue features the exclusive coverage of SummerCon 1988,
which took place in St. Louis, Missouri during the weekend of July 22-24, 1988.
Before we get to the bulk of the issue I'd like to make a note that this year's
turnout was even greater than last year's with the majority of those claiming
they would attend, actually showing up... we had a great time. -KL

Please Note:  All the events depicted in this story are based on the
              observations as seen by Knight Lightning (me).

PreCon '88; A Little Background
When Taran King and I went off to college, Sir Francis Drake picked up running
Phrack Inc. and PWN.  Taran gave the rights to SummerCon to Sir Francis Drake
as well, although it was not really his right to give away.  At any rate, SFD
intended to hold SummerCon '88 in New York City, possibly by trying to get Bill
>From RNOC or Tuc to help him out, since SFD lived out on the west coast.  A lot
of publicity was put out in both 2600 Magazine and WORM (a hardcopy magazine
for "cyberpunks" written and distributed by Sir Francis Drake himself).
However, eventually it became quite clear that SummerCon '88 would not be held
in NYC, at least not by SFD.

In the meantime, there was quite a bit of controversy concerning SummerCon '88
on a bulletin board known as The Forgotten Realm, run by Crimson Death 618.
Apparently the members of TFR were trying to figure out where to have the
convention.  Control C said that he would hold SummerCon '88 in Detroit,
Michigan, but the only person who really liked that idea was Ax Murderer.

Eventually it came down to two places; New York City or St. Louis, Missouri.
The discussion went on for over a month with everyone leaning heavily towards
St. Louis.   The clincher came when Prime Suspect received word from myself,
that we were indeed planning SummerCon '88 here in St. Louis.  So on June 19,
1987 (the ONE year anniversary of SummerCon '87) Crimson Death contacted
Phantom Phreaker to get to Taran King who in turn passed the word on to me and
I called Crimson Death.  We set the date and as such, the actual preliminary
planning for SummerCon '88 had begun.

Crimson Death sent the word out and I finally had a chance to release the idea
I had conceived two months prior... The Phoenix Project.  The new millennium
has begun and the rebirth of the phreak/hack community has been achieved.  In
fact, this rebirth is currently evident in a more physical fashion on a fairly
new bulletin board earning its name from my idea...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                              The Phoenix Project
                              300/1200/2400 Baud
                                (512) 754-8182

                         Brought to you by The Mentor!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SummerCon '88; Not As Planned...                  Friday Morning, July 22, 1988
Coincidentally, Tuc was again this year's first arrival from out of town.
Taran King, Forest Ranger, and I arrived at the airport to greet him and after
some hassle at Lambert Field, we grabbed some lunch and went to this year's
official SummerCon hotel; the Ramada Inn - Westport.

>From here things did not go exactly to plan.  Over three weeks in advance I had
reserved a double room in Forest Ranger's name to serve as the Phrack Inc. room
or whatever as sort of a base of operations.  Ramada had a super savers weekend
promotion going on all through summer where a limited number of rooms (doubles)
could be purchased for a special weekend rate of $33.90.  Well I was sure to
get this rate and was given a reservation identification number.  However, the
check-in counter at first denied this and then finally pulled up the file.
They insisted that the room was for $68.00 and that was what we were told.
They were incorrect.  At about this time, Taran and I had wandered into the
main lobby where we were confronted by a guy who subtly said, "Are you here for
SummerCon ?"

It was The Dictator, who had come from Phoenix, Arizona (602 NPA).  He had
already gotten a room (211) at the ridiculous price of $68.00.  Unfortunately,
we still had a problem, because the hotel supervisor insisted that we weren't
21 anyway and by Missouri State Law they could not legally rent us a room at
any rate.  This is when I jumped in saying we had reserved the room for Tuc who
was 22 and I had been promised the rate of $33.90.  The supervisor began to
tell some story of a computer error (yeah right) and the person who guaranteed
the room was wrong.  I argued that it was their problem and not ours if there
was indeed this computer error and that this gross display of bad business and
false advertising would be reported to the Better Business Bureau.  In the
meantime Tuc, Taran, and Forest Ranger had grabbed a copy of the Southwestern
Bell Yellow Pages (it really is easier to let your fingers do the walking) and
were checking out other hotels in the Westport area.  My biggest concern was
for all the guests driving in who thought we would be at the Ramada.  It was
not long before the hotel supervisor had spoken to the hotel manager and they
offered us the room for a flat rate of $40.00.  We took it.  The rooms were
quite nice actually and would serve our purposes well.

