ActiveKB <= 1.5 Insecure Cookie Handling/Arbitrary Admin Access

ID: 3016
CVE: None
Download vulnerable application: None
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Discovered By: t0pP8uZz
Discovered On: 14 MAY 2008
Script Download: N/A
DORK (alot more sites, people remove dork): " ActiveKB v1.5 Copyright ©"

Vendor Has Not Been Notified!


ActiveKB suffers from an insecure cookie, when the admin details are checked the script creates a cookie,
to let the script know in future the user is already been checked and is admin. The thing is that, the cookie
only contains a "true" value. So this allows the remote attacker to craft a cookie (which the script didnt create of course)
and gain access to the admin area.

pasting the below javascript code into your browser, will create a cookie then you have access to /admin/


javascript:document.cookie = "auth=true; path=/";


after running the above js code, visit /admin/

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