Taran and I ran off on separate errands, while Forest Ranger and Tuc visited
Westport Plaza to do some shopping.   When Taran and I returned, we ran into
another interesting person who said, "You guys here for SummerCon?"  It was
Dr. Cypher of Bellcore and with him was Mike (a non phreak/hack type, but cool
just the same) and Hatchet Molly, a 23 year old graduate student at Northern
Illinois University who was working on his thesis; the social atmosphere of the
phreak/hack community or something like that.

It was only about 20 minutes later when I wandered down to the lobby and found
Lucifer 666 and Synthetic Slug checking in.  Standing five feet behind them was
another fearsome threesome made up of Crimson Death 618, Phrozen Ghost, and
Surfer Bob.  PG and SB had been visiting Crimson Death earlier that week prior
to reaching SummerCon and they all arrived at the same time.  Lucifer 666 and
Synthetic Slug got a room, while the others crashed in the Phrack Inc. room.

SummerCon '88; Back At Lambert                  Friday Afternoon, July 22, 1988
It was time for another trip to the airport for me, Taran, Tuc, and Forest
Ranger.  We arrived just in time to meet up with The Mentor and Cisban Evil
Priest.  They were easy to spot because they were the only guys on the plane
that were not wearing suits and/or did not have any children with them.

Once greetings had taken place, Mentor unveiled a surprise -- buttons
especially made for distribution at SummerCon '88.  Created with a laser
printer they displayed a large "NO FEDS" with a circle and line through it
(like a No U-Turn sign), and also naming The Phoenix Project (the board), the
baud rate, and phone number.  He brought more than enough for everyone.

After some running around the airport and a brief lounge at one of the
airport's bars, we proceeded to meet up with Control C and Bad Subscript who
had flown in from Detroit, Michigan.  We divided up again and headed for the
hotel.  Taran King, Tuc, and Cisban Evil Priest rode with me while The Mentor,
Control C, and Bad Subscript rode with Forest Ranger.  Control C decided he was
hungry and FR drove to the nearest McDonald's where he went on to cut off a
customer in the drive-through lane and pulled right to the window to pick up
some food... not his food, but who cares.

     "That will be $3.00, sir."
     "What exactly do I get for my $3.00?"
     "Two regular cheese burgers, a large fries, and a large Coke."

They took it and left, leaving McDonald's in a total disarray for at least a
half hour.

The Mentor and Cisban Evil Priest as well as Control C and Bad Subscript both
got rooms and from there SummerCon '88 really began.

SummerCon '88; Let The Good Times Roll              Friday Night, July 22, 1988
Basically it was just a big party from here on, with the old phreaks meeting
the new, and some re-acquaintances.  Control C brought down some gifts as well
-- posters from Michigan Bell.

               "I would shred everything, because we get so much
               information out of the dumpster,  it's unreal..."

It was signed by Control C himself and he told us that these posters now appear
in all Michigan Bell central offices and other places of business.  The picture
on the poster featured Control C's own personal stash that he had gotten from
Michigan Bell.

We had some other guests arrive during the night.  Terminal Technocrat and a
friend of his (who did have a handle, but I didn't catch it) arrived from
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  A friend of Forest Ranger's named Mike also showed up
with Kari, Cary, Katie, Susie, and Amy [some serious bitches].  The main party
ran through The Dictator's room until a series of threatening calls from the
front desk forced TD to clear everyone out of his room.

In the meantime, Cary (a nymphomaniac 14-year old) was running up Tuc's phone
bill and hitting on everyone at the convention.  She ended up with Cisban Evil
Priest in his room (that he shared with The Mentor).  However, since clearing
out of The Dictator's room the majority of the party crew all ran into Mentor
and Priest's room causing quite a disturbance.  When The Mentor heard about
this he ran to his room and threw them all out.  This action set the rest of
the night's activities to a certain theme -- The Fury of Forest Ranger.

You see Forest Ranger was quite a bit drunk and became incredibly pissed off
when he found out that his friends were mistreated.  A few of us returned to
The Dictator's room where FR made several threatening phone calls to The Mentor
and was promptly hung up on.  Apparently that was the last straw because FR
went into an unstoppable rage that trashed most of the items in the room and
then he started through the hotel.  After damaging several items in the hotel
hallways, Forest Ranger proceeded to attack a light fixture in the emergency
stairwell and in doing so, sliced his hand open on the newly broken glass.

Emergency measures were called for -- Tuc and Lucifer 666 played rescue team
and took Forest Ranger to a not so nearby United States Air Force Hospital in
Illinois, where Forest Ranger was stitched up.

After the excitement, most of the people at the convention had mellowed out and
Dr. Forbin left to take Cary home (we still don't know what happened to the two
of them, but rumor is that Forbin is making a tremendous recovering from
several serious venereal diseases.)

At some point this evening Terminal Technocrat, Dr. Cypher, and a few others
decided to go on a trashing run.  It didn't really turn out as planned and they
ended up at Southwestern Bell Publications (where the cameras are almost as big
as the dumpsters).  It was unsuccessful, but at least there were no casualties.

The final interesting part of this evening was the arrival of The Leftist and
The Ur-Vile from Atlanta, Georgia.  This arrival is important to make a note of
because with the exception of the time spent immediately after they got to the
hotel, The Ur-Vile spent the entire remainder of SummerCon '88 asleep.

SummerCon '88; So What Now?                             Saturday, July 23, 1988
Just about everyone went to Union Station, a luxurious shopping mall in
downtown St. Louis.  However, a few of us including Taran King and myself
arrived at the hotel in time to meet our final guests for the weekend --
Phantom Phreaker and Doom Prophet.

Taran King and myself took a Crimson Death back to TK's to let him copy some
unreleased files for Phrack Inc. (since he had been running it at the time).
However, now those files will be put out by the original Phrack team.

The main part of the convention started sometime after that and I presented the
second public hearing of the now famous Dan The Operator/John Maxfield and the
Dan The Operator/Il Duce (Phiber Optick) recordings which were featured in
Phrack World News XV, which was published last year.  I have decided to make
this an annual event and those wishing a copy of the tape should get in contact
with me through Epsilon, The Prophet, or through Bitnet.

Unfortunately, the most important information learned at this year's convention
cannot be published.  However, when looking at the amount and the extent of
information brought forth at this year's convention, it makes last year's look
like a day at pre-school.  If the level jumps like this next year, I think that
the world had better watch out because today's phreak/hacks are definitely
getting smarter and better every year.  The key is to stay out of trouble long
enough to gain experience that will keep you out of trouble.

The Leftist brought a terminal with him and it would have been a great "toy" to
have at the convention except no one had the extra phone cord necessary to put
it to good use.

The rest of Saturday evening was just a mix of story telling, partying, and
some deep technical discussions.  There was some element of danger present.  It
would seem that because of the trouble from the previous evening that the hotel
management had arranged to have some extra security present in case things got
out of hand.  The Maryland Heights police force sent a pair of officers over,
and they were indeed the rudest individuals I have ever met.

At one point in the evening, Lucifer 666 and I had traveled down to the lobby
by way of the stairs and when arrived, the greetings from "officer friendly"
reminded me of last SummerCon's police incident ("Run to me boys!").

           (We were wearing our "NO FEDS" pins during this incident)

    "You two come here, NOW!"
    "What?  Waitasec we are guests here (holding up keys)."
    "I can't see that far, you come here, NOW!"
    "Why did you take the stairs instead of the elevator!?"
    "The elevator was too slow, sir."
    "What are you doing down here?"
    "Going to the soda and candy machines."
    "I don't want any messing around here tonight, you got that!?"
    "Yes, we are not looking for problems."

A couple of hours later, I had decided to go to my car to drop a few items off
and found myself being followed by the same officer.  After I had been to my
car, I started back towards the hotel with this jerk eyeballing me.  When I had
reached the building I asked him...

    "Is there a problem officer?"
    "No, you got a problem!?  Do you want to have a problem!?"

After this incident I returned everyone's room keys, exited the hotel by a back
stairway, hopped into my car and pulled around to the front where the lobby and
the two officers were.  I calmly honked a couple of times and with my lights
off so as not to reveal my plates, gave them "the bird."  I left the area at a
rather fast pace after that.

SummerCon '88; All Good Things Must Come To An End        Sunday, July 24, 1988
By the time I returned on Sunday morning, Terminal Technocrat and his friend
had long since been gone as well as Dr. Cypher, Hatchet Molly and Mike.  The
rest of us hung out for a while as we prepared to pack everything up and send
everyone home.  The Leftist, The Ur-Vile, Lucifer 666, and Synthetic Slug had
to cruise and in the meantime I took Tuc, Control C, and Bad Subscript to the
airport breaking five speed limits in order for them to catch their newly
scheduled flights.

After which this left me, Forest Ranger, Phantom Phreaker, Doom Prophet, The
Mentor, Cisban Evil Priest, Crimson Death, Phrozen Ghost, and Surfer Bob.  We
were soon joined by Amy and Katie and we all headed out to the St. Louis
Galleria, another shopping plaza.  On the way, we toured through some of StL's
richer sections of town and as we went on became separated from Forest Ranger
in downtown Clayton.  After five minutes of massive confusion we were once
again on track and eventually met up with Forest Ranger and Surfer Bob who was
with him at a music store inside the plaza.

We killed about two hours there between lunch, Phrozen Ghost's Unix Manual
heist from B. Dalton Booksellers, and the Phantom Phreaker/Doom Prophet Vs.
"Goons From Hell" skateboard confrontation.  So after all was said and done,
Forest Ranger took Crimson Death, Phrozen Ghost, and Surfer Bob back to Ramada
to get their car, Phantom Phreaker and Doom Prophet hit the highway, and The
Mentor and Cisban Evil Priest went with me back one last time to Lambert Field,
where I dropped them off.

And that was SummerCon '88 ...

PostCon '88; Some Things To Make A Note Of...
This year's SummerCon posters were made by Knight Lightning and they featured
AT&T, MCI, U.S. Sprint and the FON card, Southwestern Bell, ISDN diagrams, Pink
Floyd, Domino's Pizza, and many other interesting items including; Oryan QUEST!

                      "I *Demand* you attend SummerCon!"

              "I demand to be let back on MSP! or I will UNLEASH
             with FULL FORCE (and put a maintenance busy on you!)"

                    To obtain a copy of this poster contact
              Epsilon, The Prophet or try and find me on Bitnet.
Control C and The Mentor were both made members of the Legion Of Doom/Hackers.
The Mentor's now famous Hacker's Manifesto which was first released in Phrack
Inc. Issue VII appeared in the September issue of Thrasher Magazine.
        The Dictator is looking for users to call his bulletin board...
                  The Dark Side (Commodore 128) 602-789-9269
Who Was This Year's Fed/Informant?  I have some strong possibilities about
that, , but there is an interesting twist to the story.  On Monday evening,
July 25, 1988, Forest Ranger claimed that he had received a call (from a source
he refused to disclose) stating that Secret Service was indeed at SummerCon '88
and were in room 209 (right next to 211 - The Dictator's room) and another room
supposedly under Control C and Bad Subscript's room.

There were reports of supposed Secret Service agents at Ramada, but the general
idea was that even if they were legitimate, it was because of Democratic
Presidential nominee Govenor Michael S. Dukakis, who was visiting St. Louis
that weekend.  When I heard all of this, I paid no attention to it because the
way it was described, it was just a bunch of jerks being pesky about the "NO
FEDS" pins.
Special Thanks goes to Epsilon and Crimson Death.  Without their help, there
would not have been a SummerCon this year and thanks to their efforts, I will
see to it that there will be a SummerCon for many years to come.
According to Dr. Cypher, Byteman was supposed to fly down to St. Louis for the
convention, but ran into a mishap with airport security.  In his carry-on bag
he had several switch blade knives and six blue boxes, which at the time were
believed to be detonators for some kind of explosive.  After being held at the
airport, Byteman was met by the FBI who had verified that the items in question
were not detonators, however they did recognize what they were and now Byteman
is facing charges of conspiracy to commit toll fraud, etc.
Crimson Death claims to have received a call from John F. Maxfield a few days
preceding SummerCon '88.  Apparently he wanted an invitation to the convention.
Nevertheless, he did not show up.  Also, there was some talk about Richard
Sandza going to SummerCon, but he was not there either.
Ramada Inn Lost And Found:
- Has anyone seen the 1981 Employee Of The Month Plaque?
- Whoever took it must have been out of CONTROL.
SummerCon '88 Guest List
        Bad Subscript / Cisban Evil Priest / Control C / Crimson Death
    Dr. Cypher / Dr. Forbin / Doom Prophet / Forest Ranger / Hatchet Molly
       Knight Lightning / Lucifer 666 / Phantom Phreaker / Phrozen Ghost
 Surfer Bob / Synthetic Slug / Taran King / Terminal Technocrat / The Dictator
                 The Leftist / The Mentor / The Ur-Vile / Tuc


Katie, Cary, Kari, Amy, Susie, Mike1, Mike2, and Terminal Technocrat's friend.

              Bringing this year's total attendance to 28 people.

Hope you enjoyed the article because the future is forever.

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